5 stars for Haibike xDuro Urban electric bikes

Haibike Xduro Urban 2016 - 5 stars

UK-based T3 magazine, known for its love of gadgets, tech and design, has given the Haibike xDURO Urban 2016 e-bike a 5 star rating in its review and voted it the best of the ebikes it tested. 5 stars for Design, Power and The Ride. 

T3 Says: Once you’ve ridden the Haibike, you’ll never want a normal bike again.

The Haibike xDURO Urban electric bike is one of the only electric bikes on the market that feels just like a conventional road bike. It is extremely light for an electric bike - just 18.2kg - and it is beautifully balanced to ride. And it is probably the sexiest looking ebike around!  

While looks are important :) there are also some important practical things that we love about this e-bike: 

Excellent range - great for long rides and commutes

Narrow slick tyres provide excellent efficiency when combined with the aerodynamic racing rider position, the aerodynamic and very cool(!) Cobalt 700C wheelset. The XDURO URBAN comes standard with the brand new 500Wh Bosch battery so long commutes and road rides are no problem. The display on the eco setting for a full battery reads an impressive 154km range!

A very balanced, responsive electric bike

One of the key features of this ebike is its lightweight hydroformed frame which has been superbly engineered to pair with the Bosch performance line mid-drive system. The centre-mounted Bosch battery and motor provide lovely balance and the Haibike engineers guarantee power responsiveness by perfectly matching the torque from this motor with the gear shifting. Hills, jumping off at traffic lights or simply racing off the start with your mates are a blast with this geometry and engineering. 

Lightweight - easy to handle and rack up

The weight of this ebike is a real bonus. Most ebikes are at least 22kg (more if they have racks, mudguards etc) but the XDURO Urban is 4 kg lighter. This means it can be carried on most conventional car racks (which are weight restricted). Because it is light it can also be lifted easily so getting it onto a bike rack or a hanging rack at work or home is not such an issue. 

The lights are very cool - unique but practical too

Ok, this is about looks as well. The Haibike xDuro Urban 2016 comes fitted with integrated front and rear LED lights. These are powered by the main battery pack and can be activated conveniently through the main buttons on your Bosch display. The lights themselves though are beautiful, and unique. The headlight turns as you turn the bike and the rear light is extra tall and visible from three sides vs. just the back)

Quality, quality, quality - low maintenance, smooth performance, long lasting 

Being German engineered and German made, the Haibike electric bikes are renowned for their quality. The XDURO Urban combines the finest technology with Bosch smarts and the best and most suitable componentry to maximise the performance and ride feel. With the Urban you get extra features that other brands don't provide such as: 

  • an alloy guide to keep the chain from dropping on the front sprocket at higher speeds if you hit rough terrain.
  • shift detection which helps reduce wear on the chain and sprockets. What's more the bike experiences less mashing and is more intuitive to ride as a result. 
  • Integrated cabling which results in a sleek, tidy look and importantly reduces wear and snagging. 

The Haibike xDuro Urban 2016 is available in store now. You can see the specifications here and just give us a call on 1300 553 110 if you are interested in test riding it.

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