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Let us help you narrow the options to find your perfect eBike. Complete our EBikeFinder and we'll be in touch.


Let us help you narrow the options to find your perfect eBike. Complete our EBikeFinder and we'll be in touch.
For years, the benefits of electric bikes have been enjoyed by our cousins on the continent but they are a relatively new concept to our shores. eBikes can be many things to many people. Whether a tool for business, a more sustainable way to get around, a way to extend your cycling commute or to simply have fun and get healthier and fitter, there’s an eBike out there for everyone.

Read on to learn about ebikes. Complete our EBikeFinder if you want help narrowing the options. If you know already which bike from our extensive range in stock you want to try then book your test ride.

The Benefits of eBikes

Ride. Save our planet

40x less CO2 emissions for an electric bike vs a car.

Better for the wallet

An ebike is just 20 cents per 100km to 'fill'. A car costs $25+ (and rising).

Travel easier, Beat the blues

Getting 30min of smile inducing exercise a day is easy with an ebike.

Good for your health

Get fitter. The average heart rate of an ebike user is 93% vs a normal bike.
The extra power that ebikes offer makes life so much easier. EBikes can make tackling hills up to 15-25% doable, even fun; Go further with less fatigue and extend your riding. Carry kids and heavy loads with relative ease with most able to take you at least 50km per charge, some can even go up to 250km.

PLUS, they offer extra safety features and are smarter. Ebikes are a perfect - cleaner and healthier - solution for transportation and mobility.

What is an Ebike?

An ebike is a bicycle that has an electric drive system to provide extra pedal power to assist you when you are riding. Hence the terms “pedal-assist” “power-assist” or “pedelec” (a more European term) that you will often hear them referred to as. It is your pedalling that turns that motor on so you still get to cycle, and you have different levels of power you can select to make your cycling as hard or as easy as you want.

Australia adopted the European standards in 2012 and today most e-bikes are pedal-assist with 250W motors. The technology that makes them such a joy to ride is sophisticated and easy to use, hence the surge in popularity of electric bikes over the past few years.

How do EBikes work?

  • An ebike is a bicycle with an electric drive system to provide additional power to assist your own pedal power
  • The drive system includes a motor, battery and a user interface (a display or an app) for you to operate it
  • Once you turn it on you simply need to select which power level you want and start pedalling. Easy
  • Change your power levels as you need while riding, even to 'off' if you want, and just grin when your power makes the hard bits easy and fun

Types of E-Bikes. Which one for you?

Adventure & Touring

EBikes to explore on and offroad. Suitable for touring, bike packing and longer distance commuting.

Cargo & Commercial

Built to safely carry heavier loads such as children, commercial goods or life's everyday necessities.

Commuter and urban

Designed to get your around your city or town faster and conveniently.

Folding & compact

The space savers in the ebike world. Easier to travel with, great for smaller space living.

Mountain & trail

Designed for dirt riding. Ranging from cross country trails to serious downhill.

Road & gravel

Enjoy hills more and keep up with faster riders. Lightweight performance ebikes for road and gravel.

What Features Do You Need?

There are many things to consider when choosing the right ebike. For example: How confident or experienced a rider are you? How far do you plan to ride? What riding position do you prefer?

Choosing which type (above) is the first step. Then you have further choices available such as which motor, battery size, gearing, frame style and size to ensure it fits your budget and is suitable for your circumstances.

Motor strength and feel

There are two types of electric drive system available: hub-drive and mid-drive, and sometimes a number of different motors per manufacturer eg Bosch. Which one to choose will depend on your budget, preferred ride feel and how steep the terrain you intend to ride is.

Range: Battery Size

Your ebike battery is your bike’s fuel tank. As a general rule the bigger your battery capacity the more range (distance) you get. However this adds cost so the question is what size do you really need? Click the ‘Learn More’ link for a guide to help determine this.

Gearing / Groupset

There is a wide variety of gearing and braking systems ("groupsets”) commonly used on ebikes. You can choose between manual or electronic; traditional derailleur gears with chain or internal hub gears which can be paired with a belt drive or chain. If you want to understand more on the pros and cons of each click ‘Learn More’ below.

Frame style and size

The style and size of frame you choose can make a big difference to your comfort and enjoyment. There are three different styles of frame manufactured: crossbar / gents, trapeze / mixte, and step through / wave. The geometry and componentry of the bike influences how relaxed or athletic the ride is.
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