BH Emotion EVO Ebikes: An Inside View

BH Emotion EVO Race 2015

BH Emotion electric bikes have taken Australia by storm with their beautiful, sleek design matched with the superb BH EasyMotion Rear Drive System. Electric Bikes Brisbane sat down with Dave Fox, Brand Manager of BH Emotion electric bikes, to find out more about these amazing ebikes and the new BH Emotion Evo range of electric bikes coming soon.

EBB: How did you come to be brand manager at BH Bikes Australia, Dave?

Dave: I’m an avid cyclist and I had been involved with cycling advocacy for many years when the job opportunity came up at BH Bikes Australia. I have a background in Sustainable Planning and I have been fortunate enough to work on cycle infrastructure throughout Australia. So I guess I followed my passion.

EBB: How did BH Bikes get into ebikes?

Dave: BH Bikes is a family owned company that have been making bikes for over 100 years. It is an innovative company which has led the design of high end road and mountain bikes. I guess ebikes were the next avenue of innovation and BH has never looked back.

An example of the innovation is the integrated battery in the BH Emotion electric bikes. BH has always sought to create an ebike that looks like a normal bike. There is nothing better than pedalling past a peloton without breaking a sweat!

EBB: EasyMotion or Emotion?

Dave: Emotion is short for EasyMotion. But once customers develop a kinship with their bike, they come up with all kinds of affectionate names for their bikes!

EBB: What's the most surprising thing you have learned about ebikes since you joined BH?

Dave: How fun they are! I was a bit of an ebike sceptic to before I rode one. Now I find myself explaining to people at the pub and at cycling races how much fun they are!

EBB: What do you love about the BH electric bikes?

Dave: I love how intuitive they are. It’s brilliant how smooth the power delivery is thanks to the torque sensor. I mean it is so good that you forget it’s an ebike - that is until the hills arrive and then it’s time to hit the boost button.

EBB: Any favourites?

Dave: Probably my first ride is my first love. The BH Emotion NEO 29er. I can’t wait to try the new BH Emotion EVO 29er!

EBB: What are you most excited about in terms of what's coming?

Dave: The whole EVO range will be exciting. The EVO range has taken what everyone loved about the NEO bikes and added the extras people asked for. Plus, the design team managed to create an even slimmer battery profile. The external charge port and LED battery indicator are all functional things that make the ebikes easier to live with day to day. The Bluetooth and smartphone App will also add versatility to the bikes.

EBB: What is the main difference between Neo and Evo?

Dave: The main thing people will notice between the BH Emotion Neo and BH Emotion Evo is the narrow and stylised design of the diagonal tube with a 17% smaller cross section. This slimmer battery gives a standard Q factor similar to normal bikes. What does that mean in real day terms? The Q factor means you can pedal all day in comfort and increased agility and control and the even slimmer battery means you can pretend you’re just riding a normal bike.

EBB: A BH customer is ...

Dave: Looking for quality. The BH Emotion electric bike range is positioned at the premium end of the market and customers appreciate the design, durability and functionality of our ebikes.

EBB: Most innovative /unusual/ memorable uses of one of your ebikes?

Dave: Parades - there was a big parade in Melbourne earlier this year and there were 20 Emotion bikes taking part!

EBB: Your top tip for customers on how to get the best out of your BH Emotion ebike

Dave: Treat it like a family member. They love to go out on weekends, require feeding in the evenings and always appreciate a new adventure.

Many thanks to Dave for his great insight. Electric Bikes Brisbane is a premium BH Emotion stockist and one of the largest dealers in Australia.

Regretfully BH decided to exit the Australian market and BH E-Bikes are no longer available.  

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