Love To Ride Brisbane - a fun challenge for September

August 17, 2018

Love To Ride Brisbane September cycle challenge

Join in the fun. Sign up to the 'Love To Ride Brisbane' September challenge and show how ebikes rock. Special ebike hire rate to help others join in!

The City of Brisbane, through their Cycling Brisbane Program, has joined forces with a number of cities around the globe with the Love To Ride initiative. This is a fun, friendly cycling challenge that runs throughout September, designed to encourage more people to ride.

As well as being in the running to win some great prizes for your own riding efforts there are 'encourager prizes' that reward you for encouraging others to join in. And Electric Bikes Brisbane is chipping in with a great ebike hire special to help you encourage others to join in (see below). 

Love To Ride Brisbane is free to sign up and you only need to ride for 10 minutes for your ride to count. All you ebike owners who nip down to the grocery store... see where we are coming from :) 

What is Love to Ride Brisbane?

Jill from Electric Bikes Brisbane

A fun, free cycling challenge for workplaces and individuals in Brisbane over the month of September in collaboration with the City of Brisbane. 

Who can take part?

Anyone living or working in Brisbane (over the age of 16) who is:

  • a cyclist at any level, 
  • willing to give cycling a go with a minimum of a 10 minute ride during September 

Why take part?

  • For a fun, healthy, no stress challenge 
  • To get more people cycling in Brisbane
  • To raise the profile of cycling in Brisbane
  • Chance to win prizes
  • Help measure the extent of people cycling in Brisbane to justify increased expenditure on infrastructure, education and events

How to win prizes?

There are some great prizes up for grabs. To win you earn points. Points are earned for every day and kilometre you ride. plus you earn points for every rider you encourage.

How to participate?

  • For Details and to Register online visit Love to Ride Brisbane here >>
  • Ride - anytime, anywhere during September
  • Record your ride- existing riders can simply sync their profile with an app (i.e. Strava, Map My Ride, Ride Results) to automatically record every ride
  • Encourage workmates, other riders, friends and associates to take part
  • See our Ebike Hire Special below to help you encourage others
  • If you aren't working add yourself to the Electric Bikes Brisbane team. We'd love to have you join us! 

Special EBike Hire Rate for September to Join In

Electric Bikes Brisbane EBike Hire Special for Love To Ride Brisbane

For our EBB Owners. If you have a friend, family member or work colleague who you would like to encourage to ride and join in, we are offering a special 1 month hire at the 1 week rate. Send us an email if you want to find out more or you want to book a hire bike. 

Our usual hire terms and conditions will apply, and the special rate is only for participants in Love To Ride Brisbane. 

Go to Love to Ride Brisbane Here ▶︎

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