Bosch eBikes - Whats New for 2019

2019 Bosch eBike Updates @ Electric Bikes Brisbane

Every year Bosch eBike Systems evolves its product line up, listening to feedback from its ebiking community. For 2019 Bosch offer some new products as well as some new software features for its eMTB community. Let’s take a look.

Bosch eBikes – 2019 Products

If you follow what’s happening in the ebike space then you will know that Bosch is starting to move towards full software integration with aspects such as navigation and activity monitoring. This is evident in the release of the COBI and Kiox displays in 2019.

Some of these, such as the COBI system, are being tested in the European markets first. However the Kiox display is coming to Australia and for those lucky people who have purchased a 2019 Riese & Muller you may already have one on your ebike.

Bosch Kiox Display

Bosch Kiox Display on Riese & Muller @ Electric Bikes Brisbane 

The new Bosch Kiox display is a neat and compact display with a crisp-resolution multicoloured LCD display screen. It mounts in the centre of the handlebars and it has its own mount on top pf the stem cap bolt, unlike the Intuvia and Purion which mounts on the handlebars themselves.

The Bosch Kiox display has a small, scratch-resistant colour display and is controlled by the separate control unit. It provides on demand feedback and riding data on all the key information that Intuvia and Purion provides (speed, battery charge etc) and takes it one step further by also providing an all-in-one display that can give you rider performance, heart rate, ride summaries and much more (by connecting a Bluetooth BLE heart rate monitor). 

The Kiox is provided standard on many 2019 Riese & Muller models. However Bosch have made it compatible so if you want to swap out your current display for one then you can, albeit with a bit of workshop time required. 

New Bosch Fast Charger

Bosch eBike 2019 Fast Charger  

Bosch has two battery chargers already - a Standard Charger and a Compact Charger. For 2019 Bosch eBike Systems is introducing a Fast Charger. This new Fast Charger offers a 6Ah current rate which will charge a 500Wh battery within 3 hours - 50% faster than the Compact charger.  

The new 2019 Bosch Fast Charger is currently the fastest charger on the market of any system provider and is ideal for those who love touring or need to frequently charge their Bosch eBike batteries.

Bosch Charger Comparison

Bosch Chargers 2019 - Comparison


Bosch eBikes – 2019 Bosch CX Software Updates

For 2019 Bosch eBikes Systems has also introduced some handy new software features to support its ever-growing e-mountain biking community (which is who the Bosch Performance CX motor was designed for).

eBike Crank Length Update

Bosch EBike System 2019 Product Update

Most riders run 170-175mm crank lengths however many riders fit shorter crank length arms (165mm – 150mm) on eMTB’s to allow more ground clearance.

Just swapping the cranks on an eMTB means you won’t get optimum performance though. It alters the feedback the drive system gets which in turn alters the output and torque curve of the motor when in eMTB mode.

So for 2019 Bosch has introduced software updates to enable your ebike to be programmed to suit your preferred crank length. This improves performance in eMTB mode and also Tour mode.

Walk Assist Update – More Power

Bosch EBike System 2019 Product Update 

While eBikes are made for climbing you still have instances where you may need push up a particularly steep slope or push over an obstacle you might not want to ride. This is where walk assist can come in handy.

Addressing suggestions from riders that the current walk assist lacks grunt, Bosch offer a software update to improve its usability.  With the update the walk-assist can automatically adapt to changes in terrain so it can offer the rider full walk assist support where it’s needed most. 

When are these available?

The software updates are available now. If you wish to update your software you can book your Bosch ebike into our workshop here>>.

The Bosch Service Centre is expecting the Kiox and 6A Fast Charger to land in Australia in August.

Bosch eBikes at Electric Bikes Brisbane

Electric Bikes Brisbane has the largest range of Bosch-powered ebikes in Queensland. If you are looking for European-made ebikes powered by Bosch then have a look at these great brands: 

  • Riese & Muller electric bikes - top-of-the-range and a Bosch development partner. Hand made in Germany and renowned for their striking designs, comfort and performance. Always ahead of the pack with their Bosch integration and technology and a number of their 2019 ebikes (just arrived) already feature the new Bosch technology;
  • Haibike - voted world's #1 e mountain bike brand four years in a row; inventor of the performance electric mountain bike and still ahead of the pack;
  • Kalkhoff - one of the world's first manufacturers of mid-drive ebikes and now one of the world's largest ebike manufacturers. All Kalkhoff ebikes are still proudly 'Made in Germany', hand-crafted to the highest standard of workmanship;
  • Gazelle - A Dutch icon and renowned for their comfortable, classic electric bicycles that symbolise what a Dutch-style bike is. All Gazelle ebikes are made in Holland in the Gazelle factory; 
  • Orbea - A Spanish icon best known for their high end road and mountain bikes and, more recently, their Orbea Gain road ebikes. They also have a popular commuter ebike range powered by Bosch with great little bikes such as the Katu.