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For years, the benefits of electric bikes have been enjoyed by our cousins on the continent but they are a relatively new concept to our shores. eBikes can be many things to many people. Whether a tool for business, a more sustainable way to get around, a way to extend your cycling commute or to simply have fun and get healthier and fitter, there’s an eBike out there for everyone.
So, what is an eBike, what are the benefits of riding with motor assistance and how do you go about choosing one?

Read on to learn about ebikes. Complete our EBikeFinder if you want help narrowing the options. If you know already which bike from our extensive range in stock you want to try then book your test ride.

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The Benefits of eBikes

Ride. Save our planet

40x less CO2 emissions for an electric bike vs a car.

Better for the wallet

An ebike is just 20 cents per 100km to 'fill'. A car costs $25+ (and rising).

Travel easier, Beat the blues

Getting 30min of smile inducing excercise a day is easy with an ebike.

Good for your health

Get fitter. The average heart rate of an ebike user is 93% vs a normal bike.

The extra power that ebikes offer makes life so much easier. EBikes can make tackling hills up to 15-25% doable, even fun; Go further with less fatigue and extend your riding. Carry kids and heavy loads with relative ease with most able to take you at least 50km per charge, some can even go up to 250km.

PLUS, they offer extra safety features and are smarter. Ebikes are a perfect - cleaner and healthier - solution for transportation and mobility.

What is an Ebike?

An ebike is a bicycle that has an electric drive system to provide extra pedal power to assist you when you are riding. Hence the terms “pedal-assist” “power-assist” or “pedelec” (a more European term) that you will often hear them referred to as. It is your pedalling that turns that motor on so you still get to cycle, and you have different levels of power you can select to make your cycling as hard or as easy as you want.

Australia adopted the European standards in 2012 and today most e-bikes are pedal-assist with 250W motors. The technology that makes them such a joy to ride is sophisticated and easy to use, hence the surge in popularity of electric bikes over the past few years.

How do EBikes work?

  • An ebike is a bicycle with an electric drive system to provide additional power to assist your own pedal power
  • The drive system includes a motor, battery and a user interface (a display or an app) for you to operate it
  • Once you turn it on you simply need to select which power level you want and start pedalling. Easy
  • Change your power levels as you need while riding, even to 'off' if you want, and just grin when your power makes your hard bits easy and fun
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Types of E-Bikes. Which one for you?

Adventure & Touring

EBikes to explore on and offroad. Suitable for touring, bike packing and longer distance commuting.

Cargo & Commercial

Built to safely carry heavier loads such as children, commercial goods or life's everyday necessities.

Commuter and urban

Designed to get your around your city or town faster and conveniently.

Folding & compact

The space savers in the ebike world. Easier to travel with, great for smaller space living.

Mountain & trail

Designed for dirt riding. Ranging from cross country trails to serious downhill.

Road & gravel

Enjoy hills more and keep up with faster riders. Lightweight performance ebikes for road and gravel.

What Features Do You Need?

There are many things to consider when choosing the right ebike. For example: How confident or experienced a rider are you? How far do you plan to ride? What riding position do you prefer?

Choosing which type (above) is the first step. Then you have further choices available such as which motor, battery size, gearing, frame style and size to ensure it fits your budget and is suitable for your circumstances.

Motor strength and feel

There are two types of electric drive system available: hub-drive and mid-drive, and sometimes a number of different motors per manufacturer eg Bosch. Which one to choose will depend on your budget, preferred ride feel and how steep the terrain you intend to ride is.

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Range : Battery Size

Your ebike battery is your bike’s fuel tank. As a general rule the bigger your battery capacity the more range (distance) you get. However this adds cost so the question is what size do you really need? Click the ‘Learn More’ link for a guide to help determine this.

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Gearing / Groupset

There is a wide variety of gearing and braking systems ("groupsets”) commonly used on ebikes. You can choose between manual or electronic; traditional derailleur gears with chain or internal hub gears which can be paired with a belt drive or chain. If you want to understand more on the pros and cons of each click ‘Learn More’ below.

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Frame style and size

The style and size of frame you choose can make a big difference to your comfort and enjoyment. There are three different styles of frame manufactured: crossbar / gents, trapeze / mixte, and step through / wave. The geometry and componentry of the bike influences how relaxed or athletic the ride is.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We typically have anywhere from 200-300 eBikes in stock with many more scheduled to arrive throughout the year. If your bike is currently in stock and requires building it usually takes from 2-5 working days to build from the time of order (or from the time we receive the bike into stock). You will be notified as soon as it is built and can collect anytime from then.

You have the option of ordering any of our products online and collecting them from our store, should you so wish, or you can opt to have it delivered.

Allow 20-30 mins if you wish our staff to run you through the key operations and aftercare.

Yes we can deliver to your home with our EBB Delivery Fleet if you live within our delivery area or if you live further afield we can deliver using a national carrier. See more about Delivery and Shipping here.

There are a number of ways ranging from riding it (what a great way to get acquainted), carrying it on a bike rack, carrying it in or on your car, or getting it delivered / shipped. Check out our blog on How To Transport Your EBike.

