Benefits of an Electric bike vs a Push bike


So you want to get cycling again and have heard about these cool things called electric bikes (or ebikes as they are also referred to as). Sure, you can dust off your old clunker or get yourself a $300 pushie but if you are still ‘thinking about it’ something’s holding you back, right?  

Here are two very good reasons why an electric bike is your answer to getting cycling again.

  1. Ebikes make cycling as easy or as hard as you want = You will actually ride, way more than you thought you would

You’ll enjoy riding so much you will actually ride it and you still get all the great benefits you get with cycling. 

Riding any bike at all gives you so many things. It’s a simple solution to some of our most complex problems – congestion, physical health, mental health, pollution, and the list goes on.

Ride a bicycle and you have freedom, stress-reduction, better health, more free time, more enjoyment. And we shouldn’t dismiss other benefits, such as reduced car traffic and a better environment.

Why an electric bike might be your answer to getting cycling again is that an ebike makes it as easy or as hard as you want. 

With the help of the power-assist from the motor and your ability to choose how much (or little) help you want you no longer need to worry that you won’t be strong enough to climb a hill or have enough endurance to complete a ride.  This makes it fun and possible to ride and therefore more people with ebikes tend to ride more and ride farther. 


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If you need convincing that an ebike will get you cycling again (or get you cycling more) then see what our customers have had to say.

Graham is 61yo. Now he has an ebike he is back riding regularly again. He commutes 12km to and from work by bike and also now goes riding on weekends for fun. Read Graham’s story here.


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Michael likes to commute to work by bike for exercise and to beat congestion. His trip is 32km each way and since getting his ebike he rides more days per week than he used to ride. Michael also shares some interesting stats on the workout he gets too. Read Michael’s story here. HINT: You get much more of a workout than many people think.


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Starting any new endeavor takes confidence and determination. By giving you some extra tools to help you along an electric bike will get you out on the road, having fun and staying fit and healthy.

  1. An electric bike becomes more than ‘just a bike’. It is a practical, multi-functional transporter.

With its extra power of the motor and extra carrying capacity an ebike quickly becomes your ‘car’ and daily transport (and transporter) as well as being your partner in adventure and fun.   

All quality ebikes are built robustly to carry extra weight and many come already equipped with rear carry racks, inbuilt lights that are powered by the battery and other handy extras to make them more functional.

With a carry rack you can mount child seats to drop off youngsters at kindy or go for a ride as a family; you can add pannier bags and baskets to carry groceries and work clothes as well. There are usually always options for front carry racks and baskets too.


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With the extra power provided by the motor you can carry this extra weight without it impacting your own ability to keep the bike moving. The better the motor and bigger the battery the bigger the hills you can tackle and the further you can go – even if fully loaded up. Parking is a lot easier and you can use footpaths and bike tracks that can often help make the journey faster.

You are still pedalling to keep the bike moving so are getting exercise. So a leisure ride one day. The groceries the next. Drop the kids off at kindy on the way to work too. Your ebike becomes multi-functional. Very handy.

Bikepacking by ebike is becoming more of a phenomena too. Load up your bike with your camping and touring gear and off you go for a multi-day cycling adventure. In a hilly country such as ours having an ebike is the perfect cycling option because you can scale those hills carrying the extra gear and not be put off exploring just because its hilly.


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Many of our customers have purchased an ebike planning for it to be used for one thing eg for commuting. And within 6-12 months they have sold their second car (or only car) because using their ebike is so much more convenient and economical for their family. Their ebike has become much more than ‘just a bike’, its integral to their daily lives.

So, yes, the upfront cost might be more - not always if you are used to buying premium road and mountain bikes! - but its not wasted money like your 'thinking about it' bicycle could be. In fact it will pay you back in spades not just with the financial impacts but also the health and wellbeing and environmental benefits. 


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So, if you are ‘still thinking about’ getting back into cycling and concerns such as fitness, health or an aversion to hills and sweating have been putting you off, then an electric bike might be just the thing you need to get back out there.

Do your research, read owner reviews, and find a good, high quality e-bike from a company that will give you many years of enjoyment! If you have any questions or are interested in an ebike then get in touch. We’d love to hear from you 

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