BAFANG Mid-Drive 48V 500W Ebike Conversion Kit

The BAFANG Mid-Drive 500W Ebike Conversion Kit is the big brother to the 250W electric bike kit. If you are looking for a super powerful and fast e-bike kit to put onto your favourite steed then this is the way to go. Now with the powerful 48V battery.

You will be delighted with the performance, and the tremendous torque that powering through the main crank provides. It is lightweight, quiet, compact and smooth and will put a smile of your face with every pedal stroke. 

For riding on private land. 

More Info

The advantage of the BAFANG mid-drive electric bike kits is that they are plug and play and require little modification to your bicycle. They are compatible with bicycles with a 68mm bottom bracket – which is about 90%of all bicycles – and, unlike the hub drive electric bike kits, they work well with your existing brakes and gears.

The BAFANG BBS02 Mid-Drive 500W Ebike Conversion Kit comes with a quality 12Ah 48V European-style battery. You also have the choice of either a rear rack mount battery, most suitable for step-through bikes, or an in-frame battery mount.


  • 100% inclusive kit, includes motor, battery, charger, e-brake levers, cranks, all quick connect waterproof wiring, sensors, display/control screen
  • 500W with torque up to a huge 120Nm
  • 12Ah 48V lithium ion European-style battery (up to 60km range)
  • Choice of rear rack battery (rack included) or in-frame battery (removable and with on-bike charging ports)
  • Waterproof connectors throughout
  • Minimal, discreet wiring
  • Smart and stylish LCD control / display unit, with 3 levels of pedal assistance
  • Handlebar mounted Euro-style remote control allowing easy changing of power while on the move
  • 1 year warranty on motor and battery*

*Battery powered by quality Sanyo cells. Range is estimate only and varies substantially based on riding conditions, power selected and load. Warranty if installed professionally. Warranty not valid if software is changed; and/or non-standard parts fitted and/or bike is not used in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

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