Yes we are able to deliver it to you however recommend you try to source from your local bike shop first. If they are unable to supply the bike that you are after we can send your bike to you 95% assembled. For most bikes you will be able to roll your bike out of the box, put your pedals and handlebars on and be ready to start riding. We provide instructions however if you are unsure about any aspect please contact us immediately so we can assist. [Note: there are restrictions on sending some bikes interstate.]

We charge very reasonable rates for personal delivery with our EBB Vans and if you live further away we pass on the shipping costs that we are charged by our freight cos. See more about Delivery and Shipping here.

Generally, transporting the bike to you is at your own risk unless you take steps to insure it.


You can go as fast as you can pedal (or gravity will allow) however Australian Law states that for public road and trail use the motor can help you up to 25km/h.

Just like a normal bicycle you don’t need a license.

If you're wondering how far you can go on a single charge, just know it depends on a variety of factors. We recommend checking out the "up to" range rating listed on the site. This is generally the maximum range possible given favourable conditions including terrain, weather, rider input and more. If you are a power junkie and love riding on higher power levels then as a guide halve the "up to" estimate.
Should you have a Bosch powered eBike, they have a wonderful online tool to calculate your estimated range which you can find here.

Battery life can vary based on usage; however, our general guide is anywhere from 2-5 years.
Each battery has a limited number of 'charge cycles' but often we find this not to be the limitation. The main contributor to shorter life spans is how you look after your battery. Learn more here.

We have all done it at one point or another so don't fret! The bike can still be pedalled without battery assistance – it is designed this way. Just get it back on charge as soon as you can so the battery isn’t left empty for long.

Most of the time, yes! How do you know? Generally, eBike batteries that are removable will have a key slot that otherwise secures the battery into (or onto) the frame. If this is the case, a charge port is usually able to be located on the battery. There are some ebikes now that have batteries built into the frame without the ability to easily remove it and for these ones you will need to take it to an ebike technician to remove it.

Folding bikes are fantastic, particularly for those that require that functionality. This is generally because of their smaller footprint which makes it easier to transport and store. Folding bikes can also be less imposing when you're navigating urban areas, going through shops etc due to their smaller size.
Otherwise, most people prefer a full-sized frame because of their better ride quality and can often be more capable in off road environments.

Simplest rule is "if it feels right, it is." A test ride or sitting on the bike in the shop with knowledgeable staff is a great means for this. Most people will be satisfied by following the manufacturer's guidance which asks how tall you are.
Where this conversation becomes more difficult is on different styles of bike so please check out our guide here. Uneven body proportions and those in less common height ranges can also have a more difficult time. Check out our smaller riders section for assistance here.

Punctures are rare but annoying if they occur. Fortunately there are a couple of things you can do to minimise your chances of getting one.
Firstly, getting your tyre pressures right. Too low and you can run into what's called a pinch flat. In short, this is when the rim perforates the tube because of a hard bump or hit.
Secondly, you can opt for some kind of extra lining either attached to the tyre or inserted separately. This adds an extra layer of protection between the tube and the tyre surface. Puncture resistant or "thorn proof" tubes are also available. Learn more about avoiding punctures and tire care here.

Whilst retrofit kits for Intuvia, SmartphoneHub, Kiox and Nyon are all available it depends on what bike you have.
Proprietary handlebar stems are generally the biggest obstacle to converting your Bosch display. This is because of the incompatibility between the mounting brackets onto your bike. If this is not an issue, we would expect to be able to fit any bosch computer you prefer.
For further advice on your specific bike, please give us a call.

EBikes these days range from 11kg up to about 30kg (for heavy-duty dual battery ones). In general though they will weigh between 20-23kg. The weight of the bike can add to its stability though so be sure to talk to us about any particular needs you have regarding weight as there are lots of options.


Absolutely. Once you have a good idea on which bike or bikes you are most interested in then we recommend a test ride. We carry a large range with 200-300 ebikes in stock at any time so if you complete our eBikeFinder we can assist you with narrowing down the options to the most suitable 2-3 for your requirements. You can Book Your Test Ride here.

We welcome appointments as we can ensure the particular bike is set up and ready for you, and that one of our ebike specialists is available to give you our full attention. You are just as welcome if you prefer to drop in though and we thank you for your patience if we have appointments underway. You can Book Your Test Ride here.

Our head office is located at 26 Douglas St, Milton in Brisbane and we are open Mondays to Saturdays. We can also offer test rides in other locations by appointment. Please visit our contact us page here for directions and for our opening hours.

Our ebike specialists want to put you on the right bike for your requirements and as such you may find yourself trying more than one.

A typical test ride appointment takes about 30-40 minutes with our ebike specialist and can include a test ride anywhere up to 15-20 minutes.

Bikes that are in stock and immediately available, or due into stock within the next 2-3 weeks can be found here.


You can call us to order over the phone, pay in person in the store or order online via our website.

