Kalkhoff Electric Bikes 2021: Model Naming Guide

February 05, 2021

Kalkhoff E-Bikes | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Kalkhoff is one of our premium German brands available here at Electric Bikes Brisbane. They offer an enormous range of ebikes and have a systematic way of naming each of their models to help us better understand them. We hope this naming guide helps you in your search to decide which Kalkhoff model is for you. 

Kalkhoff Bikes: Background

For more than 100 years Germany-based Kalkhoff have been at the forefront of the bike manufacturing industry. Since its inception in 1919 they have taken great pride in combining traditional values of craftsmanship and quality with modern ingenuity.

In 2015 the company unveiled one the first commercially produced electric bikes in the world that featured a centre motor and fully integrated battery. A pioneering move! Today, Kalkhoff is one of the largest electric bike manufacturers globally and has a large range of electric bikes designed to satisfy all modern mobility needs. 

We are fortunate to have an excellent selection available in Australia for 2021. 

It is a big range though. To help you understand what each model name means here is an explainer on their configuration options and naming conventions of their electric bike range.

Kalkhoff E-Bikes Naming Guide

Kalkhoff EBikes Naming Guide | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Kalkhoff electric bikes are named in a manner where customers can easily understand the specific product and tailor-adjust their purchase to suit their particular needs.

Their naming convention is broken down into five (5) parts, as demonstrated in the diagram above. 

1. Model Name

The first part of the product name represents the unit's model. There are four models and each has a distinct purpose.


Kalkhoff Endeavour ebikes

The 'Endeavour' is Kalkhoff's E-Trekking model and this is the largest range. E-Trekking bikes are designed and made for touring as well as city cycling and come with versatile equipment options.

The Endeavour ebikes offer a comfortable, sportier ride so have stronger motors and can have longer range battery options. They come with tires that are suitable for riding predominantly on asphalt however the higher-end models are equipped to also have all-terrain capability.


Kalkhoff Entice E-Bikes

The 'Entice' is similar to the Endeavour in that it is an E-Trekking model however it is designed predominantly for gravel instead of asphalt. The forest versus the urban jungle. They come equipped with excellent accessories so you can use it as a commuter, a carrier and a tourer however our tires are more off-road oriented so you can hit the rail trail or forest on the weekend and have a comfortable commuter during the week. 


Kalkhoff Image E-Bikes

The 'Image' models are sporty, comfort-oriented models for city and lifestyle riding. They are characterised by having easy-to-use internal gears, a sportier motor, and additional comfort features such as a suspension seatpost. With the Image you can expect an upright Dutch-style riding position and a sleek, integrated look that will turn heads as you zip past. 


Kalkhoff Agattu Electric Bikes

The 'Agattu' has relaxed urban mobility in mind. It is for comfortable, safe city cruising and is one of Kalkhoff's most popular and enduring models thanks to its ease of use, comfort and value.

The Agattu is characterised by having a classic 'Dutch-style' upright riding position. It also has easy-to-use internal gears and additional comfort features such as a suspension seatpost and rides smoothly and quickly through the urban jungle on its 28" wheelset. 

Frame Styles

Each of the four models outlined above may come in different frame styles too.

Keep an eye out for "Diamond" (which is the traditional crossbar gents frame), "Trapeze" (crossbar with lower top tube), "Wave" or "Comfort" (deep low step, also called stepthrough) in the model name. 

2. Platform Level

Kalkhoff Endeavour 7.B ebike

The number adjacent to the name identifies the platform level of the unit. 

  • Level 1 is an ideal entry-level option, where one can experience German engineering and functionality at an attractive price. The Level 1 ebikes are pragmatic everyday ebikes which have the powerpack-style battery positioning. 
  • Level 3 is the gateway to the integrated frames and the clean and stylish look. It is competitively priced and with wonderful accessories. 
  • Level 5 embodies the marriage of form and function. With a stylish two-toned frame that fully integrates the battery and cables, these platforms radiate a streamlined yet highly functional style. The level 5 ebikes feature equipment such as gearing, braking and lighting that is higher performing and has more off-road capability. 
  • Level 7 is the crème de la crème of Kalkhoff electric bikes. This platform features exclusive accessories, top-of-the-range equipment and that complement a very stylish look. They have excellent all-terrain capability, and deliver a sporty ride with maximum comfort.

    3. Drive System

    Kalkhoff ebikes have Bosch motors in 2021

    Next to the Platform Level is the symbol representing the Drive System, either B (Bosch) or S (Shimano).

    All 2021 Kalkhoff ebikes in Australia will come with the Bosch drive system.

    Which Bosch drive system the model has is matched to the intended purpose of the bike.

    • The Agattu, being a leisurely cruising model, tends to have the quieter and smoother Bosch Active / Plus system
    • Sportier models such as the Endeavours, Entices  and Images will generally have the Gen 3 Performance Line. The top-of-the-range level 7 models has the Gen 4 Bosch Performance CX system. 

    4. Range of Models - Equipment Level

    All of the models coming in 2021 are 'Move' models. 

    5. Special Accessories

    Kalkhoff electric drives : with belt drive

    The last modifier in the product name refers to the Special Accessories which are included.

    The exciting addition this year is 'Belt' models, which come with carbon belt drive and internal gearing. 

      Something For Everyone Looking For Quality

      Kalkhoff Bikes recognises that the notion and need for mobility are not the same for everyone.  It is a top range of bikes, with something for everyone who is looking for quality, and all proudly stamped "Made in Germany by Kalkhoff".  

      Range Summary: Kalkhoff "Move" models

      Here is a summary of the Kalkhoff models available for 2021 including the frame styles - Gents, Trapeze or Wave:





      (Comfort Urban, internal gears)



      - - -


      (Sporty Urban, internal gears)

      - - - -



      (Offroad E-Trekking)



      - -


      (E-Trekking: Onroad & All Terrain)

      $3,999/ $4,299






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