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"I purchased a Moustache Samedi MTB from the team at Electric Bikes Brisbane and found every part of the experience fantastic. The team talked me through numerous options and their pro's and con's, allowing me to choose a bike I absolutely love riding. Any questions and concerns post sales have been solved immediately by the maintenance crew who could easily be mistaken for a formula one pit crew with their responsiveness, knowledge and sheer efficiency. I guess the best endorsement I could give of this team is that I am now buying my second bike just 3 months after my can never have too many bikes! Happy to answer any questions you might have about my experience. But I think I have made it quite clear I am a massive fan and recommend this team for any needs you have in this space!"

-- Jason who bought a Moustache Samedi and a Haibike AllMtn

"I have been to a lot of E Bike shops and in my opinion this is the best. Great range of good quality bikes, Staff know their products and are very helpful. I travelled over 600 km to purchase my bike from here and was definitely worth the drive. I walked in to ask the staff a few questions about their bikes. Went for a test ride and I was sold on the first steep incline I road up. It made riding so much fun. Now I am an owner of a mid-drive mountain bike and having a great time getting back into shape after injury."

-- Michael who bought a Lapierre

"Just picked my bike up after a service. All the rattles gone! It rode beautifully on the way home. Plus the charge was pretty reasonable for what they had to do. Thanks!"

-- Stephen

"These guys rock. Had an unfortunate warranty claim and these guys went above and beyond to get it sorted. So glad I bought from these guys as they really know what they are doing."

-- Andrew

"Just a few words to congratulate you on repairing my bike. Your technical knowledge and ability to diagnose problems with my bike was excellent. The company I purchased the bike from spent over 12 months trying to fix the problem but never could. I have been riding the bike for over 50 kilometers now and there are no more noises coming from the electric assist motor. It's all good thanks to the team at Electric Bikes Brisbane."

-- Barry

"Picked up an Earth T-Rex 29er from these guys a month or so ago. Best money i’ve spent in a long time. Great customer service, explained all things electric bikes to help me to a decision. I’m using it daily as a commuter, but it is just a fun bike to ride in general, really makes you want to get outside. My biggest regret, not buying one sooner."

-- Jason who bought an Earth T-Rex 29er

"I bought a 2016 Haibike Xduro AllMtn RC and it's the most amazing bike I've ever ridden. The staff are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable."

-- Guy who bought an Haibike AllMtn RC

"Thank you so much EBB for the fantastic service you have given. Ian and I love our new electric bikes. It has made riding so much more fun for me as now I can keep up with Ian and ride longer distances. Will definitely be recommending your store to all our friends."

-- Yvonne who bought an Earth Prime Ui5

"Wonderful, friendly and helpful staff, very reasonable prices."

-- Maggie

"As an 84 yr old veteran rider I was having trouble keeping up with our Sunday Ride Peleton. I had to decide whether to settle for the rocking chair or (horror!) get an electric bike. The latter won and I now have an SmartMotion Essence and the Peleton now have trouble keeping up with me!"

-- Roy who bought a SmartMotion Essence

"I have owned a 29er for just on 18 months now and I am just as happy now as the first week I started riding it. I will admit I have had a couple of small problems but they quickly fixed by the friendly team and I can't rate their after sales service highly enough. I ride to work now 4 days a week and refuel my car on a monthly bases. Parking is no longer an issue and I arrive at work warmed up but not sweaty. Money well spent."

-- Peter who bought a BH Emotion Revo 29er

"I couldn't be happier with my new Haibike AllMountain RC, or the service that led to its purchase. The e-MTB scene was very new to me when I started looking around, and the team were so helpful, thorough and patient in addressing all my (many!) queries. Result? One extremely happy customer and a bike that's clocked up the kms very rapidly. After close to a couple of years of feeling ho-hum about getting out there, I now can't wait for my next ride. Thanks guys!"

-- Johanna who bought a Haibike XDURO AllMtn RC

"I have now experienced the whole process, from sales to service and repair so I can pretty much comment on the whole package and I must say that the customer attention has been highly professional, very friendly and greatly appreciated. Thanks!"

