2014 BH Easy Motion Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes Brisbane was at Rydges Southbank in Brisbane this week for the preview of the launch of the 2014 range of BH Easy Motion Electric Bikes. It was great to see the cross over of R&D from the BH traditional bike range with the introduction of the NEO 650B Hardtail and the NEO 650B Jumper electric mountain bikes.

For those of you who are new to mountain biking there has been a bit of a revolution going on when it comes to wheel size. Traditionally mountain bikes have been fitted with 26 inch wheels. In the last few years manufacturers have introduced the 29 inch or 29 er wheel size based on the 29 inch wheel's ability to roll over obstacles on the trail easier than their smaller 26 inched wheeled cousins.

For some (me included) the 29 inch wheel has always felt a bit too big for some of Brisbane's tighter and twistier single track mountain bike trails at Mt Cootha and Daisy Hill.

It appears I wasn't alone and manufacturers are starting to switch to the 650B or 27.5 inch wheel size. The idea being that it has most of the increased roll over and climbing ability without the loss in manoeuvrability of the bigger 29 inch wheel.

Other highlights of the launch were the new BH Easy Motion Jet (pictured above). The Jet is a development of the very popular NEO Cross retaining many of the great features that made the model a big hit in 2013. The very responsive high torque rear motor is retained, as are the high quality Shimano 24 Speed gears and hydraulic disc brakes for excellent stopping power in all conditions.

The addition of the sloping top tube will appeal to riders looking for a slightly more relaxed riding position or the added security of being able to put your feet down (for those riders who are a little shorter in the leg)

The NEO Jet, NEO Cross, NEO Jumper and NEO 650B all get a 33% increase in the capacity of their integrated Samsung batteries. We will keep you posted on expected range around some of Brisbane's hillier suburbs but early indications are very good.