EBB Owners Club Ride - Conquering Mt Coot-tha

Riese & Muller Packster 60 cargo ebike conquers Mt Coot-tha

Cyclonic predictions earlier in the week didn't dampen the enthusiasm for a ride up Mt Coot-tha at our EBB Owners Club ride last Sunday. It dawned a beautiful sunny day with hardly a drop of rain in sight. Perfect for riding our ebikes

Thank you for the great turnout and for your enthusiasm and good humour on Sunday. We had a really fun ride with many of our riders achieving their 'first ever' ride up Mt Coot-tha.

We also had a fantastic array of Riese & Muller electric bikes, heaps of AVE adventure bikes and an Earth ebike, all well up to the task ahead. 

 EBB Owners Club ride - starting from Electric Bikes Brisbane

Our Warm-Up - Enoggera Creek Bikeway

We departed from Electric Bikes Brisbane at about 8.30am and headed out through Roma Street and Victoria Park parklands. This joins you up with Enogerra Creek Bikeway, a very picturesque bikeway that follows the creek all the way into The Gap. 

We took the opportunity for a relaxed, sociable ride to warm up and at about 15km headed across to the foot of Mt Coot-tha through Bardon to the start of the climb.

EBB Owners Club - start of the Mt Cootha climb

Mt Coot-tha - The Stats

 A lap of Mt Coot-tha is 9.4 km and contains 360m of elevation. If you ride anti-clockwise like we did it starts with a 2.2km climb that has an average gradient of 9%. It gets steeper each corner and, even on an ebike, you appreciate the 'finish line' after you pass Channel 10. 

The great thing about riding it on an electric bike though is that it is achievable, even if you aren't super fit or aren't into strenuous riding. You get to the top puffing a bit but have a great sense of achievement rather than feeling like you need to call a taxi to get home!

And because you aren't completely wiped out you can really enjoy and appreciate the beautiful views you get through the trees as you continue your ride along the ridge top towards the summit. 

Thanks again everyone for an enjoyable morning out! 

EBB Owners and their E-Bikes in Action - Conquering Mt Coot-tha

Enjoy these photos and appreciate the amazing e-bike engineering that makes a climb like this so enjoyable for pretty much anyone who decides they want to do it. 

Electric Bikes Brisbane Owners Club ride - Mt Coottha

Electric Bikes Brisbane Owners Club ride - Mt Coot-tha

A great turnout of AVE E-Bikes, making light work of the climb


EBB Owners Club ride - Conquering Mt Coot-tha

Diane and Peter streaking ahead. Diane is riding her Riese & Muller Charger and Peter is riding is Haibike Trekking. 


More beautiful Riese & Muller Electric Bikes

Riese & Muller Homage ebike with Dual Battery - Electric Bikes Brisbane Owners Club ride

David on his Riese & Muller Homage GX Rohloff E-Bike with Dual Battery - ready for some serious adventure 


Riese & Muller Packster 60 cargo ebike - Electric Bikes Brisbane Owners Club ride

Nick turning a lot of heads on the Riese & Muller Packster 60 cargo e-bike. A striking machine and was just as much riding down as up - handles beautifully! 


Riese & Muller Culture Vario comfort e-bike - Electric Bikes Brisbane Owners Club ride

Sam was riding the Riese & Muller Culture Vario e-bike. A supremely comfortable ride and a very capable ebike. Perfect for beginner riders as well as experienced riders. 


Electric Bikes Brisbane Owners Club Ride - Mt Coot-tha

And a big congratulations to David who, as well as riding Mt Coot-tha for the first time, also clocked his longest ride ever. David is riding the mighty Riese & Muller Tinker compact e-bike. 


Electric Bikes Brisbane Owners Club Ride - Mt Coot-tha