-- Lindsay who bought a SmartMotion

"I'm not the easiest guy to sell something expensive to, and spent a whole half day riding almost every bike in the shop. The guys at EBB were super accommodating and when they could see I was keen on a Gepida Asgard, which was outside my budget, they bent over backwards to give me a great deal. Servicing and after-sale support is top notch, and I'm confident I made the right choice of bike, and of seller."

-- Darren who bought a Gepida Asgard

"Took one of my electric bikes in to be repaired & serviced even though I did not buy this one from them (an eZee GTS Sprint). Was really keen to get it fixed asap & Nick emailed me to bring it in straight away, which I did. Alex did a great job with the fault finding, repair & servicing of the bike. Came back running & looking like new (got a clean too). Even though I live a long way from them, I will use them again for servicing & future purchases."

-- Adrian

"Well I test rode the Haibike XDURO AllMtn RC and bought it a week ago last Saturday. I rode it in Bunya yesterday. It's certainly lower geared and more torque than my old Gepida Ruga (Classic+). I rode up "I hate this hill" in 1 gear higher than the Ruga - great stuff! It's just what I needed and the 150mm suspension is fantastic. I love it."

-- Peter who bought a Haibike XDURO AllMtn RC

"Just wanted to tell you how much I am loving my new electric bike. Thanks for making the whole buying experience a good one. Even though it was on the lower end of the price scale in your range, all the team were so helpful in getting me the best bang for my buck while still respecting my budget limits.

I test rode several bikes and decided a snazzy red Freego Eagle had my name on it. I have to say it has exceeded my expectations and zips along even with 8 bottles of mineral water in the panniers. I would only ride my normal bike about 2-3 times a year due to sore knees (ok and a bit of laziness) but I can't wait to get on my Freego and head to the shops etc whenever I get an opportunity.

When I picked up the bike your mechanic made sure I knew how everything worked. It's very useful having a full-time electric bike mechanic at the same shop you buy your bike from, what a good idea. Your shop is the full package and I'm recommending you to everyone!"

-- Mandy who bought a Freego Eagle

"I just wanted to thank all of you for your outstanding customer service. The speed and efficiency in which you dealt with the problem on my bike was truly outstanding and well exceeded my expectations.

Eurocycles for the speed in which they processed the warranty claim with no quibbles and Electric Bikes Brisbane for handling the whole process ,communicating with me at all times ,and rebuilding my bike in less than a day when they received the parts!!!!!!!

The lengths you went to were nothing short of extraordinary and you have a very grateful and loyal customer."

-- David who bought a Gepida Asgard

"We purchased a couple of BH Emotion bikes from you a couple of weeks ago. The performance of them is quite staggering to say the least. I’ve found that I can ride in hilly country for about 60km with an average speed of around 29kph and use only about 35% of the battery. Happy days."

-- Tony who bought a BH Emotion Evo Cross

"I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful service in the purchase of our bikes. After purchasing the Evo Jet and having such fun on hilly roads, leaving my husband way in my wake, I surmised it wouldn't be long before he saw the light. One week! He is now equally enjoying his Evo Cross and expecting me to harden up for longer rides! The battery life is amazing, which is no doubt due to the awesome way they cruise with no assist so easily. The car is now a more permanent fixture in the garage for short range trips to work / meetings etc. Holidays take on a new dimension."

-- Lisa who bought a BH Emotion Evo Jet

"The wonderful people at Electric Bikes Brisbane are a friendly bunch and full of good advice and assistance if you need it. Definitely go and have a visit. They have a good assortment of bikes at various prices (I wish I saw the “kids limousine” when I had my toddlers around!!). If you calculate the numbers (costing of running a car for the little things in life and the diminishing amount of time for exercise in our busy lives), you’ll definitely see the benefits of owning an ebike. And most important - think about our environment/your kids world, and what all of that motor traffic is doing to it…"

