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  • The GoCycle G3 folding electric bike is one of the most innovative and beautifully designed electric bikes available in the world today. Designed with comfort, convenience and usability in mind, it leverages the advanced engineering and technology of the automotive world to deliver an electric bike that is a game changer and in a league of its own. The GoCycle ebike is easy to operate, fun to ride and very practical and this third generation model comes with a host of new enhancements. If you appreciate beautiful design and clever engineering, and want a low maintenance machine that is fun and eco-friendly to get around town, you will love the GoCycle G3 folding electric bike.

    Receive a complimentary Base Pack Bundle with each bike purchased. Purchase two bikes or more and also receive a complimentary Commuter Pack per bike (worth $700 in total).

    Available to test ride at 26 Douglas St, Milton or call us on 1300 553 110 to order.

    • Drive System: GoCycle proprietary motor gear drive 250W continuous, pedal torque sensing
    • Battery: Hidden inframe lithium 13.5Ah, up to 80km range
    • Controls: GoCycleConnect App and handlebar display - four levels of power, customisable
    • Ease of Use: GoCycle electronic predictive shifting, quick folding, hydraulic brakes 
    • Comfort: Front and rear suspension, adjustable positioning, comfort seat and grips, fat tyres
    • Accessories: Integrated dash light. Optional Bundles: Base pack, Commuter pack, Portable pack
    • Brand: GoCycle
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A Joy to Own and Ride

Simple. Fun. Clever: Designer Richard Thorpe believed GoCycle G3 @ Electric Bikes Brisbane Miltonan e-bike should be elegant, desirable, a joy to live with and fun. So he pitted his experience in designing lightweight racing car components for McClaren, and his enthusiasm for innovative engineering excellence and created the GoCycle. His lightweight magnesium-cast frame, patented Pitstop wheels and clever integration are a nod to his automotive heritage and have turned the simple bicycle into one of the smartest transport machines around. 

Every aspect of the GoCycle has been developed to the highest standards, with the main focus on usability & rideability. It really opens up a whole new era of cycling - just pull the bike out, hop on and start pedalling. Simple. This clever machine measures exactly what the rider is doing and applies power and gear changes accordingly. All you have to do is point it in the right direction. And if you want, you can customise those settings to how you like to ride. Whether you are looking for a convenient way to get around once you reach your destination or simply appreciate beautifully designed machines you will love this electric bike. 





 GoCycle Electric Bike @ Electric Bikes brisbane Milton


Personalise your ride:  You can take the Gocycle G3 to a whole new level with the GocycleConnect App. This smartphone app allows you to tailor the eBike to your specific needs. You can quickly change assistance modes from City, Eco and full on Demand modes, and there is also the option to program your speed settings. Not so fussed on fancy tech? Don't worry. It is not required to ride the GoCycle - it just gives you the flexibility if you want it. 

For those that love their tech though you can use the Gocycle Connect G3 smartphone app for a host of new features - upload maps, log your calories burned, track your distance. Even check the weather! On the practical side it doubles as an easy troubleshooting tool and security device, with a "kill" option to immobilise your GoCycle if stolen.

GoCycle G3 GoCycle Connect App @ Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton
GoCycle handlebar controls @ Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton

Compact, Light and Easy to Handle

The lightest electric bike in class. Thanks to its magnesium frame and superb design, at just over 15kg in weight the GoCycle G3 is the lightest production electric bike on the market. This is an amazing feat given it is dual suspension and carries a large battery. It's low centre of gravity with the weight centralised around the bottom bracket makes it agile and easy to handle, and it is easy to lift and manoeuvre at home. It is also one of the most compact ebikes when folded, folding down neatly into an impressive 60cm x 76cm x 30cm space. Great for boats, cars, motorhomes and private aircraft. A portable docking station is also available for stowage as an extra. One of the things that makes it so compact when folded is the quick-detach PitstopWheels, another clever GoCycle-specific design. 

GoCycle G3 Folding Electric Bike @ Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton

Complete Integration

Clean, Streamlined and More Range than Ever. One of the unique things about the GoCycle ebike is how integrated and clean it is. Everything is integrated into the bike - chain, battery, cables, gears and controls. So as well as creating the gorgeous clean lines that turns heads, it also means that you don't need to worry about the normal 'bicycle maintenance' things. For example there is no need to oil your chain, there is very little to get snagged and damaged and having mag wheels means no pesky broken spokes.

The GoCycle G3 comes with a host of new features that customers have asked for and to comply with new UK laws. The battery is now 50% larger and the daytime running light that is integrated into the front of the handlebar makes it more visible and safer. 

GoCycel G3 Electric Bike @ Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton

E-Bike Technology

Power modes

City, Eco, on-Demand, Custom - programmable through
GoCycleConnect App or through interactive dashboard functions

Motor GoCycle proprietary motor gear drive 250w continuous with
pedal torque sensing
Battery Type: Lithium 13.5Ah (300Wh)
Position: Integrated inframe
Range Up to 80km
Speed Up to 25km/hr, private land option
Display GoCycle proprietary integrated into handlebar with
fuel gauge, speed, gear, efficiency
GoCycle G3 range @ Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton

Bike Specifications

Frame Material: Magnesium
Size: Universal Vgonomic
Colour So White, Matt Black, Electric Blue
Forks GoCycle proprietary front, GoCycle Lockshock 25mm rear
Wheel Size 20"
Tyres GoCycle Performance Tyre (20 x 1.75)
Wheels PitstopWheel with proprietary Hexlock system
Gearing GoCycle electronic predictive shifting
Patented Cleandrive Shimano Nexus 3-speed
Brakes Hydraulic disks, front and rear
Saddle Velo V2 Comfort
Seatpost Vgonomic - especially designed 
Handlebar stem Quick-folding with reach and height adjustment
Geometry Wheelbase 1065mm (42 in), bottom bracket height 275mm (11.5in)
Folding dimensions 600 mm x 760mm x 300mm (with folding pedals)
Approx Weight 15kg
Fitted Accessories / Accessory Bundles
Lights Daytime running light (front)  4 selectable running modes
Base pack Bundle Included FREE: Kickstand, Fold leg, Shocklock (Value: $180)
Commuter Pack Optional extra: Integrated light kit (front & rear), mudguards front & rear (Value: $350)
Portable Pack Optional extra: GoCycle docking station, GoCycle bag, folding pedals (pair), tools (Value: $550)
Luggage Optional extra: Front Pannier bag ($260)

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