Best Cycling Apps For Commuters & Touring

April 20, 2021

Best Cycling Apps

Our Favourite Cycling Apps: Bike Ride Apps for Navigation and Safety

Cycling apps can be incredibly handy if you’re looking to maximise your adventures with your electric bike. From planning routes to learning about routes from others who have shared theirs to getting help while enroute, these nifty pieces of technology can be an excellent companion on the road.

While you may be spoiled for choice for available biking apps, some stand out better than the rest. In terms of functionality, cost and ease of use, we’ve curated a list of noteworthy apps for you to consider using. 

Great for commuters looking for new or safer routes and great for tourers and leisure riders looking for some adventures.

Navigation Apps


Play Store: 4.4/668k

App Store: 4.7/35k

Free with In-App Purchases

Strava is not a dedicated bike ride app however, and in part because of its multi-purpose, the features it packs quickly made it a favourite among the bike riding community. You can record your routes and map your favourite trails while analysing your ride with comprehensive statistics. From distance, pace, speed, and elevation, to your total calories burned, this app records your key statistics so you can track your overall progress. A favourite for those who are training for something.


Map My Ride

Play Store: 4.6/168k

App Store: 4.8/181k

Free with In-App Purchases

This fitness app from Under Armour packs a neat bag of tricks. It lets you track and map every ride while getting feedback and statistics to help you perform better. You can discover new routes and share your favourites. It also lets you sync your data with fitness wearables, such as Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone. Whether you’re just getting started out in cycling or training for a major event, you’re sure to enjoy the features and tools this app has to offer.


Ride with GPS

Play Store: 4.3/9k

Free with In-App Purchases

This hefty bike route planner and turn-by-turn voice navigation app lets you plan, navigate, track, record, and share your routes. The printable multi-day route planning offers options for multiple map styles, including satellite and street views, to ensure that you’re getting the best route every time. Useful features such as real-time elevation tracking, custom waypoints, and custom cues make this app highly popular among biking organisations and tourers.



Play Store: 4.6/190k

App Store: 4.8/2.5k

Free with In-App Purchases

Turn your ride into an adventure with this intuitive route planning and navigation app. Whether you’re looking for asphalt tracks or natural trails, Komoot will give you in-depth details about your upcoming ride. You can choose from hand-picked guides from your local community or plan your own journey. This app boasts its capacity to deliver the richest topographical data for its users so you can visualise your route ahead and eliminate unpleasant surprises.

Biking Resources


Rain Alarm

Play Store: 4.3/42k

App Store: 4.3/63

Free with In-App Purchases

Nobody wants to get caught in the rain if you can avoid it. This weather app lets you know of impending rain which can give you the chance to find shelter mid-ride or make plans based on the forecast. Based on short-term, real-time data, this is a very handy tool! This app relays animated Doppler-radar images from global weather services and sends alerts for every type of precipitation, including hail.



High winds or headwinds are the bane of any cycling trip and can also have a huge impact on battery usage.  This weather app lets you know of impending weather, wind speeds, directions, present and forecast in an interactive map. Based on short-term, real-time data and drawing from very sophisticated forecasts, it is a very handy tool! 

First Aid for Cyclists


This app offers the latest first aid protocols for dealing with emergencies. Its easy-to-follow instructions come with visual guides and voice instructions. From asthma attacks and fractures to traffic accidents and unresponsiveness, this is one app that can prove lifesaving for bikers out on the road.


Create Your Own Route with Google Maps

Whether you’re after a leisurely ride within town or after an adventure away from beaten paths, Google Maps is one the best free online mapping app you can use.

It’s best to plan your route from the computer and sync it afterwards into your mobile app.


Set Your Starting Point



Set Waypoints


Set Your Destination

You can choose to include more than one waypoint. And if you set your last destination as the same location as your starting point, you create your own bike loop.


Switch to Bike Mode


Bike Mode View

Switching to bike mode gives you access to bike-specific map information.


Adjust Your Route

You can drag the points in the map to change your path to more bike-friendly roads.


Send Directions to Your Mobile

Google Maps may not be a dedicated bike ride tracking app and is missing extra features that dedicated navigational apps have. Regardless, it’s still one of the most accurate and reliable GPS-based navigation apps available.


Start Your Own Adventure

Get the best out of your electric bike by using these apps to help create new routes, safer routes or to plan your next multi-day adventure. the perfect app. Take your adventures to greater lengths and heights. Push harder and further, while staying safe.

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