Tannus Thoroki 100% Puncture Proof Tyre

Say good-bye to punctures forever!

Tannus have developed a unique polymer that allows them to manufacture a tyre with a similar feel, weight and performance to a pneumatic tyre BUT without the need for an inner tube.

These tyres make a great upgrade for your electric bike (or your traditional bike for that matter) if you want a great performing, durable tyre, that will never ever puncture no matter what you find on your local Brisbane Road or Bike Path (Nails, Glass, Wire etc etc).

Available in 2 compounds (soft or hard) and 13 colour variations.

Wheel sizes range from 20 inch to 700c.  Widths from 23c to 1.75.

Price is for tyres only and does not include cost of fitting. For details on our tyre fitting prices please visit our Workshop page.

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