SEABOB F5 Electric Sea Scooter

  • The SEABOB F5 electric sea scooter is the all-rounder in the SEABOB F5 series, perfect for the open water or recreational pools. It is the lightest of the SEABOB F5 series, and the powerful e-jet thrust system puts out up to 480Nm thrust. It is silent, eco-friendly and surprisingly easy-to-use and control due to its incredible design and optimal power-to-weight. Whether you want to glide along the surface, dive to depths down to 40m or both, this highly manoeuvrable machine lets you do it all. 

  • Available via special order and with the SEABOB Cam or custom colours. Price is for the standard F5 model and is indicative only, depending on shipping and exchange rate. Contact us on 1300 553 110 or email us here for a custom quote.  
    • Drive System: E-Jet Power System
    • Performance: Up to 2.5kW, up to 480NM thrust
    • Energy: Lithium-manganese accumulators 1.1KWh
    • Operating Time: Up to 50 mins
    • Brand: SEABOB Cayago

Optimal Handling With Powerful Thrust

Lightweight and Easy To Use. The SEABOB F5 is the lightest model in the F5 series tipping the scales at 29kg. Combined with the 480Nm thrust that the E-Jet system provides, this is a fun, sporty machine that is easy to handle for all. The SEABOB F5 helps you achieve speeds up 14km/hr on the surface and 13km/hr underwater and has four levels of power. A great all-rounder due to its optimal power-to-weight and especially designed handling characteristics, and exceptionally economical to operate. 

Steer and control your SEABOB via two intelligent state-of-the-art control grips with Piezo technology. Simply apply pressure to ergonomically placed sensors on the grips for forward thrust, and just press red sensors to slow down. Your body weight and grip pressure helps guide the SEABOB's direction allowing for a sporty and dynamic ride should you wish, or a gentle and fun glide if thats what you prefer. The centrally placed cockpit will constantly give you handy information such as speed, remaining charge, and depth. 

SEABOB Cayago electric sea scooter
SEABOB Cayago electric sea scooter

World-Leading Technology; Unrivalled Quality 

Cutting edge. Emission free. The SEABOB is powered by an especially developed, high performance electric drive system crafted from top-grade materials such as carbon and ceramic. Propulsion is delivered using a sophisticated E-Jet Power System with its energy provided by highly efficient 1.1kW lithium-ion accumulators. Learn more about the SEABOB technology here

The SEABOB F5 model has 2.5kW and you can expect thrust up to 480Nm. With this model there are four power levels to choose from and you can reach speeds of 14km/hr on the surface and 13km/hr underwater. If you prefer more power, speed and running time see SEABOB F5 S and F5 SR.


SEABOB electric sea scooter cockpit

Customise your SEABOB F5

The SEABOB F5 is offered in three "serial" colours - yellow, orange or red - with the display and tail in black however you can also opt for the one of the three custom colour packages that offer higher gloss and even more surface protection. Referred to "special colour" (complex multi-layer paint system), "bright colour" (intense luminous colours for greater visibility) and "bicolour" (luminous colour and black). The option for custom branding is also available as well as the "chrome" package which offers the tail and display in a very smart chrome. 

If you love your underwater photography then SEABOB also offers the SEABOB Cam package. The integrates two full-HD cameras in the bow to record your dive and the option to stream it on your display while filming to professionally control your recording. Upload the footage to your smartphone or other media via WLAN technology when you are finished. 

See here for more information on the equipment provided and custom options. 

SEABOB electric sea scooter

Drive Technology

SEABOB E-Jet Power System (patented)
Drive Unit
High-torque synchronised drive unit, 2.5kW
Capacity 1.1Kwh
Operating Time Up to 50 mins
Speed Up to 14 km/h on surface; 13km/hr underwater
Power levels 4
Charging Time 8 hr (1.5hr with quick charger)

Other Specifications

Maximum Thrust Up to 480Nm
Colours Yellow, Red, Orange 
Special Colours
Exclusive high-gloss colours with a multiple-layer paint system, available in colours Ixon Red, Star White or Platin Silver met. $840*
Bright Colours
Exclusive high-gloss surfaces in intense luminous colours with a multiple-layer paint system, available in colours Lumex Yellow, Lumex Orange or Lumex Red. $945*
Two exclusive high-gloss colours with a multiple-layer paint system, available in colour combinations of Anthracite-Lumex Orange or Anthracite-Green. $1,190*
Dimensions L x W x H (in mm)
1.152 x 507 x 372
Weight Approx 29kg
Buoyancy in water
Dive Depth  2.5m (safety depth) and up to 40m (programmable)
Optional Extras*
Two full-HD cameras, one camera in the watercraft’s bow and an Action-Selfie-Cam integrated in the information display, Wi-Fi technology for transmission of the videos to mobile devices. $1,550
Chrome Package
Tail and display console in matt chrome design,
tail ring and display ring in high-gloss chrome design. $640
Quick Charger
 Charge in 1.5hrs. $2,500*
Transport bag for on the way and travelling. $530*
The secure wall and floor holding device for your SEABOB. $500*
Dive Weights
Providing optimal buoyancy during professional scuba diving. $880* 
For comfortable wheeled transport of your SEABOB. $915*
Pilot Belt System S, M, L or XL. Belt system to minimise fatigue in the arm muscles during sporty driving with high thrust. $370*
* Indicative price only - subject to exchange rate and shipping 

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