-- Stephanie who bought an A2B Kuo+

"Ok, I'll admit that I'm a very picky shopper plus I NEVER write reviews. But one of the best service experiences of my life deserves my first ever review. I went to EBB thinking I wanted a specific model of electric bike having read up about them. Before I went I phoned and let the team know what was important to me and my height etc. When I got there a selection of suitable bikes was waiting for me and I was given clear explanations of the features and benefits of each one. Not once was I 'sold to' and the team couldn't have been more helpful. I ended up buying a different bike to the one I planned and could not be happier. Every day I ride my Gazelle Fuente I proclaim to my husband what a fantastic decision it was. As an experienced commuting cyclist I wasn't sure about an electric at all, was it copping out in the heat and humidity? - ABSOLUTELY NOT! It was one of the best decisions of my life. It's my main form of transport, is super speedy, flattens hills and can even be ridden in a skirt suit. When I meet people in town I'm usually the fastest there no matter what mode of transport they've chosen AND I park right outside the venue. When I unluckily got a puncture on the way home from the store, the EBB team even came out and swapped out the inner tube for me! Amazing service. To the team at EBB, thanks again for a fantastic shopping experience. To anyone reading this and thinking about an electric bike - Go and try them. Hopefully you'll love it just as much as I do."

-- Deborah who bought a Gazelle Fuente

"Hi Sam, Hi Nick. Just a short note to let you know how happy we are with our bikes. Because Toowoomba is so hilly we used to avoid the steepest and longest uphill sections in our city but with our electric bikes nothing is out of reach now! Our grandson loves it too, there is hardly any playground we haven't visited."

-- Reiner & Wendy Arndt who bought eZee Sprint and Sprint GTS

"Hi Sam and Nick. Just to say the bike rode a treat. It's done 800kms and powered up the hills better than expected with ease. Managing around 130 - 150kms out of the battery in the economy mode. So ..Very happy with it."

-- Brendan who bought a Gazelle Fuente

"Truly it is such a pleasure to ride the bike. Just for pleasure. It's more than exercise or transport it is quite simply such a pleasure to just go for a pedal. Great relaxation. As transport it is good, as exercise it is good, but simply to ride for pleasure makes it one fantastic bike. I just jump on it and go for a ride to enjoy myself. No chance of doing that on any other bike we have had or have now."

-- Johanna who bought a Lombardo Montecatini

"I have recently purchased a Gazelle Fuente and couldn't be happier. The service I received from Electric Bikes Brisbane was phenomenal! I had the opportunity to take the bike on a long test-ride including up one of the steepest hills in Brisbane. All my questions were answered professionally & honestly (including pros & cons of the various models I was interested in for my intended purpose). The bike I have ended up with is AMAZING - the steepest of hills are a breeze! Having shopped around I can whole-heartedly say that I am very happy that I have purchased my bike from Electric Bikes Brisbane - not only were Nick & Sam extra-ordinarily helpful, they delivered the bike with additional fixtures already installed saving me both time & money! There is no feeling quite like being able to relax & enjoy the feeling of the breeze against my face as I power down AND UP the hills of Brisbane! Nick & Sam clearly love cycling and have a passion for customer service that is a rarity nowadays - many thanks!"

-- Ellen who bought a Gazelle Fuente

"Hi Sam. Just a note to let you know that since you delivered my Smartmotion eCity e-Bike last week I have had three opportunities to take it out for short runs on nearby cycle paths and local low traffic roads. So far the eCity has met my expectations. Although I'm 190 cm tall and weigh 97 Kg it fits me well and is easy to ride. I was impressed by the ease of pedaling without motor assistance on level ground, but I tend to have the pedelec electric drive available most of the time, due to health reasons. I can ride up inclines effortlessly which were difficult, and now unwise to tackle, on my previous 10 speed bicycle. Thanks again for your advice and assistance in arranging sufficient test rides so that I could make the right decision."

-- Milton Rennie who bought a SmartMotion eCity

"The average speed, from home to work, between my BH e-bike & my motorcycle is almost the same for my morning commute during peak hour. A 27km trip in to work averaging 26km/hr on the BH e-bike and 27km/hr on the motorcycle. This e-bike rocks."

