2017 E-bike Models: GoCycle G3, Riese & Müller and BH Emotion

GoCycle Couple

The electric bike evolution continues. In a market that is fast becoming swamped with generic electric bicycles, GoCycle G3, Riese & Müller and BH Emotion announce 2017 electric bike models that are so much more than your average ebike.

GoCycle G3 – folding, fully automatic electric bike now with 80km range

Designed in the UK. Made in Germany. One of the most innovative and stylish bicycles available, yet so practical and easy to use and maintain.

GoCycle London

GoCycle electric bikes have always been unique – no other bicycle, yet alone electric bike, has the ingenious folding mechanism or the virtually maintenance-free mag pop-off wheels and fully hidden drive train. No other bicycle is made of magnesium. And there is no other electric bike or bicycle with that head-turning design and the superior technology that allows it to be so versatile and such a pleasure to ride. The blend of automotive and bicycle technology has created a superb machine.

GoCycle Folded

What makes the GoCycle G3, the third generation just released, so special is that GoCycle has listened to its customers and improved what was already an excellent electric bike. The key changes released with the GoCycle G3 include:

  • 50% larger battery now providing approx. 80km range so great if you are travelling in boats or caravans with periods of no access to mains power
  • a funky front ‘daytime light’ integrated into the handlebar for visibility
  • the gorgeous new electric blue frame colour
  • a redesigned dashboard so easier to read; redesigned wheel locking mechanism for added security and some extra ergonomic features for more comfort
  • the GoCycleConnect app has extra power programming options and features such as the ‘kill’ switch if stolen

New stock just arrived. All colours available. Find out more about GoCycle »

GoCycle Blue

Riese Und Müller electric bikes: works of art

Designed in Germany. Custom built to order in Germany. Beautiful, functional works of art.

Already one of the world’s most awarded and respected bicycle manufacturers for their innovation and quality, Riese Und Müller once again wows the bicycle industry in Europe with their 2017 ebikes.

Riese Und Müller Delite – comfortable, long-range adventure riding, 250-300km range

Riese & Muller Delite - electric mountain bike

This time Riese Und Müller have scooped the awards pool with their dual suspension ‘Delite’ model featuring the new Bosch dual battery (“dualbat”) system. This system provides the option for a whopping 1,000 Wh battery capacity – approx 250 to 300km range - and Riese Und Müller are one of the first manufacturers to release it.

The Delite ebike model is a supremely comfortable, full suspension electric bike designed for long distance riding and it comes in two models: a fully equipped touring bike and a mountain bike.

As well as an excellent build specification these two models come equipped with thoughtful extra details such a dual water bottle holder conveniently mounted near the handlebars, 100 lux front and rear lights that run off the battery and abus bordo 90cm lock (for the touring model).

Both the touring and mountain bike models are available at Electric Bikes Brisbane via special order and they are available with some excellent customisation options including a nuvinci gears/ carbon gates drive combination, or rohloff gears.

Riese Und Müller cargo e-bikes with dual battery option – a genuine car replacement

Riese & Muller Cargo

The two Riese Und Müller cargo e-bikes, the dual suspension Riese Und Muller Load and the minimalist Riese Und Müller Packster, also now come with the option of the dual battery system.

For the two cargo e-bikes and the two Delite models, you can choose to buy:

  • the base model which is fitted for just a single 500Wh battery, or
  • opt to have it pre-fitted for the dual battery option (+ $150); or with the full dual battery spec with two 500Wh batteries (+$1,450).

The Riese Und Müller Nevo and Charger: hills become even easier

Riese & Muller Nevo

Both of these models are extremely popular due to their stability, excellent handling and robustness. Plus they are beautifully appointed and are stunning to look at!

The 2017 Riese Und Müller Nevo Touring and 2017 Riese Und Müller Charger Touring models are powered by the higher torque Bosch Performance CX motors, with and 25% torque. Translation: hills become even easier, especially steeper hills.

Available to test ride now.

The Pony becomes the Tinker

Another very popular model, the Riese Und Müller Pony is transforming to the Riese Und Müller Tinker in 2017. If you want a really advanced, compact ebike that isn’t a folding bike, then the 2017 Tinker is the electric bike for you. It packs a punch with the Bosch CX drive system and includes the low maintenance, hard wearing gates carbon drive / nuvinci internal gear combination.

Available via special order.

See the electric bikes available from Riese Und Müller »

BH Emotion electric bikes: more grunt, more smiles

Designed in Spain. Made in Taiwan. Famous for their innovation and their patented fully integrated battery. Sleek, fast and fun.

BH Emotion pioneered the ‘cool’ looking electric bike and each year they have gotten better and better. They now have three types of electric bikes which are expected to be available in Australia for the coming season.

BH Emotion 2017 Range

The entire 2017 range has had a bit of a makeover with new, lighter frames, more compact geometry as well as upgrades to the display unit. However it is the BH Emotion Evo range that has the biggest makeover.

BH Emotion Evo – serious grunt with a new 48V 350W motor and 500Wh battery

The BH Emotion Evo rear drive system has always been a fun, sporty system that was guaranteed to make you smile. This year it gets an upgrade with some serious grunt to a 48V 350W motor (tuned for Australian requirements). Each model also now has a 500Wh battery, matching the largest of the Bosch batteries available.

As well as the frame improvements mentioned above the BH Emotion Evo frame has a thru axle for more precise handling and easier maintenance.

BH Emotion Revo – new suspension system for even better performance and stability

As well as the frame improvements, the 2017 full suspension Revo models incorporate the split pivot technology patented by BH Bikes for their dual suspension models. The Split Pivot technology consists of a suspension system with floating suspension that allows the forces of braking, suspension and pedalling to work seamlessly together.

BH Emotion Revo

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