E-Bike Trends 2021: Electric Bikes Brisbane

E-Bike Trends: Electric Bikes Brisbane

Electric Bikes Brisbane Showcase Event

At the start of each year, Electric Bikes Brisbane holds a showcase to feature the upcoming year’s electric bike trends. In our nearly ten years in the business, we have seen many significant enhancements, innovations, and advances in electric bike manufacturing and this is one of the most exciting years yet.

Global industry leaders such as Riese & Muller, Orbea, Moustache, Focus, and Kalkhoff have set the bar higher than ever for electric bike technology and functionality and its great to see local Australian brands such as Earth producing top value ebikes that tick these boxes too.

E-Bike Trends for 2021 


This year, there are five distinct trends that the market is moving towards.

We are delighted to be able to feature bikes demonstrating these trends. That is, bikes that are lighter, capable of bigger loads, sleek and with beautiful and clever integration of the electric components.

Bigger battery capacities are also a major feature this year, along with smarter connectivity and app integration.

Lighter weight

When we first started out most of the bikes we sold weighed at least 30/35kg. 30kg was considered quite light. 

Now we are seeing all-terrain, longer range, fully equipped models that are just 22-25kg.

Electric Bikes Brisbane: EBike Trends 2021 Lightweight

With the success of the initial lightweight models introduced into the market last year we are seeing the emergence of ultra-light urban and road ebikes across a number of brands now and the pioneering brands such as Orbea are releasing new even lighter ebikes. 

For example, Orbea's new carbon road ebike is just 11kg and there are some beautiful new urban flatbar models from a number of brands including Orbea, Cannondale and Focus at 14-17kg.

Increasing carry capacity

Despite being generally lighter, many of the brands have new models with increased carry capacity. Kalkhoff and Focus for example generally have 130kg as standard. Riese & Muller is 140kg with the option of 160kg, and then there are some incredible cargo models such as those from Tern that are compact and manoeuvrable as well as being capable of loads up to 170/200kg.

E-Bike Trends 2021: Electric Bikes Brisbane

With the right configuration of accessories and storage gear, these electric bikes can - and are starting to - render your car obsolete.

Longer range

Battery capacity and range is another major development for this year. For the first time we are seeing bikes with a whopping 1250wh capacity which, thanks to the technology of the top motors, can give you ranges of up to 250/300km.

E-Bike Trends 2021: Electric Bikes Brisbane long range ebikes

Battery capacity across our range in general has increased in part due to the release of the Bosch powertube battery (minimum 500wh) and also the move in design towards integration of the electrics.

Smarter, more connected and integrated

Connectivity is another aspect that has had major development this year. With more streamlined app integration and the release of new bespoke displays, it’s now easier to integrate navigation technology such as GPS, maps, and other data gathering apps into an electric bike.

Electric Bikes Brisbane: EBike Trends 2021

In addition manufacturers have worked hard to design frames that integrate the batteries and wiring, and discreetly encase motors, creating beautiful sleek and clean lines. Some are very hard to tell they are electric. 

Electric bikes have increased in popularity with very good reason. Not only are they functional and fun, increasingly they are offering beautiful looking machines that have a range of smarts that the 'electric' enables.

Ready for the future.

Electric Bikes Brisbane: EBike Trends 2021

“I’m not disappointed. There are some fantastic bikes on display and new technology, which I am very interested in. It’s an exciting time. Electric Bikes Brisbane—I’ve been dealing with them now for 3 years. The company, the people; they’re fantastic to deal with. Customer service is second to none. They’re just such a friendly bunch!”

Some of the Showcase’s Featured Models

Electric Bikes Brisbane: EBike Trends 2021 UBCO 2x2

The UBCO 2x2 Electric Moped that comes in Adventure and Work variants takes advantage of better battery capacities, with the options ranging from 2.1 kWh to 3.1kWh. Equipped with two motors and removable batteries, this model with its its large batteries is being groomed as a portable power and off-grid storage solution.

Electric Bikes Brisbane: EBike Trends 2021 Ultra Long range

The Riese and Müller Supercharger2 GT is another future-forward model showcased in the event. With a 1250Wh battery, you can go for days without having the need to recharge. Along with the Rohloff gearing and carbon belt drive, this beauty offers incredible performance.

Electric Bikes Brisbane: EBike Trends 2021 long range

The Riese & Müller Nevo3 GT is an offroad step-through that can be custom-fitted with a 1000Wh or 1,125Wh dual dual battery option that can keep you going for days. The standard 625Wh battery and Gen 4 CX Bosch mid-drive motor are beautifully integrated within the frame, giving this model its clean, modern, and distinctive look.

Electric Bikes Brisbane: EBike Trends 2021

The Earth T-Rex series is an electric mountain bike-based range that can be fitted with dual batteries for an impressive 1,200Wh capacity. While its fully integrated (standard) 700Wh battery already gives plenty of range, the second battery option can take you to new heights. At approx. $3,500 and with 9-speed gearing and hydraulic disc brakes, along with other high-quality components, this electric bike range brings value, range and performance to the table.

The Future is Now

Electric Bikes Brisbane: EBike Trends 2021 E-MTB


Until a couple of years ago, electric mountain bikes that could perform just as well downhill as unpowered bikes were rare. This year, there are more e-mountain bikes than ever that can handle big terrain, along with sleek, integrated electric components.

The Moustache Samedi 29er platform (above) took second place in the world championships last year, and has just been awarded a 2021 Design & Innovation Award for its incredible suspension performance and handling.

Electric Bikes Brisbane: EBike Trends 2021 Load carrying

The Riese and Müller Charger3 GT Vario embodies the huge leap in electrical component integration. Apart from having no visible wires, this bike is simply beautiful to look at. But this electric bike is not just about aesthetics.

This powerful all-rounder is as capable on-road as it is off-road and it can carry an impressive 160kg. This sporty leisure and commuter bike is powered by the Gen 4 Bosch CX motor which enables it to pack a hefty punch.

Electric Bikes Brisbane: EBike trends lightweight road

This 2021 model of the Orbea Gain M20i boasts a full carbon frame and OC2 carbon wheels, placing it at about 11kg. The latest models feature upgrades such as integrated lighting, a newer frame that offers better handling, and a new motor that delivers a more natural road ride feel.

Check out our 2021 Gain range guide for more details on what this model has to offer.

Electric Bikes Brisbane: EBike Trends 2021

The Kalkhoff Endeavour 7.B Belt is as stylish as it is capable.

More and more electric bikes featuring a belt drive system and internal gearing are emerging, offering excellent all-terrain performance with lower maintenance.

The 7.B's fully integrated, removable battery powers a Gen 4 Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive system. Fully equipped with accessories such as Supernova lights and a Racktime rear rack, this model represents Kalkhoff’s vision of highly functional and comfortable riding.

2021: A New Era

2021 ushers in a new era of very capable and stylish electric bikes. Ready for the future. 

The technology and innovation has stepped up a notch. The electric bike is cementing its position as an excellent alternative to the car or public transport for getting around, as well as offering an invigorating and healthy lifestyle choice for those wanting to ride further distances and explore more for their holidays and leisure.  

Electric Bikes Brisbane has a wide range of electric bikes for you to choose from. We would also be more than happy to guide you in choosing an electric bike model to suit your needs.

Contact us today.