-- Tuan Nguyen who bought a BH Emotion Evo Diamond

"Hi EBB, LOVE my Gazelle. 34 minutes from RBWH to Chelmer. Normally it's 40. Just used Turbo for one area and got up my terrible short steep hill at 9km sitting down. That is a killer on a normal bike. Looking forward to commuting now. "

-- Pat Foley who bought a Gazelle Orange C7+

"I did a lot of research on the internet when I decided to commit to an e-bike. After looking at a whole bunch of different sites from dodgy storage container dealers to bike shops in Melbourne offering all manner of incentives to Brisbane buyers, I soon realized I needed aftermarket support and service as well, and Melbourne is a wee bit too far away (and they don't stock Wisper - I diverge...) so I wanted to buy local. And in my view Electric Bikes Brisbane was the only choice. The rest looked like they mainly sold traditional bikes or were the dodgy dealers I mentioned earlier ( opinion based solely on websites ) where as EBB only stocked e-bikes.

So I had found a dealer - now what bike to choose? After reading the sales pitch on all the bikes in my price range I decided that the Wisper 905 Classic needed some more research so back to Google I go reading up on all the reviews I could find. All of which reinforced what EBB had stated on there site. So not only was the Wisper 905 Classic the best looking bike on offer, in my view it was the best priced bike in the country especially considering its German build quality and its great big whopping battery. I wanted one! The only thing I didn't know was whether a 250W motor was really any good, and the only way to find out was to go and try. So after work one Friday morning I walk into the Electric Bikes Brisbane showroom for a go... After a 30 second test I new I wanted it and I was not leaving without it! I think Nick was quite shocked with that but I was adamant I was not leaving empty handed. So after haggling on price of bike and a few extras I rode it home that day with an "electric grin" from ear to ear and ever since I have taken any and every opportunity to go for a ride.

I love my Wisper..."

-- Andrew Peterson who bought a Wisper 905

"Lovely smooth power delivery with exactly the same gear selection thinking as normal bike without worrying about the flaming front rings. The thumb operated power switch is spot on. The grip from the tyres is effortless."

-- Greg Yeowart who bought a Gepida Ruga 1000 29er

"Purchased the BH Neo Carbon and haven't looked back. Just clocked up my first 1000km's on commute to the City this morning which is $1000 saved in parking and petrol! Nick's service and attention to detail has made the entire experience a pleasure, down to giving me a part off his own bike when I needed it in a hurry. Delivered free of charge and without question."

-- Marty Wood who bought a BH Emotion Neo Carbon

"I'm a novice rider - virtually never driven before and not familiar with bikes generally. I went searching for an e-bike to use as an alternative to driving the hood. EBB were fantastic. They've got a large area to test the bike and a reasonable area to test in all conditions if you choose - flat, hills etc. Sam was very helpful with the selection of the bike. Tried quite a few. I'm really pleased that they have a workshop on site and pick-up and drop off, if needed. Before EBB I tried web-based sources which were operating out of a storage shed, were cheap and useless for test driving and also other locations that had limited test driving capacity. Their near city north-side location just off one of the main arterials is a perfect location - you could catch a train to get there. Perfect for me."

-- Dennis Williams who bought an eZee Sprint

"I bought an AVE XH5, my second e-bike purchase from Electric Bikes Brisbane, and I reckon it's one of the best purchases I've ever made. I've always enjoyed riding to work but thought it was a drag having to shower after and carry a fresh set of clothes. Now I roll up on my AVE in my work clothes which saves me at least half an hour a day. And I don't need to worry if I've forgotten my shoes or towel ... or worse, undies. Apart from the practicalities, I find riding the AVE XH5 quite intoxicating. I swear it makes me smile every time I ride it especially when I go up hills. It's definitely sporty which is what I was after. Thanks to Nick at Electric Bikes Brisbane for helping me choose the right bike. He really knows his stuff and it was good to know he's an avid cyclist himself and not just a sales guy. I would highly recommend Electric Bikes Brisbane to anyone looking to buy an e-bike. They get two thumbs way up from me."

