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Introducing the Focus Vam2 SL EMTB

The Focus VAM² SL, just released, is an agile short-travel carbon e-MTB which is going to challenge the market for leadership in the ultralight EMTB category.

The VAM² SL features the silent Fazua Ride 60 drive system, has 130mm of travel, and a simplified version of Focus' renowned F.O.L.D. suspension platform.

The headline model tops the scales at just 16.25kg and there are four models in the range to choose from depending on your budget and suspension / drivetrain preference. 

Focus 2024: Best eMTB Range in Australia

In our opinion the 2024 range of e-mountain bikes from German powerhouse, Focus, is the best on offer in Australia. Always considered top performers, this years range is incredibly well priced and offers some of the best tech currently available.

Adding the trail-oriented ultra light VAM² SL to their offering means that Focus offers great choice and caters to various price points, power and suspension travel preferences. The full range is now as follows....

Full Power with Bosch CX (Smart System)

  • Sam2 range = Enduro/Downhill with 180/170mm
  • Jam2 range = All-Mountain/Enduro with 160/150mm
  • Thron2 range = Trail/Touring with 130mm

Lightweight with Fazua Ride 60 System

  • Jam2 SL = All-Mountain/Enduro with 160/150mm
  • Vam2 SL = Trail/Cross Country with 130mm

** If you are keen to try one of the new 2024 eMTBs on trail, head to the bottom of the page to register for our upcoming demo event **

About the Focus Vam2 SL eMTB

Focus VAM2 SL 9.0 EMTB | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Pictured above: Focus Vam2 SL 9.0 eMTB

Named after the cycling metric VAM ("Vertical Ascent in Meters"), the Vam2 SL is designed to be the lighter trail/cross country counterpart to the enduro-oriented Jam2 SL.  It is about 1.5kg lighter with 130mm of travel and features a flex pivot version of Focus's F.O.L.D. rear suspension system. 

The Focus Vam2 SL is equipped with 29-inch wheels and 2.4" tires, and if you want to amp up your downhill capability it can accommodate a 140mm fork at the front. As standard it has a 66.5° head angle and 75.5° seat angle, offering a blend of stability and manoeuvrability. With a 140mm fork the head angle adjusts by nearly a full degree. 

Focus Vam2 SL eMTB | One Piece Carbon CockitFocus has also taken the opportunity to streamline the cockpit further for a cleaner aesthetic and easier cable routing.

Their new one-piece carbon cockpit features on the top two Vam2 SL models with a two-piece bar and stem configurations on the 9.8 and 8.7 models. 

Additional features include a rubber chainstay protector and a mud flap, safeguarding the frame from debris damage. The inclusion of a "sticker set" allows riders to personalize their bike while protecting key areas from wear and tear.

The VAM2 SL is a trail and cross country eMTB. It is intended to be an efficient mountain bike to ride however with its geometry and suspension design it is also a playful bike.

You will be able to ride at pace up the hills and the stable frame platform with the e-MTB capabilities also gives you courage to descend fast if you want to.

And the great thing is that if you want more capability for bike park and more extreme downhill mountain biking Focus have the Jam2 SL available for you instead. 

Fazua Ride 60 Drive System

Focus VAM2 SL eMTB | Fazua Ride 60 Motor

Similar to the Jam2 SL, the Vam2 SL is powered by the Fazua Ride 60 System, delivering 60Nm of torque and a maximum power output of 450W. This is a more powerful system compared to most other eMTBs in this category and having the 430Wh battery is also offering more range than most. 

Overall the Fazua system is very compact and silent to ride, really allowing the natural mountain biking sensation that is intended. It also has a handy (and fun!) boost button to give you an extra push when needed plus there is an option of a 210Wh range extender if you want more range. 

Focus Vam2 SL Pricing

Focus Australia is offering four models of the Vam2 SL. There is something for everyone with prices starting at a budget-friendly $7,999 for the Vam2 SL 8.7 to the top-end Vam2 SL 9.0 model featuring Fox Factory Suspension and SRAM Level Ultimate brakes at $15,999. 

  • $7,999 Vam2 SL 8.7 with SR Suntour/RockShox suspension, Shimano Deore drivetrain and Magura MT Trail brakes 4 piston front / 2 piston rear(19.1kg)
  • $9,999 Vam2 SL 9.8 with  Fox 34 Float Rhythm suspension, Shimano Deore XT drivetrain and XT brakes 4 piston front / 2 piston rear (18.4kg)
  • $12,499 Vam2 SL 9.9 with Fox 34 Float Performance Elite suspension, Shimano Deore XT gearing and XT brakes 4 piston and one-piece carbon cockpit (17.55kg)
  • $15,999 Vam2 SL 9.0 with Fox 34 Float Factory Suspension, SRAM XO Eagle drivetrain, SRAM Level Ultimate brakes 4 piston, one-piece carbon cockpit and Mavic Crossmax XL carbon rims (16.25kg) 

Electric Bikes Brisbane is expecting our first models to arrive in late March / early April. 

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