EBikes are Happiness Machines: It's Official!


EBikes are Happiness Machines: 2020 EBike Survey Electric Bikes Brisbane

It’s official, eBikes are happiness machines. Ebikes outperform some of the world’s biggest brands when it comes to customer satisfaction according to our 2020 EBike Ownership Survey. Read on for the key findings and why. 

Key finding 1: eBikes outperform the world's biggest brands for customer satisfaction

In the world of customer service there is a measure of customer satisfaction that many of the world’s biggest brands live (and sometimes die by). It’s called the Net Promoter Score, and it’s one of the toughest measures of customer satisfaction that a brand and a company can use to measure how happy or not their customers are with their product or service.

How does NPS work?

Sometimes called “The ultimate question” the Net Promoter Score (NPS) simply asks customers one very simple question “Using a 0-10 scale: How likely is it that you would recommend [brand] to a friend or colleague?”

Sounds simple? And it is.  However, unlike most customer surveys that take an average of all of the responses, with NPS, if customers score you 7 or 8 out of 10 (which generally accepted as a pretty good score) you score ZERO.

If a customer rates you less than 7 you score MINUS 1, and only if your customers score you a 9 or 10 out of ten do you score a PLUS 1.

How some global icons rate on NPS

If we take some examples from some of the world’s biggest brands, and largest manufacturers, it will give you an idea of just how tough the NPS score can be.

NPS Scores for:

  • Toyota Motor Company = 33
  • Apple = 47
  • Google = 11
  • Facebook = -21 (yes, negative!)
  • Porsche = 4 

EBikes score 81 on NPS!

    In our 2020 ebike ownership survey the NPS score for ebikes was 81!

    When asked if how likely you, as an ebike owner, would recommend eBikes to a friend, family member or colleagues nearly every entrant recommended ebikes as a form of transport. Achieving an NPS of 81 is incredible: a clear indicator that ebike owners are very happy with their choice.  

    So why do customer love ebikes significantly more than products and services from some of the world’s biggest and most wealthy brands?

    Key finding 2: Ebikes are officially happiness machines 

    EBikes are happiness machines

    More than 50% of our survey respondents said that owning an ebike had made a significant impact on their happiness.  When you combine that with improved fitness and a contribution weight loss, it’s easy to understand why ebike owners are so positive about their purchase.

    What impact has an ebike had on your life? Results.

    EBikers Love EBikes -EBB Ownership Survey Results


    Significant impacts: Fitness, Happiness, Stress Levels

    EBike Ownership Survey Electric Bikes Brisbane

    Key finding 3: Ebikes get ridden a lot EBikes get ridden more | Electric Bikes Brisbane

    Ebikes are quoted as being ridden six times more often than regular bikes. 

    Our survey results showed that almost half of ebike owners (46%) use their bike more than 4 times per week and another 15% of riders use their ebike every day. 

    That means 61% of ebike owners ride four or more times per week.

    Given the scope of our survey covered everything from Mountain Biker, Cargo Bikes, Commuters and Rail Trail and leisure riders, we think this is a great advert for the usability, and usefulness of ebikes as an alternative to car ownership and public transport.

    61% Ebike Riders ride at least 4 times per week | Electric Bikes Brisbane

    Read some of the candid stories from our survey prize winners who ride ebikes ranging from cargo bikes, trekking bikes and daily commuters. 

    What do you like most about your eBike? Happy ebike rider | Electric Bikes Brisbane

    Here’s some of the unedited comments from our survey respondents:

    “Just love it!” 

    “It always makes me feel good after a ride because I am outdoors and enjoying nature at little to no cost to me.”

    “Extended travel distances and time”


    “The "assisted Hand-of-God"”

    “Being free and healthy”

    “Besides getting more exercise, riding an ebike make riding a bike very enjoyable with the extra assistance provided by the motor. It helps to use your bike more often and with extras like side saddle bags helping to carry your kit, very useful!”

    “Just being able to pop down to the shops so easily and get what I need. Not being stuck in traffic or trying to find a park”

    “Lets me get exercise while not impacting on my medical problems which walking or jogging would”

    “It has the ability to go anywhere. I am no longer daunted by any hills”

    “I have had a bicycle and motor bike most of my life. I am now able to enjoy the technology brought to cycling and hope to ride for many more years”

    “Smile factor”

    “I choose how hard I ride” 

    Fun, healthy, happy, kind to the environment ……

    EBike rider | Electric Bikes Brisbane

    Hopefully the snapshot from our survey gives some insight into how ebikes outperform some of the world biggest brands when it comes to customer satisfaction.

    If you are still curious to find out more check out our beginners guide to ebikes.

    Or if you are looking for some ride inspiration have a look at some of our rides and tours.