Why Electric Bikes are the Future

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Expect to See More Electric Bikes

As people become more conscious about environmental sustainability, technology has caught-up with necessity and has ushered in a new era for alternative transportation modes.

The past few years have seen a surge in electric cars, but that merely addresses fossil-fuel consumption. It doesn't address the other problem: road congestion.

As bicycles became a space-saving alternative to gas-powered vehicles, electric bikes have taken on the role as the more compact option for both conventional and electric cars, and a viable alternative to the bicycle for those who weren't previously inclined to cycle.

Electric bike usage is soaring as a result. Countries such as the Netherlands, a country is already dubbed as the world's most bike-friendly region, reported that around 30-per cent of new bike sales last year was electric.

The World is Changing, Transportation Needs to Adapt

The World is Changing, Transportation Needs to Adapt | Electric Bikes Brisbane

As urban areas are growing denser, automotive traffic is increasing along with it. This global problem exacerbates the need for smarter means of commuting.

Most public transportation systems are starting to be overwhelmed, and a one-car-to-person ratio is not even up for debate. It seems that, for most progressive places, urban mobility has become synonymous with bicycle infrastructure development.

Several cities worldwide, including Brisbane, are investing in more bike-friendly designs and systems to plan for future growth. The more committed cities are going beyond infrastructure by promoting bike-sharing, bike-use incentivising, and bike ownership financing.

Copenhagen has been at the forefront of this future-forward approach for several years now.

Cycle commuting Copenhagen

By focusing on safe and practical infrastructure, 41-per cent of transportation in this region is via bicycles with electric bikes featuring for the longer inter-city commuting.

Imagine the positive impact this is having on reducing emissions, mobilising people and improving health! All through choosing to ride instead of drive. 

Bicycles are a Simple Solution to the Car

Around the world, electric bikes are becoming less of a niche and more of a necessity, especially in highly-congested cities.

Ride. Save Our Planet | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Faced with a stressful travelling routine, an electric bike can sail past gridlocks and heavy traffic and take you straight to your door without having to battle (and pay) for a parking spot. At 40X less emissions than a car this make great environmental sense. 


EBikes Save You Money | Electric Bikes Brisbane

The financial sustainability of electric bikes over conventional vehicles is also apparent, especially when you factor in the (rising) cost of fossil fuels and the upkeep of a vehicle. An electric bike does not have to be registered, and a car can cost $15-$20/km to fill while an electric bike is just 10-20 cents to fully charge.

Electric Bikes Offer More than a Bicycle

Bigger loads, bigger hills

While both conventional bikes and electric bikes have the same traffic-proof profile, electric bikes have the added advantage of letting you cover greater distances even when carrying heavy loads.

By being equipped with a motor they require less effort to propel so, even if loaded up and/or in hilly or windy terrain, they can get you to where you want to go easier and often faster. Whats more they have lots of clever technology that allows extra safety features such as lighting and ABS braking plus the ability to integrate and utilise digital features like inbuilt navigation. 

Here are some of the main differences:

Electric Bike vs Push Bike | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Despite having an electric motor to help riders move, electric bicycling is still good exercise. The average heart rate of an electric bike user is 93-per cent of that of conventional cyclists. Riding an electric bike will help you break out of a sedentary lifestyle by seamlessly including low-impact exercise into your daily routine.

Read more here: Benefits of an Electric bike vs a Push bike - Electric Bikes Brisbane

Ride an Electric Bike to Stay Happy

EBikes Make You Happy | Electric Bikes Brisbane

According to our 2020 Net Promoter Score survey electric bikes outperformed some of the world's most prominent global brands. (NPS measures customer satisfaction.)

More than half of the respondents reported that owning an electric bike has significantly impacted their happiness, and are highly likely to recommend electric bikes as a form of transport to friends and colleagues.

The survey results are a clear indicator that electric bike owners are absolutely delighted with their choice. From stress-free travelling to financial savings and weight loss, electric bike owners reported positive impacts in their lives. Read more about the study here for survey figures and testimonials that prove that electric bike ownership has become more than just another means of transportation but an integral part of people's everyday lives.

Future-Proof Transportation

Electric bikes are undeniably a big step towards better mobility due to their ability to address climate change, traffic congestion, and health concerns. As cities grow larger and denser, the need for practical and sustainable transportation solutions grows. Electric bikes offer an excellent solution.

The growing number of users and cities adapting ebikes and better cycling infrastructure worldwide is also motivating the industry towards further development in electric bike production and innovation. Whether for essential travel and commuting, adventure and recreation, or for commercial purposes, electric bikes are proving a most sensible option for sustainable and practical mobility.

Electric Bikes Brisbane can help you become the next satisfied electric bike owner. Feel free to browse what we have in stock or get in touch today!

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