Congratulations Paul. Winner of the hand-painted AVE SH11 eBike.

Winner AVE SH11 ebike We are delighted to announce that Paul Bellmann is the winner* of the hand-painted AVE SH11. Paul’s Dad is also a big winner – Paul is giving him the AVE SH11 that he had just bought! (He was putting in for his one-month service when he bought the tickets.)

Don’t you just love it when someone wins something they truly love?

Paul had only just bought his AVE in July. We talked to Paul about what drove his initial decision to buy an e-bike and love that it is a decision driven by reducing dependency on fossil fuels and active transport, exactly why ebikes are so good.

He tried a range of ebikes at Electric Bikes Brisbane and settled on the AVE SH11 because the bike ‘spoke’ to him. For us, this is what it is about. Matching you to the right bike. He chose the AVE because it is powerful and sure footed in the urban hilly terrain, plus it has an adventurous and durable feeling.  

And when you ask Paul if the bike has lived up to his expectations he’s like an excited little kid.

“The e-Bike has truly exceeded my expectations.   I am using the e-Bike for everything I'd planned. I have already ridden the AVE to the City and back several times (17km each way).  I can see riding to the City becoming the norm.

“Many of my local trips are quicker by e-Bike than in the motor car.  Plus the added benefit that I can 'morph' between being a road user to a pedestrian or Bikeway rider. 

I personally feel safer on my e-Bike than driving the car.  This might seem counter-intuitive but the agility and potential of an e-Bike in congested and unpredictable traffic allows me options to choose a safer pathway and lifts my mood whilst getting incidental exercise - exercise with purpose."

So now he has his ride routes sorted and is addicted to transport by ebike, Paul now gets to spec up his dream AVE SH11 bike.  Stay tuned for more on the Peter Brock inspired paint and custom touches.  It’s going to be gorgeous!

Paul has generously given his current AVE to his Dad. What does Paul’s Dad think about now becoming an ebike owner?

“He will be electrified !!”

Congratulations Paul (and Dad)!

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*What's this all about?

On 23 September 2018 Nick (one of the owners of Electric Bikes Brisbane) will be leaving his e-bike behind and riding over 1100km from Sydney to Brisbane, taking the scenic route (ie. 14,000m of climbing hilly!) This is in support of children and families suffering from Phelan McDermid Syndrome, a very rare genetic disorder.  

As part of our fund raising activities we held a raffle to win an AVE SH11 Adventure E-Bike, hand painted by Wallis Paints in a custom colour of your choice. We achieved ticket sales of over $6000 which was amazing. Thank you everyone for your support. 

If you would like to contribute more (and learn more about the charity and ride) you can donate here. 

AVE SH11 Electric Bikes

Samantha Willis
Samantha Willis


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