EBikes are Happiness Machines: It's Official!

June 24, 2020

EBikes are Happiness Machines: 2020 EBike Survey Electric Bikes Brisbane

It’s official, eBikes are happiness machines. Ebikes outperform some of the world’s biggest brands when it comes to customer satisfaction according to our 2020 EBike Ownership Survey. Read why. 

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Electric Bikes Brisbane 2020 eBike Survey | Winners

June 23, 2020

EBike Survey Winners 2020 | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Congratulations to the following lucky winners of our 2020 EBike Survey. As well as completing the survey they submitted some great stories and photographs showing why one of the key findings is that ebikes are happiness machines. 

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The GoCycle EBike Platform and Key Model Differences

May 18, 2020

The key differences between the GoCycle ebike models

Electric Bikes Brisbane has proudly been the #1 GoCycle sales and service centre since 2014. One of the most innovative and advanced electric bike brands available, GoCycle have recently released a number of new models. Here is an overview of the key differences between them. 

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Fun While In Isolation: Dieter & Fiona

May 17, 2020

Fun while in isolation with ebikes

Fiona and Dieter own ebikes and one day Dieter very kindly sent us some video of him taking his 25kg pooch, June, for a ride. Well, before you know it we decided it would be entertaining to do a ‘You Can’t Ask That’ style video. Some fun at home in isolation. Enjoy. Found out why Bunnings is a top destination ride and how ebikes have helped make life in isolation fun.

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Benefits of an Electric bike vs a Push bike

May 08, 2020

So you want to get cycling again and have heard about these cool things called electric bikes (or ebikes as they are also referred to as). Sure, you can dust off your old clunker or get yourself a $300 pushie but if you are still ‘thinking about it’ something’s holding you back, right? 

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Can you outlast the battery range of the Orbea Gain ebike?

February 21, 2020

Michael with his Orbea Gain F30 ebike

Michael rides an Orbea Gain F30 for his 65km commute. He shares his stats on how his ebike vs non-ebike commute compares (Hint: its not what you think). When we asked about battery range, the most common question with road ebikes, his response leaves you in no doubt there's plenty in the tank. 

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Is the Instinct Powerplay the best eMTB of 2020?

February 08, 2020

Why the Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay is the best eMTB yet to come to Australia

If you have seen Nick's brief YouTube video of his first ride impressions of the 2020 Rocky Mountain Instinct you will already know that he was blown away by that first ride. With a few more riding hours on more varied terrain he analyzes why they are so capable and fun and why he thinks they are the best e-mountain bike yet to come to Australia.

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Peter’s Tern GSD cargo electric bike: making music in Brisbane

January 29, 2020

Peter’s Tern GSD cargo electric bike: making music in Brisbane

When Peter & Sandra moved from NZ to Brisbane they wanted to be more environmentally conscious. Peter, a musician, opted to supplement using public transport with a Tern GSD cargo ebike. Rocking up to gigs, collecting the post, family outings with Daisy their dog, the Tern GSD is proving to be the perfect ‘car’.

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Trade In Your Old Electric Bike For A New E-Bike

January 07, 2020

Trade In Your Old Electric Bike For A New E-Bike

Looking to upgrade your electric bike? There are some fantastic new ebikes coming out this year. If you are keen to trade up to a new model then think about trading it in for a new one at Electric Bikes Brisbane. Read on for how it works and to see if you are eligible.

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Graham's E-Bike Story: Riding to Work Again is Easy & Rewarding

December 19, 2019

Graham's E-Bike Story: Dyson Hardtail RTC electric bike

I'm 58 years old, slightly overweight and only moderately fit, but I find riding an E-Bike very easy and rewarding. I save fuel, there is one less car on the road, and I'm getting some activity in each day and that helps me feel better. I've done 600km since I got it two months ago and I love it!

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Rocky Mountain E-Bike Overview: 2020 Range

December 17, 2019

Rocky Mountain Powerplay electric mountain bike
Rocky Mountain is legendary in mountain biking circles. Their Powerplay eMTBs have their own drive system - the most powerful mid-drive available with 108Nm torque - and deliver an exceptional ride. We welcome their 2020 range - an outstanding game-changing selection of top-quality dual suspension eMTBs. 

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EBB XMas Trading Hours and Last-Minute XMas Specials

December 08, 2019

From all of us at EBB, we wish you a Merry Christmas.  We are taking a break from 23 Dec to 8 Jan. We have some great last-minute Xmas Specials if you plan to ride over your holidays - Stradbroke anyone? - and are looking forward to kicking off the new year with our 2020 eBikes showcase on 12 January. 

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