Electric Bikes Brisbane: A Superb Range of Quality EBikes

May 13, 2019

Electric Bikes Brisbane biggest range of e bikes

Electric bikes – or ebikes - have been our thing for nearly 10 years. We are a family-owned business and our priority from Day 1 has been to offer top quality ebikes to suit a variety of needs and budgets, and to provide exceptional service and post-sales support.

We have learned through years of experience what works (and doesn’t) and take tremendous pleasure in matching our customers with the perfect ebike for them.

The categories of ebikes we offer

We have a range of top ebikes that suit a variety of needs and budgets. So whether you are looking for adventure, a healthier and faster way to commute, sustainable transport, or a fun and practical family carrier we have got you covered.

Adventure and Touring

Electric Bikes Brisbane: Biggest Range of Adventure E-Bikes

Adventure ebikes offer you the freedom and flexibility to explore on and offroad. Suitable for touring and longer distance commuting, many offer dual battery technology for up to 300km range for those adventure trips. Characterised by having suspension, wider profile tyres and the ability to carry luggage, the European-made models also offer the ability to carry heavier loads of 140kg plus, some up to 200kg. Durable and very versatile. Find out more »

Commuter and Urban

Electric Bikes Brisbane: Biggest Range of Commuter & Leisure E-Bikes

Our largest category. Commuter and urban ebikes get you to work faster and fresher, and they double as great leisure bikes too. Designed for urban use they come in a variety of styles from sporty crossbar to low step comfort and many come fully equipped with rear racks, lights etc. We also have a good selection suitable for smaller riders. Leave the car at home and enjoy riding more than ever. See our electric commuter and leisure range »

Cargo and Commercial

Tern Electric Cargo Bike - Woman Riding with Two Kids

Electric cargo bikes are built to safely carry heavier loads such as children and commercial goods. The ebikes in this category have specific design features and engineering to reliably carry loads of 160kg or more. Some also offer dual battery technology for longer distances and some offer dual suspension for rider comfort and sensitive cargo. Perfect for businesses and families looking to ditch reliance on cars and public transport.  See our cargo and family range »

Comfort and Cruising

Riese & Muller Culture GT - Woman Standing

We all love a bit of comfort. Our comfort and cruising range are for those who enjoy cruising along and enjoying the experience of riding and where it can take you. With these bikes comfort and ease of use features heavily in the design. You can expect comfort geometry that sits you more upright, additional stability, and extra touches such as suspension seatposts, ergonomic grips and comfort saddles. If you are looking for the ultimate in comfort (and spine protection!), our dual suspension touring ebikes are pure luxury. Find out more »

Folding and Compact

Gocycle Folded for Travel

Folding and compact electric bikes are the space savers in the ebike world. They are designed to be easier to travel with and take up less space when storing, so are great for caravans, yachts and apartment dwellers. Don’t be fooled by their size though. They are zippy and make great shopping and child carriers too. Fantastic as a city run-around instead of a car and also good for those who prefer smaller bikes. View folding & compact ebikes »

Road and Gravel

Orbea Gain Carbon - Man Riding

Road ebikes are built for speed and they enhance your road riding experience with the help of a motor for hills and headwinds. This is the lightest category of e-bikes on offer, starting at 11kg. A great option if you want to ride more comfortably in a group or with a partner, and still enjoy the puristic feeling of road riding. Also available with gravel geometry and componentry and there are some fantastic flat-bar versions too. Explore road ebikes »

Mountain and Trail 

Haibike Electric Mountain Bike - Couple Riding

Electric mountain bikes  - or eMTBs - are designed for off road riding. They range from ebikes suitable for everyday fitness and trail riding to high-performance mountain bikes that shred downhill just as well as they climb. With the higher end eMTBs, you can expect long-travel dual suspension, top-of-the-range braking and gearing and the best in electric drive technology. See our electric mountain bikes »

Vintage & Retro EBikes

Vintage Tracker Electric Bike - Trendy Woman in Front of Bridge

Our vintage and retro electric bikes have a touch of flair in their design. You can expect special touches such as leather, fat tires, coloured sidewalls, and unique styling features to create ebikes that are distinctive and reminiscent of an era past. Made to look retro, their bonus is that they also come with all the benefits of modern electric drive technology and bicycle engineering. See our vintage & retro ebikes »

EBike Technology and the Choices to be Made

Technology and engineering is what drives the performance and price of an electric bike. Have a look at our Buyer Guides to help you understand the pros and cons between the key things that affect the price and performance of an ebike - motor types, battery size, gearing options etc, and other helpful information.

This may help you narrow down your requirements. 

    How to Buy Your EBike

    You can usually buy from us online, over the phone or visit us instore.  We offer multiple options to make it as convenient as you wish.

    Our instore operations are on an appointment-only basis so if you plan to visit us we just ask that you call ahead first to make an appointment, or book an appointment online for the service you need.

    Choosing your ebike

    Not sure where to start? If you aren't in a rush and want some help send us an enquiry form. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be in touch when we return to help you narrow down the options. 

    EBB Enquiry Form

    Know what you want and want to try first before buying? Come to us to test ride or we will come to you. Please make an appointment through the booking button below for a test ride instore.

    Book Your Test Ride

    EBike Friendly Accessories and EBike Carriers

    We also stock a wide range of eBike friendly accessories to help you create your dream machine. We have gear for touring and carrying things – baskets, pannier bags, nav mounts, trailers; family solutions such as child seats, foot pegs, child handle bars; comfort items – suspension seatposts, ergon grips, comfort saddles; and many more.

    If you are looking to travel with your ebikes we also have a great selection of ebike-rated carrier racks.

    Servicing and maintenance of ebikes

    We are specialists in electric drive technology and have been building, servicing and customising electric bikes for many years now. We offer a full suite of service, repair and customisation options in our service centre for many types of light electric vehicles.  Appointments are necessary and you can book your ebike service online when it suits you.

    Also have a look at our handy How-To Guides for helpful information and DIY on how you can get the best from your e-bike.

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