Vintage Electric Scrambler eBike

  • Aficionados of the sleek Vintage Electric styling who want to escape offroad will love the the Vintage Electric Scrambler.  These stunning electric bicycles are cleverly designed and superbly crafted and will provide you with the ride of your life, for life. Don't be fooled by the old school appearance though as the best of modern technology and craftsmanship is what makes these ebikes loved all over the world. Clever technology matched to the battery and rear-mounted motor provides two ride settings: a street legal EN15194-compliant pedal assist mode and a 3,000W thumb throttle mode for those private road adventures where you can reach speeds of up to 70km/hr if you have Race Mode. A beefy front suspension fork, moto handlebars, offroad tyres means plenty you can explore on and offroad comfortably and the race number plate which holds a small yet powerful LED light is a nod to its heritage.  

  • Available by special order. Price is an estimate and subject to change with US exchange rate fluctuation.
    • Drive System: Vintage Electric 3,000 watt 3-phase brushless
    • Motor: 250W to 750W street legal mode/ 3,000 watt race mode
    • Battery: 52V 13.5Ah with estimated pack life 30,000 miles
    • Range: Up to 50km, recharge in two hours
    • Comfort: Brooks leather saddle, Schwalbe Black Jack knobby tyres, tactile grips
    • Accessories: Regenerative braking, Race Mode (upgrade), race plate with integrated LED light, integrated rear tail light, Spur cycle bell
    • Brand: Vintage Electric 
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Endless fun on the fastest electric bike in production 

From pedelec to offroad cafe racer. The Vintage Electric Scrambler is powered by the clever Vintage Electric drive system which has two modes that the ebike seamlessly switches between: a 250W - 750W street legal pedelec mode and the 3,000 watt thumb throttle mode. If you opt to get the Race Mode this electric bicycle becomes one of the fastest e-bikes in production, capable of speeds to 60-70km. The Scrambler includes clever features such as regenerative braking and a patent-pending aluminium battery box. A regenerative braking button on the handlebar that links to a sophisticated computer located in the battery box and provides smooth anti-lock braking. Combine the regenerative braking button and Shimano Alfine hydraulic disc brakes and oversized 203mm rotors you get unsurpassed braking performance.

Vintage Electric Tracker electric bicycle regenerative braking button Vintage Electric Scrambler battery box


 The aluminium battery box is custom designed and locally made. It protects the 702Wh battery and enables higher, more efficient battery performance. Together with the lightweight hydroformed aluminium tank frame up have a very strong machine that is one of the coolest looking and best performing ebikes available. Ride on! 

Vintage Electric Scrambler electric bicycle @ Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton

Beautifully appointed features for heavy duty performance 

Beefy offroad features. Heavy duty long lasting performance. Like the Vintage Electric Tracker, the Scrambler comes with the Brooks premium leather saddle, which moulds itself to your shape and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. This is matched to the grips and frame guards for additional comfort and that lovely tactile feel. A beefy front suspension for provides extra comfort and is designed to handle your offroad adventures and the oversized heavy duty moto bars add extra stability for those who prefer a more comfortable upright riding position. 

Vintage Electric Scrambler electric bicycle @ Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton


E-Bike Technology

System Vintage Electric 3,000 watt 3-phase brushless
250W to 750W street legal mode/ 3,000 watt race mode
52V 13.5Ah with estimated pack life 30,000 miles
Range Up to 50km, recharge in 2 hours
Speed 25km/hr in street legal mode; up to 60kms in Race mode
Vintage Electric Scrambler in race mode @ Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton

Bike Specifications

Hydroformed aluminium
All aluminum dual-sport inverted suspension fork
Triple Clamp
CNC machined high grade billet aluminum
Grips and Saddle
Hand crafted leatherwork by Brooks England LTD
Rugged moto bars
Shimano Alfine Hydraulic Disc. 203mm front. 160mm back.
26 inch aluminium, 36 spoke, hand laced and tensioned
Phil Wood CNC machined aluminum front hubs
Schwalbe Black Jack 26x2.25 inch with KevlarGuard
High grade metallic rootbeer powder coat with gold flake graphics
Accessories included Front race plate with integrated LED headlight, Rear LED tail light, Spur cycle bell
Upgrade options Race Mode
Custom options Full bike custom paint, Battery box custom paint

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