Trade In Your Old Electric Bike For A New EBike

Trade in your electric bike at Electric Bikes Brisbane

Looking to upgrade your electric bike? There are some fantastic new ebikes available this year. If you are keen to trade up to a new model and it meets our eligibility criteria, then think about trading it in for a new one at Electric Bikes Brisbane. Read on for how it works.

What is a 'trade-in'? 

Trading in has been around for years and is a common method of sale in the automotive and motorbike industries in particular. Electric Bikes Brisbane now also offers the ability to trade in electric bikes. 

Trading-in is where you offer your current electric bike as part payment in exchange for buying a new electric bike. 

Why Trade In? 

Trading in reduces the amount of money you need to outlay for your new ebike. It is easy and quick and a convenient way to recycle your old ebike. 

If you have limited room and don't want the hassle of advertising privately and then dealing with multiple potential buyers yourself, trading in is a good way to go. You may not get as much for your old ebike in a trade in but you save yourself lots of time and hassle and someone else will get the benefit of a quality pre-loved e-bike that is EBB-Approved.  

How Does Trading In Work?

Trading in your old ebike for a new one at Electric Bikes Brisbane is a simple three-step process, outlined below. 

Trade in your old electric bike for a new electric bike at EBB

Step 1: Online application form

Step 1 is to complete our online trade-in application form. This provides us with your details and some information on the bike you wish to trade in so we can do an initial *eligibility assessment. 

EBB Trade-In Application Form

*In general, to be eligible you must...

  • Be the original owner and be able to show proof of purchase
  • Have the approved charger, keys and manual(s) 
  • Your bike must be an electric bike
  • Your ebike has an electric drive system that we are able to do a software diagnosis on (eg. Bosch, Shimano, Impulse, GoCycle...)
  • Your ebike is in good working order and condition and less than three years old

Step 2: Bike Assessment and Valuation

Trade In Electric Bike Gets Assessed and Tested at Our Service Centre

Once we receive your application form, and assuming your ebike is eligible for trading in, we arrange an appointment for you to bring it in for testing and inspection.

What you need to bring to your appointment - if bike purchased elsewhere

If you have purchased your bike elsewhere, please bring the following when you bring your bike in for your appointment:

  • Proof of original purchase
  • ID check documents - drivers license or passport plus two additional documents that verify your current residential address. We are required to provide these to the police for checks against the stolen goods registry.

Once police checks are confirmed clear and we have assessed your ebike then we are good to go. We then agree the deal for trading in your old bike for your new one and get things underway to get your new electric bike ready for you.

Step 3: Collect Your New E-Bike 

The best part - collect your new e-bike from us!

A fresh start for your riding and transport. 

Trade In Your Old Electric Bike For A New E-Bike

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