Bosch Electric Bikes – What’s New for 2016

Bosch Performance CX electric drive system

With the new electric bike models for 2016 starting to appear in stores around Australia we thought it would be useful to give a quick run down on what’s new this year for ebikes powered by the Bosch electric bike mid-drive system.

Bosch still remains the most widely used and reliable electric bike mid-drive system in the world and the rising popularity of pedal-assist and mid-drive motors is largely due to their excellent engineering and innovation.

Bosch Service Centre - now open for business

Bosch - which surprisingly is a non-profit organisation - has formalised its commitment to electric bikes in Australia with the establishment in late 2015 of a Bosch service centre focussed on supporting Bosch ebike motors and Bosch electric drive systems in Australia.  This is a major plus for anyone considering an electric bike as you will have guaranteed support and service should you ever have a problem with your electric bike.  Bosch are currently the only electric bike mid-drive system available in Australia that has an established service centre. 

Bosch mid-drive technology - What's new 

There are two main innovations that will feature in Australia in 2016:

  1. A brand new electric drive system, the Bosch Performance CX
  2. 500Wh Bosch Powerpack (battery)

Bosch Performance CX electric drive system

The big talk of the town is an all-new motor, the Bosch Performance CX electric drive system. Designed mainly for electric mountain biking this has serious performance in mind. 

The Bosch Performance Line CX amps up the superb Bosch Performance Line motor with a further 25% torque – from 60Nm to 75Nm.  This has a direct effect on the motor response which delivers up-to 300% support even at low cadences. This provides a noticeable difference to the Performance Line (275 %) and Active Line (225 %) particularly when starting off and when riding uphill. 

The Performance Line CX drive unit itself is also slightly smaller, which means less weight and more clearance. Reducing the motor size has meant that electric mountain bikes that have been manufactured with the Bosch Performance Line CX motor can have shorter chainstays, which means greater agility. 

The Bosch engineers have also optimised the shifting even more and cranks can now also be fitted with a 14 tooth chainring (previously 15 tooth) which pairs perfectly smaller cassettes. For those who don't care for tech-speak, this means that electric mountain bikes designed with serious performance in mind, for example Haibike, can tackle even the steepest, most technically challenging climbs.

PowerPack 500

Bosch now offers a higher capacity 500Wh battery alongside the current 400Wh which will extend range by approximately 25% with virtually no increase in weight due to higher energy density. This is fantastic news for longer-distance riders.

The Powerpack 500 provides an impressive 170km range in eco mode and 60km in turbo mode.

The great news is that the Powerpack 500 is the same size as the Powerpack 400 pack and fits into the existing frame mounts, so it offers a chance for users of the current 400Wh batteries on earlier model bikes to upgrade and extend their range.

The Bosch Powerpack 500 uses the existing Bosch eBike charger and reaching full charge from flat will take 4.5 hours (vs 3.5 hours for the Powerpack 400). The very handy fast charge capability is still provided too with charging to 50% only taking approx. 2 hours (1.5hrs for the Powerpack 400). 

When are these available?

Now. Gepida are first to market with their 2016 Asgard mountain ebike featuring the Bosch Performance Line CX systems. This is available in our Electric Bikes Brisbane store now.

Haibike will also be offering most of their 2016 range with the Bosch Performance Line CX, with the first of those models due after Easter.

What about the display?

Electric bikes powered by the Bosch mid-drive system in Australia will continue to use the Intuvia display. Bosch have also released a new interface, the Bosch Nyon with their 2016 range, which won’t be reaching Australian shores this year as it doesn't meet EMC frequency standards. However we understand that there may be a new interface model for 2017 that will.

Recap of what’s available in Bosch electric bikes

Motor System Active Line Performance Line Performance Line CX
Power 250 Watt 250 Watt 250 Watt
Torque 48 Nm 60 Nm 75 Nm
Maximum Assist 225% 275% 300%
Shift Detection Yes Yes Yes
Standard Battery Size 400Wh (upgradeable) 400Wh or 500Wh 400Wh or 500Wh