Heard about electric bikes and curious to understand more? Ot looking to buy an electric bike and finding it all a bit daunting? Here is a handy guide to help you understand more about them and how to choose the right one for you? 

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Haibike Xduro Urban 2016 - 5 stars - thumbnail

UK-based T3 magazine, known for its love of gadgets, tech and design, has given the Haibike xDURO Urban 2016 e-bike a 5 star rating in its review and voted it the best of the ebikes it tested. 5 stars for Design, Power and The Ride.

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Bosch Performance CX electric drive system - thumbnail

With 2016 Bosch electric bikes starting to appear in stores around Australia we thought it would be useful to give a quick run down on what’s new this year for Bosch-driven ebikes.

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Male electric bike commuter on Haibike - thumbnail

A question we get asked a lot is whether electric bikes are legal. The simple answer is yes, provided the design complies with Australian laws and standards. Here is a simple overview of the law on electric bikes. 

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BH Revo Cross with Brose 2.0 Mid Drive Motor

Brose are the latest manufacturer to enter the electric bike arms race in Australia with their Brose 2.0 mid-drive motor.

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Electric Bike Saving Money Thumb

In our latest blog, we explain how an electric bike can help you free up some cash, get fitter and save 66c every kilometre you ride.

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Bosch Mid Drive System for Electric Bikes Thumb

A look at the BOSCH ebike mid-drive system, the key specs of their Gen1 and Gen2 lines, and which BOSCH ebike system is best for you.

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Thanks to Louise from Kenmore for this email on why her electric bike has turned out to be a great investment. Read More
We explain why 25 KPH, the street legal speed of electric bikes in Australia, is fast enough for cycling around Brisbane, especially up hill. Read More
Electric bikes have come a long way with lots of new technology and designs in the market. So how do you choose the ebike that's best for you? Read More
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