EBike Rides and Rail Trails in Victoria

Australia has some wonderful riding and the State of Victoria is no exception. If you are looking for some ride inspiration or a top cycling holiday this region offers a huge selection of bike trails that suit ebike enthusiasts of all levels of fitness and skill. 

In this instalment of our bike rides and tours guide, we have listed some popular bike trails in Victoria, along with what to expect from those trails. Happy reading and hopefully it inspires lots of happy riding.

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Great Victorian Rail Trail

Length: 134km

Start/End: Tallarook to Mansfield / Alexandra

Trail Type: Compacted Earth and Fine Gravel

As the longest rail trail in Victoria, this undulating route will take from the Goulburn River to Mansfield. Along the way, you’ll find yourself passing through 5km of bridges, including a 385-metre bridge across Lake Eildon at Bonnie Doon. So, make sure your cameras are ready to capture the majestic views as seen from the various crossings you’ll stumble upon. This trail is also unique because you’ll be getting a chance to ride through the only tunnel on a rail trail in the state.

What to Expect?

Bikers will share the compacted gravel and granitic trail with walkers and horse-riders, but there will be dedicated, clearly marked horse paths for safety. There will also be emergency markers spaced 1km apart so you can notify emergency services of your location when needed. The trail will take you through towns that offer services, including Yea, Mansfield and Alexandra. Smaller towns are Tallarook, Molesworth, Yarck and Bonnie Doon.


  • Country Markets
  • National Trust listed Trawool Valley
  • Alexandra Timber Tramway and Museum
  • Yea Railway Park
  • Yea Wetlands and Mullum Wetlands in Mansfield

Section Guide

Tallarook to Yea (38km)

  • Mix of Compacted Gravel and Granitic Sand
  • Food and Accommodation Available
  • Yea Country Market Every First Saturday of the Month
  • Playground, Park and Picnic Facilities

Yea to Cathkin (21km)

  • Compacted Gravel Surface
  • Multiple Bridges Across the Goulburn Floodplains
  • 200-metre-long Cheviot Tunnel will be Dark Inside
  • General Store, Caravan Park, Motel and Restaurant at Molesworth

Cathkin to Bonnie Doon (40km)

  • Compacted Gravel Surface
  • Prepare for a long climb to 397m at Merton Gap
  • Yarck will have Refreshments and Accommodation
  • Limited Facilities in Merton

Bonnie Doon to Mansfield (22km)

  • Compacted Gravel Surface
  • Buller is Visible on a Clear Day
  • Mansfield has a Tourist Centre with Facilities
  • Brankeet Arm of Lake Eildon has a 385-metre-long Bridge

Cathkin to Alexandra (13km)

  • Bituminised Compat Gravel Surface
  • Significant Climbs in this Section
  • Alexandra has a Variety of Food and Accommodation Options

The Official Point of Contact is the Mansfield Visitor Information Centre

Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail

Length: 116km

Start/End: Wangaratta, Rutherglen to Bright/Beechworth, Wahgunyah, Oxley

Trail Type: Sealed

This adventure is one of Australia’s best known and most popular regional rail trails, and is actually three separate trails, all with sealed surfaces from start to end. Folks who have gone through the trail says that it’s the perfect immersion through NE Victoria’s mountain ranges, farmlands, rich history and gourmet-quality produce and wines.

What to Expect?

The “mountain” section will have moderate grades from Wangaratta and Bright, and will pose a significant grade from Everton to Beechworth. This picturesque section of the trail will take you through Ovens Valley with beautiful views of Mt. Buffalo. The relatively shorter and flat “Murray” section will traverse the famous wine area and will end once you reach the Murray River. The final stretch of Wangaratta to Oxley is also a flat terrain, and you will pass through lots of farmland until you reach the gourmet region of Milawa.

