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BH Emotion electric bikes 2017


Found out what's new in the 2017 BH Emotion Evo electric bike range.

BH Bikes is a company renowned for its innovation: they took the electric bike market by storm when they released the BH Emotion Neo in 2011 with the sleek integrated battery. This was the first electric bike in the world that had the aesthetics and style of a conventional bicycle and the wonderful, sporty BH Emotion pedal assist power that put the modern electric bike on the map.

BH Emotion now has an enormous range of electric bikes – six different ranges, to cater for the various legal standards around the world. Three are available in Australia this year – 1. the very popular Evo range, 2. the Revo e-bikes with Brose mid-drive systems, and 3. the EasyGo range with their ultralight, urban electric bikes.

Continual innovation and improvement

Since their initial BH Emotion Neo model, BH Bikes have continually improved their designs. 2015 saw the first significant change with the upgrade of the BH Emotion Neo model to the BH Emotion Evo model, introducing a larger battery with a new, sleeker frame.

Last year in 2016, it was the introduction of the BH Emotion Revo range with the German-made Brose mid-drive system and the BH Emotion EasyGo range that got most of the attention.

2017 makeover for BH Emotion EVO electric bikes

This year, in 2017, the BH Emotion Evo range has had another makeover and BH Bikes up the ante yet again with these very popular multi-purpose ebikes. The 2017 BH Emotion Evo range incorporates innovations in both the drive system technology and the bicycle itself.

Lighter, more compact frame

The whole frame has been redesigned to reduce bicycle weight, and improve ease of maintenance. It has a new thru-axle which allows easier and faster removal of the wheel for tyre changing, and the frame itself is more compact and lighter allowing for the standard geometrics of conventional bicycles.

BH Emotion Evo Cross 2017

A 48V 350W motor, thru-axle

Already renowned for its beautiful, sporty ride feel, the BH Emotion rear drive motor goes up a notch again in power this year. It has a compact 48V 350W motor that has increased efficiency so peak power is sustained for longer.

In the 2017 series the rear motor includes a rapid removal thru-axle that simplifies changing tyres, and a new motor connector anchorage for easy connecting and disconnecting.

BH Evo’s operate a double sensor system with their motors, with the torque sensor integrated into the rear dropout of the bike. This offers very precise power application so the pedal assist is powerful and reactive (sporty), and still smooth and jerk-free.

Larger battery and redesigned display

This year the BH Emotion Evo ebikes have a 500Wh battery (15% larger), providing up to approx 105km range, and some new battery casing modifications to provide even more integration onto the frame. These integrated batteries incorporate a high performance BMS (Battery Management System) which now comes with additional functionality to protect the battery when not used for long periods.

The BH Emotion lateral LCD display has also had a bit of a makeover with some redesign to make it more visual. It is from this display that you can access your accelerator (up to 6km/h) and control what level of power assist you want. (Four levels from Eco, Standard, Sport and Boost plus the option of no assistance at all).

The BH Emotion EVO electric bikes have always been an excellent choice for commuters looking for responsive, fast, pedal-assist electric bikes. The bikes have always had, and continue to have, a great range of gears, some suspension, and the ride feel of normal bikes so they have proved to be excellent all-rounders. This year’s improvements mean they go further, are more comfortable and are easier to maintain.

Perfect for Brisbane’s commuters and cycling enthusiasts!

Samantha Willis
Samantha Willis


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