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Our Ethos. Then. Still.

Ten years ago, two super keen cyclists set up Electric Bikes Brisbane in a tiny little space in Enoggera and kick-started the electric bike movement in QLD. They had a dream to re-introduce people to the joy of cycling and its possibilities for urban mobility through power-assisted electric bikes.

"What is an electric bike!!??" We’ve heard that question a few times now 😂 . And we are so glad people ask it. 

Ten years on, in our new location in Milton, the questions we are more likely to hear now are ones like “what’s the difference between…?“

We are very proud of our amazing community of customers who beat the drum about ebikes, encouraging more people to ditch their cars, be healthier and ride an ebike.

These days we know you have a lot of ebike retailers to choose from. A lot of ‘ebike experts’. You can spend hours and hours reading reviews, watching youtube clips, weighing up what person A said vs person B. And there are literally thousands and thousands of different ebikes available to buy, many online, many much cheaper than ours.

So why would you buy from Electric Bikes Brisbane now?

Let’s go back to our amazing community of customers. Why are they beating the drum? Because, they trusted us to save them hours of agonising research. Because, from our huge range of ebikes, they were advised and assisted to choose the ebike that genuinely suits them. Not just on paper. It REALLY suits them. Everything they expect it to do, their budget, how it feels and how they live with it long after the afterglow of the buying decision. 

What’s more they’ve had top-notch care and attention from us on that same bike year after year so it keeps doing the job for them.

That’s why you buy from EBB.

We never set out to be the cheapest. We set out to provide a fantastic range of great value ebikes to choose from and provide outstanding service every step of the way.

We love what we do and we’re proud that to this day it is still our ethos.

EBikes That Go The Distance - Our Selection Criteria

We're very picky about what ebikes we offer. Our range is carefully chosen for quality, value and performance. Every brand and model needs to:


The ebike must do what the sales hype says it can do, and more.

Different customers want different things from their electric bike and every model on our floor is targeted at particular needs. We test them ourselves and it has to pass the test ie. Would we ride it ourself or recommend it to our family?

    Represent Value For Money

    We know that 'value' means different things to different people and that’s why we carry the range that we do. So that you have a choice.

    Rest assured though that it is only offered in our range if it:

    • has a proven and reliable drive system,
    • it looks good,
    • has fit-for-purpose and serviceable components, and
    • it rides and handles well.

    These four ingredients add up to an ebike that you'll want to, and can, ride almost every day for many years. That's where the value is.

      Have Exceptional Warranty Support

      All of our suppliers provide excellent dealer support. While it's rare to have issues with your ebike you'll be very grateful for this support if you do. All of our electric bikes are covered by a minimum 2-year warranty and are backed by our 5 Star Customer Service Promise.

        Our mission is, and always has been, to help you find an electric bike that'll provide you with thousands of trouble-free, fun, cost-effective and low-emission kilometres!

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