One less car: Chris and his e-bike beating the gridlock blues

Chris and his Earth electiric bike

Our customers have many reasons for getting an electric bike and we hear some wonderful stories. After some pretty impressive odometer readings in just 18 months we decided to find out a bit more about Chris' e-bike story.

We're so glad we did. This is a story of joy, progressive thinking and action; and it is a great example of how a liveable, sustainable city is possible without huge cost or effort, should each of us choose.   

[EBB] Hi Chris, What was it that first got you interested in e-bikes 18 months ago?

[Chris]: I drive to work from Chapel Hill. I was sick of driving (crawling) 50km per day in peak hour traffic and had read about e-bikes as an alternative. I heard of your opening / relocation sale and purchased my first ebike for $2,250.

Initially, I intended to replace 2 car trips per week with an easy e-bike commute but enjoyed it so much I decided to ride every day. Soon after, we sold our second car.

"Soon after, we sold our second car.

My ride is as fast(!) as the car trip and with savings on car rego, insurance, fuel and services, I could buy a new e-bike every 7 months (yep)."

Has having an e-bike lived up to your expectation? 

Yes and then some!! It’s so refreshing – I ride along beautiful paths by bushland, creeks, the River. Peak hour is now greenery and birdsong, smiles and chats with other bike riders and pedestrians. It was even enough to get me writing poetry!

I choose my power setting - from extreme laziness to gentle exercise - get a healthy workout and feel more vital at work than when I drove. I shower and dress at home and simply change into business slacks once I reach the office.

"I'm impervious to the gridlock...It costs me under 10 cents a day to travel 50km"

I’m impervious to gridlock. On the most congested days on the roads, I still get to work in exactly the same time! There’s no departure schedule - unlike for public transport. It costs me under 10 cents per day to travel 50km.

What do you think Brisbane is capable of in terms of sustainable/ eco-transport? What’s your ‘dream’?

"My dream? A liveable, sustainable future for my young son."

The reality is tough with paradigm changes in transport. Car use must reduce, but public transport will be frequent, convenient and free. Excellent active transport options will link to buses and trains.

Electric bikes, with continued advances in batteries, will carry average commuters between home and major transport nodes or indeed take them all the way to their destination on two wheels - on safe paths in a well-treed city with clean air.

What’s your advice or suggestion to those out there who are still not sure about e-bikes? 

You need absolutely no fitness level to ride an e-bike - the steepest hills are a breeze. Definitely, satisfy your curiosity with a test ride. Definitely. Have a glimpse into the future!

Any tips for those thinking about getting one? 

Know what you are looking for but ask lots of questions of staff in the e-bike shop.

Consider if you want comfort or performance. How far are you going and what will you be carrying? There’re now so many options and brands, so you’re spoiled for choice.

“Step through” models are great for riding in your work slacks – crossbars are not macho in the 21st Century, boys.

18 months down the track, what are your tips for owning one? 

My best tip is getting puncture-resistant tyres. I used to get punctures every 2,000km or so. Now, with puncture-resistant tyres, I haven’t had one for a year (about 10,000km). Hydraulic brakes are best on e-bikes for better stopping and less maintenance.

Thanks for sharing your story, Chris. 

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Chris and his Earth electric bike