Orbea Rise: The dawn of a new era in eMTB?

January 22, 2021

Orbea Rise a super light eMTB | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Orbea is making waves and winning accolades with its new Orbea Rise e-mountain bike. Incredibly lightweight at just 16-18kg, it is impressing everyone with its slick, slimline look and its fast and fun performance on trail that delivers just as much mountain bike fun as electric fun.

With the Orbea Rise its game on for eMTB's - the dawn of a new era. 

What makes the Orbea Rise eMTB so special?

Orbea Rise eMTB | Electric Bikes Brisbane

The Orbea Rise is one of the first eMTBs that is this light in weight and has a somewhat regular motor.

It is a 29er with 150/140mm travel, a combination which would be about 12-15kg in a regular dualie mountain bike. So, at 16-18kg, depending on which model you choose, the Rise is quite a feat given it has a motor and battery as well. 

About the Motor - Shimano EP8 "RS"

Orbea Rise eMTB motor

"RS" stands for "Rider Synergy", the concept around which the Rise is based. Orbea's intention is that the ride feels natural and that having electric enhances the joy of traditional riding, not defines it. 

Orbea have built their Rise platform around the new Shimano EP8 motor, working with Shimano to develop a proprietary software setup that would deliver the RS experience they wanted. The result is an efficient, responsive power delivery with 60Nm torque output and additional apps and interfaces that allow you to fine tune your setup and integrate with your sports devices to collect ride data. 

Orbea explain this more here >>.

Is 60Nm enough?

Based on the ride reviews to date, and our own experience, its plenty. 

"The moment you start peddling, it doesn't feel like a huge compromise that Shimano's EP8-RS motor only comes with a maximum torque of 60Nm. Most of the time you are moving the bike within a range that isn't using its maximum power anyway. The bike also doesn't feel under-powered with Orbea's custom algorithm, which builds most of its power at a later point of cadence compared to an EP8's regular setup." pinkbike.com

“Despite the reduced torque, the EP8-RS delivers enough power to keep up with the “standard” Shimano or latest Bosch drives – and easily outperform a Specialized SL 1.1 motor uphill.” eMountain Bike Magazine 2020

Our own experience riding the Rise M10 supports this. It is more than enough power for the steep pinches and big climbs we get around south east Queensland. This is in part to having 60Nm (this is still a lot) and the bike being 7+kg lighter than the more powerful eMTBs. 

The elephant in the room: Specialized Turbo Levo SL

What about the Specialized Turbo Levo SL eMTB's then, a lightweight eMTB already in the market? (Let's address the elephant in the room.)

With 35 Nm torque and a maximum power output of 240W, the Specialized SL 1.1 motor is significantly less powerful, but also more frugal than the other motors tested.” eMountain Bike Magazine 2020

So, whilst the Specialized Turbo Levo SL's are the same light weight you are sacrificing a lot of hill climbing performance with only 35Nm torque. 

About the Battery - A Modular System

The Rise uses a slim, fully-integrated 360Wh battery which is housed in the down tube.  Orbea estimate that this will provide approx. four hours of riding and to date our own experience supports this. There is also a range extender available which adds another 252Wh if you want to increase that ride time. 

For comparison, the Specialized Levo SL has a 320Wh battery and most “full-power” ebikes have batteries of 500Wh +. 

Orbea Rise eMTB range extender


Who is the Orbea Rise for?

Orbea Rise eMTB | Electric Bikes Brisbane

If you love fast, flowy downhills, technical sections and a bit of air thrown in then this is your bike. The Rise is aimed squarely at sporty trail mountain bikers who appreciate a boost or eMTB'ers who want less weight. 

It is an ebike designed specifically for the trail rider and it is no coincidence that the handling and geometry of Orbea Rise is very similar to the Orbea Occam. 

At Electric Bikes Brisbane we love the handling of the Rocky Mountains and if you compare the chain stay and wheelbase length there's not much difference. The Rise also has a relatively relaxed 65.5 head angle so lots of stability there for less experienced riders. 

"The handling of the ORBEA RISE is next level! Hardly any other eMTB is this much fun and so fast on the trail." E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine

Our own experience supports this. If you love the art of mountain biking - flowy uphills and downhills, nailing technical sections, extending yourself then this is an ebike you should seriously consider. It is fast, very natural and heaps of fun! 

Orbea Rise models - Comparison

There are four models in the Rise range and the table below sets out the key specs of each model.

All have the same 29" carbon frame platform with 140/150mm suspension so the key differences between the models are the suspension, drivetrain and wheelset choice. The top-of-the-range model, the M-LTD, is the lightest. 

With the exception of the Rise M20 model, you can change specifications of nearly every major component to customise to your preferred setup and frame colour for each model through Orbea's MyO portal

  M20 M10 M-Team M-LTD
Price $11,099 $13,999 $16,599 $17,999
MyO? No Yes Yes Yes
Weight 18kg 18kg 17.5kg 16.5kg
Forks Fox 34 Float Perf 140 3-Position Fox 36 Float Factory 150 Grip 2 Kashima
Fox 36 Float Factory 150 Grip 2 Kashima
Fox 34 Float Factory 140 Fit 3 Kashima
Rear Shock Fox Float DPS Perf
Fox DPX2
Fox DPX2
Fox Float DPS Factory
Gearing Shimano SLX 12-sp Shimano XT 12-sp
Shimano XTR 12-sp
Shimano XTR 12-sp
Brakes Shimano M6100 Shimano XT M8120
Shimano XTR M9120
Shimano XTR M9120
Wheels Race Face AR Race Face Turbine
Race Face Turbine
Race Face Next-SL
Seatpost OC2 Dropper
OC2 Dropper
Fox Transfer Factory
Fox Transfer Factory
Full specs More info More info More info More info


How do I get one? 

Electric Bikes Brisbane has a selection of all models coming and some have already landed. Please contact us for further information or if you wish to place an order. 

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