5 Star Customer Service Promise

We’ve been on the customer side of bike ownership for nearly 3 decades, and have experienced the great, and sometimes not so great service from bike shops from around the world.

Buying and owning an electric bike is a big decision and we believe our 5 Star Customer Service Promise will give you peace of mind and the best possible ownership experience.

1. Three easy steps to your perfect electric bike

Step 1: Give us a call on 1300 553 110

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing an electric bike. We can help you save time narrowing down your choices (front vs rear drive, direct drive vs geared drive, battery voltages, watt hours, charge and discharge rates, conversion kit vs dedicated bike, pedelec vs ebike). Add to that frame and component choices and it can be a lot to get your head around.

It could be that an electric bike isn’t the right option for you, or that we don’t have a solution that will suit your needs. If that’s the case we’ll do our best to refer you to another bike shop or supplier that can help.

Step 2: Book in a time for a test ride

We guarantee that you will receive one-to-one attention, that the bike you want to test is available for you to try, and that you have the time and the space to try it out in a safe and traffic free environment.

Step 3: Try before you buy

We recognise that sometimes you need more time to make up your mind, or maybe you’ve got a particular route or hill that you want to try your prospective purchase on. If that‘s the case you can take advantage of our 24-hour test ride to help you make up your mind1.

2. Complementary courtesy bikes available to our commuter customers

Commuting on an electric bike can significantly reduce your door-to-door journey times, save money on parking and tolls and reduce your fuel cost to as little as $20 per year. We know what it feels like to be without your trusty steed. That’s why when you buy one of our commuter range bikes you qualify for a free courtesy bike when yours is in our workshop for its routine service.

3. Fixed price servicing and repairs

There’s nothing worse than getting a surprise repair bill that’s much higher than you expected. That’s why all of our servicing and repairs are carried out at a fixed price.

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We also promise that we will only replace your wear and tear parts with their equivalent specification and priced replacements. If by chance we only have a higher specification part in stock we will fit this instead to get you back on the road as quickly as possible at our cost not yours.

4. Proactive and preventative maintenance and safety checks

In the same way that a car manufacturer carries out routine servicing and safety checks at particular point in your car’s life, we do the same with all of our electric bikes. That way you can always be certain that your bike is in tip-top condition, working at its optimum efficiency and avoid costly repairs that can result from an ad-hoc approach.

5. Buy back and trade in plan

We only stock high quality products that have a proven track record for reliability and longevity so we are more than happy to buy back your electric bike or trade it against a newer model when the time comes to upgrade.

We are also researching the possibility of an electric bike re-cycling scheme where we donate or make electric bikes and relevant components available to third world countries, disadvantaged individuals, and charities. If you know of a worthy cause please let us know via our Contact Page.

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