Why my electric bike is a great investment

September 13, 2014

AVE SH9 e-bike


Thanks to Louise from Kenmore for this email on why her electric bike has turned out to be a great investment.

Dear Nick,

Here's that long awaited testimonial I've been meaning to send...

In 13 months, I've done nearly 8000km on my electric bike. I use it primarily for commuting to work as I'm not much of a bus person and I can't standing driving in peak hour traffic. I'm actually using it way more than I expected for quick trips to the shops, to meet friends in the city or West End, to get around the city to other buildings for meetings. Pretty much for anything that involves getting from A to B that's less than 30km. I was curious about my return on investment as I remember your website had some info showing the cost savings when I bought my ebike. I was curious to see if the numbers stacked up - sorry it's the accountant in me but fear not the results are great :)

I have a 30km very hilly commute, round trip. I worked out I was saving about $930 in bus fares and an extra $2900 in car fuel, toll & parking costs. Total $3830!! And this is before I factored in wear & tear on my car and parking fines (which had mounted up to about $500 before I started e-commuting :( So $4330 saved on my work commute - I didn't try to add up all the little extra trips I do.

Also I haven't bothered rejoining my gym as I ride almost every day now so that's at least another $580 saved. Total costs saved = $4920.

And what did my ebike cost me? I paid $3750 for an AVE SH9 with a few extras and it's been serviced 3 times (cost approx. $500) so that's $4250 + some electricity costs which would be lucky to add to $30. Total investment = $4280.

So a GREAT RESULT! And that's in just over a year. I know I've got a good quality bike that should last me for at least another 3-4 years so it really has been a great purchase. Also there's no putting a price on arriving to work (and home again) with a massive big grin. Every time I ride I feel fantastic because I've done some exercise and haven't had to deal with the normal frustration of commuting.

I'm completely satisfied with my ebike - it's not only great for my mind, body & spirit, I think it is genuinely one of the best investments that I've ever made. So many thanks to you and your team for the guidance and great service. I've recommended you to quite a few others and plan to keep doing so.

Best regards, Louise

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