The Tech That Makes E-Bikes Tick

An ebike (or electric bike) is a bicycle that has an electric drive system which provides extra pedal power to assist you when you are riding. 

The technology that makes them such a joy to ride is sophisticated and easy to use, and they have surged in popularity over recent years. Read on and learn more about the tech that makes them. 

Anatomy of an E-Bike: Electric Drive Systems

How Do EBikes Work? | Electric Bikes Brisbane

An electric bicycle is 'electric' because it has an electric drive system incorporated into the bicycle. From a user's perspective the key components and generally the components that will be the subject of which ebike you eventually choose are: 

  • The motor - what gives you your extra push. There are two general types (hub-drive and mid-drive) and many different brands available. Generally though you will first need to decide which type you prefer, and then you may have some further choices. For example, if you opt for mid-drive do you prefer Bosch or Shimano?

  • Sensors - important in terms of the ride experience provided. All motors have a speed and cadence sensor and increasingly more have torque sensors. For premium drive systems such as Bosch or Shimano the torque sensor and surrounding tech plays an important role in the smooth and responsive riding feel.

  • Battery - this is your fuel tank. Battery positioning can vary from integrated into the down tube, on the rear rack and down the seat post. The bike pictured below carries two batteries, one in the down tube and one on the rear rack.

  • User Interface - how you, the rider, operate your bike while riding. Every ebike used to come with an external display. These allow you to operate your power levels at minimum, although many provide a wide range of additional functionality such as operating your lights, odometer and walk assist. Increasingly we are seeing ebikes now which are more app-driven though which means they don't have a display and you operate it through your phone. 

How Do EBikes Work? | Electric Bikes Brisbane


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