Boost Your
Eco Cred
Unbeatable Business
Perfect For Last Mile and Local Transportation

Save 60% or more on
vehicle costs

Carry up to 220kg / 465L. Slash parking and storage costs.
< 15c to ‘re-fuel’. No license required.

Increase productivity and watch
your bottom line grow

Do more deliveries, visit more clients, get to
meetings faster. 4x pedal assistance.

Increase your brand visibility

Bike signage and wrapping services available.

Do good while doing well

With zero-emissions transport. Carbon footprint is 200x
less than an electric car.

A Healthier and Happier Workplace

Low-impact light exercise while working. Less sick days.
A more enjoyable workplace.

Pay as little as

Per Week

Are you

Tax and Cost Effective

Business-Ready EBikes from EBB

EBB helps businesses and organisations take their operational capabilities to the next level
through the use of especially selected electric bikes.
We have curated a fine selection of eCargo and business-ready ebikes from around the globe
and pair it with industry leading after-care to offer the best possible solution for businesses.
Fleet and customisation services available. Also full maintenance and onsite service packages.
Let Us Help Choose <br> the Best Ebikes for <br> the Job

Let Us Help Choose
the Best Ebikes for
the Job

Find out More on our <br> Fleet Customisation and <br>Service Support Options

Find out More on our
Fleet Customisation and
Service Support Options

Clients Reviews

Simon Mitchell
BNE Messengers - Bike Couriers
Going electric has extended our reach
We now service an extra suburb because we don't get as tired pedalling and can take more direct routes when fully loaded such as using the steeper bridges. Our clients love our service because we are consistently quicker and more reliable than other logistics services; it's a better quality of service
Nirvana Pilkington
Yoga Instructor & Coach
Travelling to classes is easier & revitalising
For my city classes I save a heap of money on parking and it is just super convenient to ride, rather than drive. Parking was such a big hassle! Riding is also really great from a mental health perspective. I'm outdoors noticing nature and its my time and place to process things.
District Manager
QLD Government Department
EBikes help our teams be more effective and engaged
EBikes help us respond in a timely way that we couldn’t before. Staff are more engaged and positive as a team after they use them and appreciate a new tool to be more effective in carrying out their role. The EBikes have led to a different (positive) style of engagement with our stakeholders too.

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