UBCO 2x2 Electric Motorbike

  • The all-wheel drive UBCO 2x2 electric motorbike is a game changer. Originally developed in New Zealand for back country and agricultural use, the whisper-quiet 2WD system with 1.2kw motors 2WD system delivers true all-terrain capabilities in a package that is about 50kg lighter than its motorbike counterparts. And with the latest upgrades and a street legal (road registered) version capable of speeds up to 50km/hr also available, it is more versatile than ever. 

  • The UBCO is powered by a large yet compact 50V 48Ah quick-charge battery and packs two air-cooled brushless hub motors, one in each wheel, and regenerative braking. Recent drive system developments mean the motors can perform at higher efficiency for longer and 17" grippy tyres keep centre of gravity low for easy handling.  It is rated to carry 150kg and dual suspension, wide padded seat, an extra strong frame and plenty of lugs for attaching racks means you have one mighty fun yet useful machine. 

  • With 90Nm torque, a combined power of 2,000 watts (roughly 2.7 hp) and range of 50-100km, it effortlessly treads where other bikes will fail, on rough and muddy terrain and up very steep slopes, at a fraction of the normal running costs.

    • Drive System: 2WD (2x2)
    • Motor: 2 x 1.2 kw air-cooled, high efficiency brushless motors; 90Nm torque each
    • Battery: 50V 48Ah lithium ion (2 KW/hr)
    • Range: Eco mode: 70 – 100km; Power mode: 50 – 80km
    • Comfort: Dual suspension, wide comfortable sprung seat
    • Accessories: Lights, Dual side kickstands, 2 x USB charge ports and a 12V power outlet for on-the-go charging, 17 accessory lugs
    • Brand: UBCO

Redefine how you work and play

Two wheels. Two motors. No petrol. No noise. The UBCO 2x2 electric motorbike is one of the most interesting and redefining electric bikes to come onto the market. With a focus on function and simplicity, the UBCO utilises advances in electric motor design, battery technology and digital connectivity to deliver a whisper-quiet connected utility vehicle that embraces portable energy. UBCO drew inspiration from the classic Honda CT110/CX90 (Trail Bike) and the latest e-bike technology to create a two-wheel drive utility bike (2x2) that is in a category of its own. Powered purely by its 50V 48Ah lithium ion battery there is no petrol to pay for (the UBCO costs approx. 60c / 100km to run) and no emissions. The new engine control unit enable you to digitally control the lighting and controls and also connects you to your phone for updates and customisations. What's more there is no noisy exhaust, no combustion or chains so it is also very simple to maintain.  

UBCO 2x2 Electric Bike

Lightweight, strong and true all-terrain performance

The go-anywhere utility vehicle. The UBCO 2x2 electric motorbike is designed for easy handling in all-terrain conditions and excels in wet, slippery conditions and in steep terrain. The 17" knobbly tyres keep it low to the ground, dual suspension provides comfort and stability and the low centre-mounted battery and dual motors keeps the weight evenly balanced. With a simple twist and go throttle to operate it and no clutch or drive train to contend with it is exceptionally easy to operate. It has a strong SuperX frame that makes it safer and easier to manoeuvre that quad bikes and most motorbikes, and weighs in at just 62kg. The frame has more accessory lugs than you will need (17 in total) so is practical for mounting racks and frames for carrying gear and it also has 2 x USB charge ports and a 12V power outlet for charging tools and devices while out an about. 

UBCO 2x2 electric motorbike all terrain vehicle Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton
UBCO 2x2 Electric Bike

E-Bike Technology

Motor 2 x 1.2 KW peak, air cooled brushless DC Flux Drive
Battery Type: UBCO 50V 48Ah Lithium-ion
Charge time: 6-8 hours
Electrical 50V power source for running drive motors and ECU
12V power source for running lighting and other auxiliary functions
Range Eco mode 70-100km; Power mode 50-80km 
Speed Up to 50km/h
Max power Max power 2kW; Max torque 90Nm
UBCO 2x2 Electric Bike

Bike Specifications

Dimensions Height 1,050mm (41"), Length 1,820mm (72"), Wheel base 1,200mm (47"), Seat height 800mm (32"), Handlebars 800mm (32")
Chassis 7000 series aluminium alloy frame
Front suspension Custom UBCO 130mm travel coil spring hydraulic dampener. Steel tapered steering tube
Rear suspension 120mm travel coil spring shock with preload and rebound adjustment
Wheel Size 17"
Tyres 17x2.75" multi use tyres for on and offroad 
Single stage planetary gear reduction
Brakes Tektro Hydraulic Disc 203 x 2.3mm rotors
Regenerative braking activated when throttle released
Lighting LED headlight: 120mm diameter - low beam 1330 lumens; high beam 2230 lumens
LED rear brake and number plate lights
LED indicator lights
Accessories Bike /Board Carry Rack ($270), Pannier frames ($110), Panniers ($220), Front deck extender ($250), Rear Deck Extender ($270)
Weight 62kg
Carry capacity 150kg including rider
Warranties Frame 3yrs, Battery 2 yrs, Motor 2 yrs
License  Car License required for road registered version
Display & Communication
Display HTN Transmissive LCD, white back light
User controls Handlebar mounted switch for high beam, indicators and horn. Motor cut off switch on handlebars
Comms Integrated ECU directly controls lighting, motor controllers, display, rider controls and provides a Bluetooth connection to the bike
Connectivity Dual USB charging ports (1 x 1A, 1 x 2.5A)
12V outlet (10A max)
User input Bluetooth with user app (initial service only app)
Vehicle Class L1/LA (Moped)
License Requirements Onroad version: State dependent. For Qld car license only required

Offroad: Includes UBCO 2x2 bike, battery and charger

Onroad: As above + mirrors, indicators and tail lights (road registration costs are extra)

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