Section Guides

Wangaratta Station to Bowser (8km)

  • Follow the Signs from Wangaratta Station to the Trail Opening at Apex Park
  • From Apex Park, Follow the Pathway that Leads to a Flood Levee Bank
  • The Section Continues to Run Parallel the Wangaratta to Bowser Road

Bowser to Everton Station (18km)

  • The First Stretch Passes through Flat Farmland
  • After the first 11km, you’ll be at Tarrawingee Station
  • The Trail Gently Climbs to the Everton Station Site
  • When you Reach the Junction, Beechworth Trail is to the Left and Myrtleford and Bright are to the Right

Everton Station to Beechworth (16km)

  • Undulating Section that Passes through Farmlands and Bushlands to Taylors Gap
  • Will Descend into Myrtleford
  • Myrtleford will Have Rail Trail Signs, Facilities and Accommodation

Myrtleford to Bright (30km)

  • Trail will Rejoin the Original Trail at Jones Reserve
  • Gentle Grade through Ovens Valley to Bright
  • Farm Detours are an Option for Fresh Produce
  • The Porepunkah Section Passes Underneath the Highway Bridge
  • You Can Take a Dip in Ovens River
  • The Trail Returns to the Railway Corridor
  • Bright Station has a Museum Open on Sundays

Rutherglen to Wahgunyah (8km)

  • Wheat Silos at Main Street will Lead You to Rutherglen Station
  • The Trail to Wahgunyah Passes through Vineyards, Farmlands and Uncle Toby’s Production Centre
  • The Trail Ends at the Murray River

Bowser to Rutherglen On-Road Link (42km)

  • An Option to Ride Between the Main Rail Trail at Bowser and Rutherglen
  • Roads are 100km/h with no Shoulders
  • Bowser to Springhurst will have Light Traffic
  • Springhurst to Rutherglen has Regular Traffic

Wangaratta to Oxley (9km)

  • The Trail’s Section begins Next to Targoora Park Recreation Reserve
  • This Follows the Old Rail Line to Whitfield Road Reserve
  • The Path will Cross to the East Side of the Road Reserve
  • Continues Underneath the Freeway Adjacent to King River
  • Will Rejoin the Road Reserve Trail by Crossing to the West Side
  • Continues to the Glenrowan to Myrtleford Road where the Rail Trail Ends

Visitor Information Centres:

  • Wangaratta 1800 801 065
  • Beechworth 1300 366 321
  • Bright 1800 111 885

East Gippsland Rail Trail

Length: 94km

Start/End: Bairnsdale to Newmeralla

Trail Type: Coarse gravel, Fine gravel, Sealed

This long rail trail is ideal for multi-day tours because of some sections passing through small towns with accommodations. This adventure will take cyclists through a variety of farmlands and forests that features rich wildlife, old timber bridges, railway cuttings and embankments. The long bridge into Orbost will give tourers spectacular views, so make sure your camera is ready when you get to this section. There will be some occasional views of the Gippsland Lakes and the option to divert into the Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail to Lakes Entrance.

Access Points

  • Bairnsdale – Howett Park
  • Nicholson – Sarsfield Road
  • Bruthen – Pedestrian Bridge on East Side of Great Alpine Way
  • Nowa Nowa – West Side of Kingston Street or East Side of Boggy Creek
  • Newmerella – Burns Road on the Snowy River flats
  • Orbost – Forest Park

Section Guides

Bairnsdale to Nicholson (8km)

  • Fully Sealed Section
  • Fully Restored Trestle Bridge Across the Nicholson River
  • Steep Trail on the West Side Leads to Shops and Picnic Areas

Nicholson to Bruthen (20km)

  • Hard-Packed Gravel Surface with Several Large Embankments
  • Cross Dirty Hollow Creek via a Low-Level Bypass
  • Will Need to Cross Omeo Highway at Wiseleigh
  • Before Reaching a Tunnel, take the Side-Track to Bruthen Township

Bruthen to Nowa Nowa (30km)

  • Shady Forest with Steady Climb to Colquhoun
  • Hard-Packed Gravel Surface with Some Sandy Sections
  • Colquhoun Forest has access to the Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail
  • Trail Uses a Low-Level Bypass at Stony Creek

Nowa Nowa to Orbost (38m)

IMPORTANT: This last and longest section of the trail will have neither towns nor villages. Please ensure that you have enough food, water and supplies before leaving Nowa Nowa.

