Kalkhoff Sahel 3.1 Move compact e bike

  • The Kalkhoff Sahel 3.1 Move electric bike is perfect for the modern day urban rider and traveller. Ditch the car and zip everywhere around town on this lovely little German-made compact ebike. Gear changing is easy with its 8 speed internal gearing system and the German-made Impulse mid-drive electric motor with long range battery provides exceptional power, smoothness and range.

  • The Kalkhoff Sahel features excellent tech for safe and reliable riding and the clever Speedlifter twist stem allows for easy height adjustment and space saving when storing. This ebike comes with everything you need - integrated lights, kickstand, quality rear rack, and puncture resistant tyres and is fantastic value for money. 

    • Drive System: Impulse 2.0
    • Motor: 250W mid-drive, 80Nm of torque
    • Battery: Impulse Lithium-ion 400Wh 
    • Range: Up to 110km
    • Comfort: Internal gears, adjustable handlebars
    • Accessories: Lights, lock, kickstand, mudguards, chainguard, carrier rack
    • Brand: Kalkhoff
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The perfect machine for modern mobility

Easy to ride, uber cool and equipped with all that you need. The Kalkhoff Sahel 3.1 Move ebike was designed with inner city use in mind but is equally as fun and useful as a family-friendly run around and leisure bike.

It has a stiff, compact frame that is stable and nimble, and it is designed to accommodate most rider heights. It is equipped with high quality components and accessories for that extra bit of comfort and reliability such as Magura hydraulic brakes, Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal gearing and wide-profile puncture resistant Schwalbe Big Ben tires. With 80Nm or torque at your disposal to take care of the hills and four levels of power (including the ability to ride with no power) you will be nipping everywhere on this.  To the stores to get your groceries. For a spin along the bike paths on the water.

Get from A to B in style, comfort and with a big grin on your face and get peace of mind with the three-year warranty provided on the electric drive system.  

Kalkhoff Sahel Compact i8 electric bikcycle

E-Bike Technology

Impulse 2.0 mid-drive
Impulse 2.0, 36 V / 250 W, with Shift-Sensor Technology, 80Nm
Battery Impulse Li-Ion 400Wh
Range Up to 110km
Display Impulse LCD with 3 modes
Kalkhoff electric bike - internal gears

Bike Specifications

Frame Material: Impulse Compact V4 Alloy
Type: Unisex
Size: 46cm
Colour White, Grey, Green
Urban compact
Wheel Size 20"
Schwalbe Big Ben
Concept EX Kargo, with eyelets
Shimano Nexus 8 speed
Magura HS11 Hydraulic rim brakes, Magura HS11 levers
Concept Trekking
Concept EX
Urban, foldable, with reflector
Concept EX handlebar/Speedlifter Twist stem
Carry limit 130kg
Fitted Accessories
AXA Blueline, 30 Lux LED with stand light / 
AXA Blueline, LED with stand light
Chainguard Yes
Carrier Rack Yes
Mudguards Yes
Rear stand

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