Electric Bikes Brisbane welcomes the Michael Blast Greaser

Michael Blast Greaser vintage electric bicycle Electric Bikes BrisbaneLooking for a cool, slick Harley Davidson Boardtracker-inspired electric bicycle? Then come and try the Michael Blast Greaser that has just arrived at Electric Bikes Brisbane. It rocks. 

The Michael Blast Greaser is a new product in Lovett Industries portfolio (does the Phat Drift Trike ring any bells?). It is an electric bike that puts vintage cool and fun into a very affordable package. We speak to founders, Conrad and Krystle Lovett, to get the lowdown on the new Greasers.

EBB: From drift trikes to electric bikes, Conrad. What inspired you to develop the Greasers?

Michael Blast: I have had a passion for old motorcycles for a very long time, both myself and a close friend and business partner wanted to create something that not only looked vintage and retro but something that could be functional for everyday life also it had to look COOL and SLICK! we wanted to maintain the old school look but mix in some green technology at the same time so our main inspiration was from the 1920’s Harley boardtracker motorcycle 

EBB: How did the brand name ‘Michael Blast’ come about? And the name ‘Greaser’?

Michael Blast Brand: Michael Blast represents Team Work and all things cool! The Michael Blast brand evolved through a group of friends from distant parts of the globe, joining forces to create a truly unique and affordable range of vintage inspired electric bicycles.

Greaser Name: The “Greaser” name was heavily inspired by the 1978 classic film Grease as well as the sequel Grease 2, we wanted a name that sounded slick and cool but also had to flow well with our design.

Michael Blast Greaser retro electric bicycle @ Electric Bikes Brisbane

EBB: You must have a heap of cool stories on how these bikes are being used. Any that stand out that you want to share?

Michael Blast: We have some restaurants in Sydney who want some old-school food delivery bikes and keep an eye out for Michael Blast Greasers in some music vids. 

EBB: Who are these bikes perfect for? Why? 

Michael Blast: The Greaser is perfect for ANYONE who loves old school retro vehicles, and beware if you don't love attention! Everywhere you ride a Greaser people will stop you for photos and a good chinwag.

We are finding mature folk are purchasing them because it brings back memories of the past. Also new age hipsters/ office workers to the more senior but young at heart grey nomads. The Greaser suits the hustle and bustle of the inner city or the laid back beach lifestyle and anyone seeking to reduce their carbon footprint in style! 

EBB: What is your top tip on how to get the best out your Greaser?

Michael Blast: Be sure to keep your battery charged and keep your Greaser clean! A bike as beautiful as the Greaser deserves to be kept looking spick and span. Finally ALWAYS get it serviced by the dealer you bought it from, to ensure it runs just as smooth as the day you bought it.

About the Michael Blast Greaser electric bike

The Greaser comes in two models, the road legal (and cheaper) 250W pedelec model and the more powerful 500W model, and comes in a range of colours.

The 250W Greaser

The 250W models are in store now to test ride. They are so affordable - $3,200 which is a great price compared to the online price ($3,350 incl shipping). 

The 500W Greaser

The 500W is not available just yet but watch this space as it is due early 2018! We are taking pre-orders though if you want one then get in fast with your deposit as they are in limited supply and won't last long. 

Our thanks to Conrad and Krystle for taking the time to speak with us.

Lovett Industries launch Michael Blast Greaser