  • Fine, Hard-Compacted Gravel
  • Trail is Three-Bikes-Wide
  • Lots of Shade
  • From Nowa Nowa, the Trail Connects via a Path on the Princes Highway, Crossing Boggy River
  • The Newmerella Access Point via Burn Road will be on the Left as Princes Highway Descends into the River Flats
  • The Trail Ends 2km Before the Original Train Line

Visit their Official Site for More Information

High Country Rail Trail

Length: 80km

Start/End: Wodonga to Shelley

Trail Type: Fine gravel, Sealed

This uniquely interesting trail will let tourers experience snippets of Australia’s rich history, the country’s largest reservoirs, timber bridges and the High Country’s foothills. You’ll get to traverse through farmlands near Lake Hume’s shores and Shelley’s forest, which used to house Victoria’s highest railway station. The undulating trail to Bullioh will transform to an uphill all the way to Shelley, so make sure your bike and your legs are well-prepared for the climb. Old Tallangatta has varying surfaces, and the scenic, 600-metre Sandy Creek Bridge is a sight to behold.

Access Points

  • Wodonga: Several Access Points, with Parking Available on the Side Roads
  • Bandiana: Car Park at Whytes Road
  • Old Tallangatta: Park at Mitta Bridge Rest Areas or in Old Tallangatta Across the Causeway
  • Shelley: Take Avondale Road off Murray Valley Highway at Shelley

Section Guides

Albury/Wodonga to Bandiana (6km)

  • Coming from Albury Station, follow the Old Hume Highway Towards Wodonga, Across the Murray River Floodplain
  • From Wodonga Station, the Start of the Trail is 200m Eastward
  • Smooth Asphalt all the way to Bandiana
  • Kangaroos are Common near the Military Facilities
  • Several Facilities in Albury and Wodonga
  • Hotel and Takeaway in Bandiana

Bandiana to Huon (17km)

  • Bitumen Trail to Ebden, Smooth Gravel all the way to Huon
  • Take the Boardwalk Diversion Across the Kiewa River Flats
  • Prepare for Steep Gradient at Whytes Road
  • Kiewa River has Picnic Stations and Tables
  • The Trail Joins the Original Rail After Crossing Kiewa River
  • A Rise to Mahers Road will Let You View Lake Hume
  • From Maherrs Road, the Trail will Pass Beneath Murray Valley Highway
  • Next Section is a Descent to Huon

Huon to Tallangatta (8km)

  • Sealed Trail all the way to Mitta Bridge
  • No Facilities in Old Tallangatta
  • At Old Tallangatta, Turn Left at the Over-Bridge and Follow the Road to See the Old Township

Old Tallangatta to Shelley (37km)

  • No Drinking Water or Toilet after Tallangatta
  • Old Tallangatta to Bullioh has Flat Terrain that Gets a Little Rough as it Goes up the Valley
  • Stone Step Crossing of Tallangatta Creek may not be Accessible in Wet Weather
  • On-Road Diversion Available around the Bullioh Station Area
  • 28km Climb from Bullioh—Alternative is to Start at Shelley
  • Highest Timber Bridge in Victoria Between Bullioh and Derbyshire
  • After Derbyshire, the Trail Enters a Forest and Follows a Creek
  • After Descending to Koetong Creek is a Steady Climb to Shelley
  • Shelley Station is Victoria’s Highest Station Site at 781m

Access the Trail Brochure and Detailed Map

Great Southern Rail Trail and Tarra Trail

Length: 74km

Start/End: Leongatha to Port Welshpool

Trail Type: Fine Gravel

This trail will let you witness lush farmlands and 90-metre-high canopies and various flora, including wildflowers, lichen, fern gullies, fungi and eucalyptus. Get the chance to dive into some farm-gate produce and tourist attractions, such as the Coal Creek Heritage Village and Wilsons Promontory National Park. The picturesque trail will lead you through attractive towns and villages that offer various local fare. You can choose to take the full 75km journey or shorter segments at a time to full take in what the towns offer tourists like yourself.

Access Points

All the towns listed in the access points have public toilets.

