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Welcome to Electric Bikes Brisbane. We are a family-owned and operated business and have specialised in quality ebikes for nearly 10 years.

We love helping you to find the bike that is best suited for what you need and offer an appointment based service for instore viewings and test rides. 

During your appointment you can expect our undivided attention. We aim to provide you with the best advice and assistance that we have to offer and for you to enjoy the overall process of purchasing and owning an ebike from us. 

There is also a specialist service centre onsite to offer ongoing support. 

How to buy and try

Buy an ebike from us online, over the phone or instore. If you haven't decided on which one and want some help, let us guide you through the journey to choose the best one.

We offer contactless purchasing if you prefer, and have covid-safe measures in place instore.  

Not sure where to start? Complete our enquiry form and send us some details on what you are looking for or request a one-to-one phone consultation. Let our friendly and knowledgeable team help you narrow down the options. 

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Know what you want and want to try first before buying? Come to us to test ride or we will come to you. Please make an appointment.

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      Getting to us at 26 Douglas St, Milton

      Our store in Milton is conveniently located just 5 minutes from Coronation Drive bike path, Milton Ferry and Milton Station. If you're riding to us, take a detour off the Coronation Drive bike path when you get to the Milton Ferry stop and you'll be at Douglas St in no time. We have dedicated parking in front of our store which makes it easy when you drop by or need to load/unload your ebike. 

      Electric Bikes Brisbane - Milton Store Map