How to increase the range of your electric bike

If you've chosen your electric bike carefully so that the battery and the motor are well matched and designed to meet your needs then most of the time you won't need to give your range a second thought.

However there are some simple steps that you can take that will not only increase the range of your electric bike but will also reduce the wear and tear on your motor, battery and gears.

1. Pedal

Ok before you jump straight to the comments section and berate me for stating the obvious, yes the more you pedal the further you'll go. But the important point is when to pedal. Electric motors are different than the petrol motor in your car in the fact that they deliver their maximum turning force (torque) at zero RPM. That's right zero!

So if you are sitting at a set of traffic lights and you choose to gun the throttle (this is great fun and sometimes necessary) then the motor will use up a lot more energy to get you off the line than if you started off with some light pedaling and then eased on the throttle to help you get away smoothly.

The same goes for hills. The more you can keep the pedals turning (even lightly) the more time you'll spend keeping the motor spinning in its most efficient range.

Of course if you choose one of our pedal assist bikes then the torque sensors and computers take care of this for you. All you need to do is choose how much help the motor gives you from nothing to 250%.

2. Use your gears

Traditional cyclists have known this trick for while and many fit a cadence meter to tell them how many times they are turning the pedals each minute. The most efficient range is to keep pedaling at between 90 and 95 RPM. Out on the road this means changing down gears early when you are going up hill to keep your legs spinning at a constant speed, rather than straining to push a bigger gear.

On the flats and downhills change up through your gears frequently to keep your momentum and avoid your legs spinning too fast as you pick up speed.

Again if your electric bike has pedal assist then it will automatically detect your pedal speed and effort and adjust the amount of assistance accordingly.

3. Coast

When you are riding your electric bike gravity is both your friend and your enemy. After arriving at the top of your hill smiling at the fact that it was much easier than you anticipated don't waste all that free energy that gravity gives you by dragging your brakes all the way down the hill. Look at the road ahead and if it's clear enjoy the free ride down the other side. Sure, use the brakes to keep your speed at a level that you're comfortable with, but don't automatically drag the brakes as a matter of course.

The good news is that if your chosen model of electric bike or conversion kit has regenerative braking then you will be charging your battery at the same time.

If you would like to know more about the benefits pedal assist, throttle only and regenerative braking give us a call on 1300 553 110 or better still, come in for a test ride and feel the difference for yourself.



Nick Willis
Nick Willis


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