2018 Haibike: Whats new for the world's leading eMTB brand

 Haibike 2018 electric mountain bike range in Australia

Haibike has led the performance e-mountain bike field for years. They made e-mountain bikes cool, and this year's range is even cooler. Not only does a Haibike eMTB look incredible but the years spent perfecting frame and bike design to create bikes that shred downhill and in the air, with or without the power on, makes them the best handling e-bikes on the market. Just have a look at what brand ambassador Sam Pilgrim can do on one (link at bottom)!

In 2018 Haibike once again delivers a range that ups the ante and is head and shoulders above for performance, style and durability.

Firstly, what hasn’t changed? 

The Haibike performance platform

Haibike was vote Readers Choice Best e-Mountain Bike brand the last two years running, in 2016 and 2017. Central to Haibike’s success over the years is its award-winning performance platform – the combination of exceptional frame geometry and engineering designed specifically to integrate an electric motor and battery, and designed specifically to provide highly manoeuvrable yet stable bikes with and without all that extra power.

Their platform includes patented technology comprising the Haibike motor integration concept, custom skidplate, gravity casting interface, and sprocket equalising system which neutralises the effect that all that torque has on the suspension and allows the suspension to work properly and do its job. 

The Haibike performance platform = Strength, durability and performance unlike any other and this all remains on the 2018 range. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

What’s new for Haibike 2018 in Australia? Lots!

Haibike eMTB with integrated Bosch Powertube battery

Every year Haibike delivers a line-up of striking looking ebikes that make you want to ‘play’ as soon as you hop on. This year is no exception – they are gorgeous. There are some exciting new developments too. 

A new frame with full battery integration and Bosch PowerTube 500Wh

One big change for much of the Australian 2018 Haibike range comes with the shift to using the new Bosch Powertube 500Wh battery.

This has meant that Haibike have designed a completely new frame  (which they call their "Integrated Battery Concept") to fully integrate the battery into the frame. It is stylish and highly functional.

As well as keeping your battery and all your wiring neat and protected, it is also designed so you can easily remove your battery if required. 

Haibike Integrated Battery Concept


The award-winning Haibike Modular Rail System (MRS)

Battery integration is a hot topic in 2018. The push for integration has mainly been about aesthetics but Haibike have taken the opportunity to make use of the extra space created in the triangle and have developed the Modular Rail System. The ingenuity of the design, and the flexibility and practicality it affords riders earned Haibike a 2018 Design and Innovation Award.

The Modular Rail System allows the simple and quick mounting of accessories onto your new Haibike electric bike. It is a system that is exclusive to Haibike electric bikes and comes with any ebike that has the integrated battery.

The heart of the MRS is a magnetic mounting system that fits neatly into a mounting rail that is integrated in the upper part of the downtube. With this comes accessories such a water bottle, the ‘Rail Lock’ (a built-in security lock key and cable system), and there is a Carry Pack also in the pipeline. These can be mounted individually or in tandem.

These are quality fixings which, due to the magnetic system, and will quickly snap back into place once you get near the magnets – a huge advantage when you are out riding.

In addition, for the hard tail models such as the Haibike HardSeven, you can also mount a second battery and extend your range.  Called the Haibike “RangeExtender”.

Haibike sDuro HardSeven with Bosch Powertube and Haibike RangeExtender

We can expect the MRS accessories to be available in Australia in around July. Indicative pricing is as follows:

Fits dual suspension and hardtail models with the MRS:

  • TheBottle: Water bottle and adaptors = Approximately $150
  • TheRailLock: Security Lock & Cable = Approximately $150
  • TheCarryPack - tbc, not yet in production 

Fits hardtail models only:

  • RangeExtender (adaptor & connectors) = Approximately $250 (note that the extra battery is separate)

Haibike MRS Accessories

Bosch Performance CX motors and eMTB mode on all models Bosch Performance CX motor with Bosch Powertube 500Wh battery

Last year there was a range of motors used depending on the model. This year all models available in Australia will have the Bosch Performance CX motor which offers up to 300% assist and 75Nm of torque.

