3 ways an electric bike could help you get the promotion you deserve

With the Brisbane summer just around the corner (or based on last weeks temperatures it's already here!), now could be the time to ditch the car, bus or train, and jump on an electric bike, and maybe secure that promotion you’ve been working towards all year.

Here are 3 reasons why an electric bike could be the answer:

1. You'll arrive at work happier

If you’re driving to work anywhere near the Brisbane CBD, unless you leave at sunrise, there’s a good chance you’ll spend a large part of your journey stuck traffic. From the west you’ve got the infamous Moggill Road and Western Freeway, from the east it could be Kingsford Smith Drive. And, if you have to cross the river, how many of you have been caught out by the speed camera on the Story Bridge?

Unless you’re lucky enough to have allocated parking, you’ve then got the added frustration of finding and paying for a parking space when you finally arrive at work.

Public transport could be your current mode of transport, and if don’t mind running your life on someone else’s timetable then you might see no reason to change. Or maybe you’re happy sharing your personal space with complete strangers, and you enjoy listening to whatever’s playing on their iphone while you take the least direct route to your final destination.

Or with an electric bike….

You could leave home when you want.

Get to work faster than by car or public transport.

Get some gentle exercise and arrive at working stress free, and happy from the endorphins flowing through your body.

2. Avoid your boss and work colleagues seeing you in lycra

Let’s be honest there aren’t many people who look fantastic in lycra. By choosing to ride an electric bike you won’t feel pressured into joining the “lycra brigade”. And depending on how far you’re riding, you might choose to ride in your work clothes, safe in the knowledge that the help from the electric motor will stop you from arriving at work in a pool of sweat.

3. Use the money you’ll save by riding an electric bike to upgrade your wardrobe or go on an exciting and interesting holiday

By switching to an electric bike you can travel at least 50KMs for just 5 cents. For most people switching from public transport this will mean a saving of around $50/week.

If you’re thinking of ditching the second car this could mean a saving of around $150/week (depending on what car you currently drive)

With fuel prices only going one way, and congestion getting worse each year. Saving time and money, whilst improving your health and happiness makes more sense than ever.