Electric Scooter Range at Electric Bikes Brisbane

Electric scooters at Electric Bikes Brisbane

Electric scooters have always been around but with the recent launch of the Lime electric scooters in Brisbane they have really taken off. The publicity that Lime scooters has generated has encouraged people to try electric-powered transport. No surprise to us, the consensus is that electric is a great mobility option!

E-powered transport is convenient, usually faster and more economical, and also a heap more fun than traditional means of transport such as cars, buses or trains.

At Electric Bikes Brisbane we carry a wide range of electric transport options. Electric bikes have been our thing since 2013 and, now that the application of electric drive technology has increased, we also stock a great range of electric scooters. 

Electric Scooter Brands for Sale at Electric Bikes Brisbane

At Electric Bikes Brisbane we stock Zero Electric Scooters and Inokim Electric Scooters, two of the world’s leading electric scooter brands in terms of performance and quality.

Both of these brands offer manufacturing and componentry quality that is above the norm. They also have some excellent models in terms of power, speed and performance which represent excellent value for money.

Zero Electric Scooters

Zero Electric Scooters @ Electric Bikes Brisbane

Zero is a brand that originates from Singapore and sets the benchmark for performance in e scooters in Australia. With every Zero e scooter model you get dual suspension (great for stability) and sufficient power for you to climb a 15-degree slope without having to kick. They offer one of the fastest e scooters available, and also an excellent value-for-money all-rounder model. Go to Zero>>

Inokim Electric Scooters

Inokim electric scooters @ Electric Bikes Brisbane

Inokim started out in Israel and have become a global brand. Inokim make a range of fun electric scooters that cater for riders of different needs and offer lighter weight alternatives. All are foldable and they vary in power, lightness, and compactness. Go to Inokim>>

Electric Scooter – Snapshot 

Electric scooter comparison Electric Bikes BrisbaneGo to our Electric Scooters for Sale


E Bike vs E Scooter – What Should I Buy?

Not sure whether an e bike or an e scooter is the best option for you? You aren’t alone so have a look at the pros and cons on an e scooter here >>

Are Electric Scooters Legal?

In a nutshell – Yes. There are some conditions though in terms of where you can ride, how fast and who can ride. Read more on this here >>

What maintenance do electric scooters need?

Electric scooters DO require maintenance and regular servicing. Read more on this here >>

See our full e-scooter range.


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