-- Helen Leong who bought an AVE XH5 ... upgraded from Pedego Step-Thru Cruiser

"I've taken delivery of a beautiful Riese and Müller e-bike in June and I couldn't be happier. "Big Red" can be spotted in many parts of Brisbane as I make excuses to ride to wherever I can. I'm not a sweaty, lycra wearing crazy :) but I love the fresh air and traffic/hill beating experience the R&M has given me. Instead of finding a reason to not ride, I am finding many TO ride. Nick has delivered with style and despite the fact that the R&M does not need servicing has made sure I'm happy and secure in my purchase. His groovy little shop has a great spot to try out bikes safely and is patient about making sure you choose the right bike for you. Now off for another ride."

-- Helen Parlevliet who bought a special order Riese and Müller Culture Hybrid

"Got myself a BH Neo Race a month ago for a very special birthday present from my husband - wow what a machine! Having just moved to Brisbane northside, the hills were very daunting, and my usual daily commute to the city was looking grim - the Neo makes the ride so much easier than my old bike and heaps of FUN! I can't wait to go to work each morning as it means I get to ride my sporty new machine. Nick at EBB has given me some great advice and has helped set me up on the bike for comfort. Great service, and a fabulous bike - if you think electric/pedal assist bikes are boring - take a look at the Neo range at Electric Bikes Brisbane."

-- Rel O'Keefe who bought a BH Emotion Neo Race

"I purchased an electric bike a little over a week ago from Electric Bikes Brisbane. My Spanish-made BH NEO Easy Motion bike is nothing short of sensational. I've allowed a week to pass to consider making comment on this product and I am liking it better every day. It has to be the perfect combination of exercise and pure pleasure, with the pedal assist mode for the electric motor an ideal way to deal with hills while still allowing "normal" cycling. In fact I reckon I've only used the assist modes between 10-15% of the time in the saddle. Having it available whenever required and for those nasty inclines is fabulous. Of course there are those who consider this type of bike to be "cheating" - my advice is try one and see what you think, guarantee you'll change your mind. The service and advice from Nick Willis at Electric Bikes Brisbane has been first class. I've purchased some after market accessories, such as a Thule Pack n Pedal rack and Tote Bag Side Pannier and a Selle Royal saddle (standard saddle a little too hard for me) and am well set up for all my cycling needs. This is the best thing I've done in many years and I don't see my enthusiasm waning any time soon. Thanks again to Nick and his team for their fantastic service and support."

-- Peter Laing who bought a BH Emotion Neo Cross

"Last week I purchased a BH Neo Carbon and it's just a superb bike. Great service too from Nick!"

-- Ian Were who bought a BH Emotion Neo Carbon

"The electric bike is a commuter’s dream come true. On any day, I get to work 10 to 15 minutes faster than I used to on a conventional bicycle and I have had a good workout. As you pointed out to me, it is the constant speed, not the top speed, that provides the advantage. This is particularly so along the Western Freeway where I make up most of my time. The 29’er was also a good choice as an all round bicycle and is very comfortable."

-- Jim who bought a BH Emotion Neo 29er

"I did 50 km on the Ruga on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, still had 50km range left with power set to Sport. I rode most of the firetrails on the northern side of Jinker Track in Bunya and some singletracks and rode up "I hate this hill" all no problem at all without standing up and just sitting on the nose of the seat, all in a couple hours without having significant rest stops. I will be trying out Daisy Hill this coming Sunday but I'm now sure it will do it no worries at all."

-- Peter Brownsdon who bought a Gepida Ruga

"I just did my first ride to work. Top of Annerley Road in Annerley to Park Road Milton. 17 minutes. I am so thrilled with this bike. It was effortless in one way (no major sweating) but did feel like a work out. I also worked out that I will save about 200 Km a week in the car. Thanks again for your help."

-- Jason McGowan who bought an eZee Sprint GTS

"I spent an hour test riding different e-bikes at EBB. Nick was so helpful. Best purchase I've made in ages. I'm saving $15 a day on parking and I just love riding it. Who knew commuting to work could be so fun."

-- Helen Leong who bought a Pedego Step-Thru Cruiser
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