We accept debit cards, credit cards, mobile payments, paypal, electronic bank transfers and cash. We do not accept AmEx instore however you may use AmEx if you purchase through our online store. Our online store also offers shopPay.

Yes we are happy to offer layby for in-stock ebikes for up to 6 weeks.

Placing a deposit will ensure that the bike is held for you. If you change your mind regarding that bike your deposit is transferrable to another bike.

We take huge pride and invest a lot of effort in finding the right eBike for you, and in doing so very rarely find a scenario in which customers are unhappy with their order.
If this should occur though we will happily exchange for a suitable item under certain circumstances. As a policy we do not offer refunds and we encourage you to familiarise yourself with our refunds and returns policy before proceeding with a deposit or purchase.

We understand that you have other options when considering your purchase in today’s competitive marketplace and we’d love to have you as part of Electric Bikes Brisbane. We strive to offer unbeatable service and competitive prices so if you do find something cheaper elsewhere please do get in touch, providing proof of the lower price and we’ll do our best to match it.

Yes we offer 12 month interest-free finance. Learn more here.

Yes. We offer rent and rent-to-buy options. Find out more here.


Yes, we carry a great range of accessories to help you set your bike up to be as useful, reliable and fun as possible. Plus we have learned from years of experience what works to help make it more comfortable and easier to look after and maintain so don’t be shy in asking :D

Panniers and baskets are a great means of transporting bags or your laptop. Just check the sizing of your laptop before selecting which basket/pannier. If you prefer to keep your bike streamlined then backpacks can also work.
We carry a top range of waterproof panniers and have plenty of bags and baskets so can help you get set up just the way you need.

Children from 9 months to 23kg are often able to accompany you on your rides with the range of child seats that we offer. Most child seats will be affixed to the rear rack or seat tube of your bike and generally allow for children up to 23kg.
For children above this weight rating, and for multiple children, please check out our range of cargo bikes . Some can even support a fully grown adult on the back or in the bucket!

Yes and how this works depends on the size of your dog(s). There are front and rear basket options available although most commonly we opt for rear as there are dog-specific features and add-ons available that make your little doggo more secure. Accompany this with a handlebar mirror for you to check on your fluffy companion's big grin!
For larger dogs or multiple dogs we find that the front loader cargo bikes are extremely popular and trailers are a great option too if you prefer to stick with standard ebikes.

Most eBikes in our range support between 110-160kg, some up to 200kg. Ebike manufacturers often quote a carrying capacity which is the limit covered under warranty and this is the weight of the bike in addition to the rider and cargo.

There are many things you can do from slight bike set up adjustments to investing in different or specialist parts and / or accessories. It depends on what’s not comfortable of course but read our guide here for some of the more common ways to make your bike more comfortable.


We offer discounted rates for our EBB Owners Club members (those who have purchased their bikes from us) and these vary depending on the type of service. Pricing and what is included is visible in our service booking engine here.

The answer depends on what you use it for, how often and how hard. However as a guide we recommend the first service within the first 6 months and up to 12 monthly thereafter. One of our best pieces of advice when it comes to maintenance and servicing is to “keep up not catch up”. See the types of services we offer here.

Whether you’re local to us or you live far away, we will provide support to you for anything you purchase from us. Much of what needs servicing regularly though is normal bike stuff and a good local mechanic should be able to take care of you if you can’t get to us.

Yes we offer a trade in program. Find out more here.


If you buy an ebike from us you automatically qualify as a member of our EBB Owners Club. This gives you access to better rates on servicing your ebike as well as the chance to join our famous EBB Owners Club rides.

You will save $40-$50 each service as an EBB Owner and for urgent and emergency work we offer our EBB Owners the option to jump the queue so we can get you back on the road faster.

Yes our standard Sunday morning rides are free of charge (although we recommend bring along some cash for the coffee stop :D )

These rides are exclusively for our customers, our EBB Owners, and we aim to have one every couple of months. Sometimes more sometimes less depending on seasons and weather. There is something for everyone – shop-based rides as well as more adventurous exploratory rides so come along if you want to meet some like-minded people and try out some new ride routes. See our events schedule here.


Absolutely you can! It's worth considering what you're trying to insure against. Is it just theft and accidental damage, or are you thinking about liability as well?
Most customers will assess their needs and double check the terms of their home and contents insurance. Otherwise, bike specific insurance companies and cycling memberships can help you with 1st and 3rd party insurance.

A good lock can go a long way, but which lock should you choose? Rear wheel locks stop your bike for being ridden away but it can still be picked up and carried. A lock that affixes the bike through the frame to something big and heavy helps resolve this.
The other thing to consider is where your bike being kept? The more secure the better obviously. Alarm locks are effective in high foot traffic areas but less so in underground basements. For those circumstances where you're away from your bike for longer periods, we recommend investing in a more robust lock with a high security rating.

For certain brands there are protective covers available. We usually carry these in stock so just let us know you want one.

For many brands the displays are not able to be removed from the bike which provides security. For the Bosch displays that can be removed eg. Nyon, Kiox we carry a range of transport protection covers such as this Kiox one.