  • Leongatha: Horticultural Park, 1 Young St
  • Koonwarra: adjacent to the Koonwarra Café.
  • Meeniyan: 10 0m north of the shops off the Nerrena-Meeniyan road
  • Buffalo: Picnic area on Neals Rd
  • Fish Creek: picnic area on Falls Rd, next to the petrol station
  • Foster: 1.5 km south of the town centre on Station Rd
  • Toora: Toora Jetty Rd
  • Welshpool: Memorial Hall Reserve, South Gippsland Hwy
  • Port Welshpool: Port Welshpool Foreshore Reserve, Lewis St
  • Yarram: next to the old railway station site
  • Port Albert: Port Albert Jetty

Section Guides

Leongatha to Meeniyan (16km)

  • Gentle Descent to Dairy Farming Country of Koonwarra
  • The Trail Enters a Eucalypt Bushland
  • At Koonwarra, Take the Underpass Beneath the Highway
  • Leongatha has Complete Facilities
  • Koonwarra has a General Store and Bakery
  • Meeniyan is a Small Town with Excellent Facilities
  • Meeniyan Offers Accommodation, Shops and Dining Options
  • Free wi-fi Throughout Meeniyan

Meeniyan to Hoddle Range to Foster (32km)

  • Trail Passes Through Lowland Forest
  • Stony Creek to Buffalo is Undulating
  • Common Sightings of Kangaroos and Wallabies
  • Trail Enters the Foothills of Hoddle Range
  • Fish Creek offers Picnic Shelters
  • From Fish Creek is a 6km Climb to Hoddle Summit
  • Fish Creek Has Stores, a Hotel and Plenty of Eating Options
  • You’ll Cross the Summit at an Elevation of 140m
  • The Descent to Foster Station has Amazing Views
  • Foster is a Large Town with Complete Facilities

Foster to Toora to Welshpool (19km)

  • Flat and Relatively Straight Trails
  • Look for the Wind Turbines Behind Toora
  • Toora has a Supermarket, a Motel, a Hotel, Restaurants and a Caravan Park
  • Welshpool will have Limited Facilities

Welshpool to Port Welshpool Connecting Trail (5km)

  • Welshpool has a connecting trail to the coast, which used to be solely an off-road bike path, that joins into an unsealed road.
  • This route lets you enjoy views of Corner Inlet, the Northern sections of Wilsons Promontory National Park and Snake Island.

Alberton to Yarram (7km)

  • Also Known as “The Tarra Trail”
  • Trail will Follow the Old Railway Alignment for 6.5km
  • The Trail Starts as a Bike Path on the West Side of the Main Road

The contact point for the Southern Rail Trail it the South Gippsland Shire Council and you can contact the Wellington Shire Council for information about the Tarra Trail.

Shorter Rail Trails in Victoria

If you’re not fully confident about taking on multi-day tours, the region still has something to offer. Here are some shorter bike trails that are equally as amazing, in terms of scenery and overall riding experience. You might also want to check out our touring tips blog for beginners: Long-Distance Biking for Beginners | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Murchison to Rushworth Rail Trail

Length: 10km

Start/End: Murchison to Rushworth

Trail Type: Fine Gravel

Moe – Yallourn Rail Trail

Length: 8.5km

Start/End: Moe - Bennett St on the east side to Yallourn Power Station, Eastern Rd

Trail Type: Fine Gravel

Dookie Rail Trail

Length: 8km

Start/End: Dookie to Dookie

Trail Type: Sealed

Rosstown Railway Heritage Trail

Length: 7km

Start/End: Hughesdale to Elsternwick

Trail Type: Sealed

Red Hill Rail Trail

Length: 7km

Start/End: Merricks to Red Hill

Trail Type: Coarse Gravel and Compacted Earth

Electric Bikes for Rail Trails and Tours

Most electric bikes can take on the shorter trails. But if you want to maximise your efficiency, comfort and overall experience, as well as the capacity for hauling luggage, we have an excellent selection of Adventure and Touring bikes to choose from.

You may also check out the EBB Owners Club for upcoming group rides or to connect with people who share the same passion for electric bike touring.