Fonzarelli FZ electric scooter

  • The Fonz FZ electric scooter is a perfect city run-around for those who who want a comfortable electric transport option for about 50km range and up to 60km/hr speed (with options for faster speeds). With the FZ you don't need a motorbike license - just a car license - and you have the choice of the base moped model or a custom 'FonzLab' version where you can choose settings that enable speeds of up to 75km/hr.

    Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear provide excellent stopping power and with an eye firmly on sustainability also provide regenerative braking. A comfortable seat and fat tubeless tires provide additional comfort and puncture resistance. This is a fun, practical bike for zipping around Brisbane city and her suburbs. See the Fonz S1 if you want a faster e-scooter. 

  • Price excludes on-road costs. 
    • Drive System: Fonzarelli 
    • Motor: Brushless 3 phase rear drive
    • Battery: Panasonic powerpack 1.65kWh
    • Range: Up to 50km 
    • Comfort: Fat tires, Wide sprung saddle, comfort grips
    • Accessories: Mudguards, side kickstand, centre stand, steering lock, mini charger
    • Brand: Fonzarelli
  • If you're looking for a city run-around that has great off-the -lights torque and acceleration and looks amazing then I'm the bike for you. With me you only need a standard car license to ride and there are lots of fun and practical options to choose from to to make me your perfect zippy eco transport machine. 

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Australia's own zero emissions scooters

Great looking. Great for the environment. Fonzarelli is a Sydney-based start up focused on developing sustainable transport options, with the toughness and durability of old and some flair and styling of new. If you want an electric powered transport option that has awesome, off-the-mark torque and acceleration, is faster than an ebike and that you don't need a motorbike for then the Fonz FZ is your bike. The Fonz FZ has the option to carry a pillion if you want (note the moped does not) and it is agile and balanced to ride - great for zipping around urban streets. 

Fonzarelli FZ moped
Fonz FZ Moped


System Fonzarelli Electric System

Brushless 3-phase rear wheel. Rated output >4kW, max output >5.5kW


PowerPack 1.65 kWh compact, portable, ~9kg, inbuilt BMS 

Range Up to 50km, 100km with extra powerpack
Speed 50km/hr (moped), 65/ (FZ)

Forza supercharge, reverse function, regenerative braking, coast vs control regen, portable easy-charging


Battery % display (SOC), trip range, stainless steel pillion dink grips, side-stand, centre-stand, steering lock, mini charger

Fonzarelli FZ moped


Parts and options
Frame  Wheelbase: 1170mm
Dimensions: 1790 x 700 x 1130mm
Size: One size
Base Colour Rocket Red, White, Matt Black
Tyres 10-3.50 tubeless tires, option whitewalls
Rims Alex DM18 28” Alloy rims
Gears Twist throttle
Brakes Front + rear hydraulic disc brakes, regenerative braking
Saddle Wide coil-sprung comfort seat
Load 150kg
Dry weight 88/98kg
Fitted Accessories and options
Lights Front and rear light
Stands Side kickstand, centre stand
Lock Steering lock

PowerPack 1.65/3.3, sport motor, premium charger, USB charging port, 12V power outlet, top cases (range of colours), stainless steel luggage rack, surfboard bracket, a range of leather and vinyl coloured saddles, low profile saddle, whitewall tyres, helmet lock, bike protective cover, limited edition paint colours, custom/fleet paint colours, delivery boxes, reflective decal motifs + more

Once you decide which model you prefer then let the FonzLab help you with how to customise it for exactly what you want

See the Fonzarelli website for further information 

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