The 2018 Haibike electric mountain bikes benefit also from eMTB Mode where the rider can set one mode and the system alternates accordingly, depending on the terrain.

Rejoice taller riders. XL frame sizes are coming!

Great news for our taller riders – there are XL frame sizes coming this year (although in limited numbers so be quick). 

To make them more suitable for aggressive riders the XDuro models also benefit from frame geometry changes. Highlights include slacker head angles for steeper terrain and longer top tubes for more room in the cockpit making these ebikes exceptionally stable no matter what terrain you are riding. 

Check out the geometry charts at the bottom of each of the product pages to work out which frame size suits you best.


What Haibike e-bikes are coming to Australia in 2018

The Haibikes that are available in Australia all have the Bosch drive system. The range available is much the same as last year and includes three top-of-the-range full suspension models from the XDuro range (the 'Extreme' range) and four models from the more economical SDuro 'Sport' range. 

Note: Haibike have changed their naming convention again(!). This year the Haibike range is split into XDURO and SDURO however, instead of representing the motor manufacturer like last year, the split represents the purpose of the model.

Haibike XDURO – the ‘Extreme’ dual suspension models 

27.5” high performance mountain bikes with top-of-the-range specs. For motorcross riders crossing over to MTB, mountain bike enthusiasts and comfort junkies. In Haibike's words, the XDURO range is "the most extreme, advanced, cutting edge, and performance focused eBikes on the planet”.

Haibike xDuro Downhill 10.0 e-mountain bike

Haibike XDuro Downhill 10.0 2018 eMTB

Your ultimate Downhill machine and, in a move that is unusual for a downhill bike, is equipped with a dropper seatpost so you can ride straight back up! 200mm of plush suspension and built for air, gravity and serious fun. Top of the range and the only ebike of its kind in the world. 

Available by special order. Call us on 1300 553 110 regarding the pre-order special.

Haibike xDuro NDuro 8.0 e-mountain bike

Haibike XDuro NDuro 8.0 2018 eMTB

A favourite from last year and a favourite for motorcross riders crossing over to eMTB. A superb-handling Enduro mountain bike with 180mm dual suspension. Built for park riding and serious all mountain riding. In short, you can use this bike for pretty much whatever you want to do! Winner of the 2018 IF Product Design Award. 

Haibike xDuro AllMtn 7.0 e-mountain bike

A very popular model last year and hugely versatile. 150mm dual suspension and plus tyres with dropper seatpost. Great for experienced riders who aren't looking for big hits and great for beginners who want to progress fast and enjoy every outing. 

Haibike SDURO - the ‘Sport’ models

The ‘all rounders’ of the Haibike range. For those looking to mix it up on and off road and still have that unbelievably comfortable and fun sporty ride that the famous Habike platform provides. 

Haibike SDuro FullSeven 7.0 eMTB

Haibike SDuro FullSeven 7.0 2018 eMTB

Another popular all-rounder for those looking for the extra comfort that comes with having dual suspension. This is a striking looking ebike, and is a great cross country trail bike that works just as well in the bush as on the road. 

Haibike SDuro HardSeven 7.0 - hardtail e-mtb

Haibike SDuro HardSeven 7.0 2018 eMTB

If you love the look of the FullSeven but don't necessarily want dual suspension, or you want a long distance touring mountain bike, then this is your bike. The MRS in the hardtail frame allows the mounting of a second battery if you also purchase the Haibike RangeExtender. 

Haibike SDuro HardNine 4.0 - hardtail e-mtb

A favourite from last year returns with an upgrade to a Bosch CX motor and 500Wh battery. The only model with 29" wheels and great for long distance commuters and leisure riders who want the flexibility to tackle some rail and forest trails when you feel like it. 

Want one?

We have a selection of models to test ride at Electric Bikes Brisbane. Test rides are by appointment only so feel free to give us a call on 1300 553 110  or contact us to find out when the next available test ride slot is and to make an appointment to reserve your ride. 


Happy Hai-biking - Sam Pilgrim showing us how! 

See Sam Pilgrim - new brand ambassador for Haibike HERE >>