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Our Mission. A Revolution

Founded in 2013 by Nick and Samantha Willis, Electric Bikes Brisbane transcends what you expect of a conventional bike shop.

We are a purpose-driven, multi-faceted organisation on a mission to revolutionise the way people move themselves in their daily home and work lives. Striving for healthier, happier and freer-moving communities.

Our commitment extends beyond providing exceptional eBikes and service — we are advocates for change. By fostering education about eBikes and championing the supply and support of top quality, long-lasting electric bikes, we aim to redefine transportation possibilities. For individuals; families; businesses; organisations.

We aren't here for the quick sell. We sell the right bike, optimised for you and your needs. By buying from us you benefit from the stringent standards that we expect of our products and of ourselves, to ensure you enjoy long term use.

Our Range. Carefully Chosen to Uphold High Standards

Our Partners. Proven, Responsible, Leading Brands

We carry a large range of brands and most of our brands have been our partners for nearly ten years. In an industry booming with options, we know from experience that they are as committed as we are to long-lasting quality and customer satisfaction, and to driving change.

Furthermore our cornerstone brands actively pursue responsible manufacturing practices and have been instrumental in the development of the technology and design that is leading the industry.

Choice. Opportunity For Your Perfect EBike

Our range is deliberately broad. We aim to offer at least 2 to 3 top options across each category, style and at different budget ranges. This provides choice; the opportunity to find your perfect ebike with the comfort of knowing we have done the hard yards ensuring each ebike meets our high standards.

Our Standards. Committed to Ongoing Quality

Our selection process is ongoing. It is strongly driven by real-world performance and invaluable feedback from our customers. Should any aspect - from components, build quality, to manufacturer support - fall short then we unapologetically will remove the bike or the brand from our range.

Our priority in every instance is that you, our customer, is supported throughout your journey with our 5 Star Customer Service Promise and our hope is that your delight and joy will ignite others to make the change.

Our mission: help you find an electric bike that will provide you with thousands of trouble-free, fun, cost-effective and low-emission kilometres!

Why Electric Bikes Brisbane

Established 2013
Australia’s #1 eBike Specialist
Professional Experienced Team
Wide Selection of Brands
Enviro & Socially Responsible
#1 For Customer Service & Support

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