GoCycle GS V GoCycle G3: The Main Differences

GoCycle GS folding electric bicycle at Electric Bikes BrisbaneFollowing its successful Kickstarter campaign, GoCycle have just launched its brand new GoCycle GS model, the more economical option to the very popular and highly innovative GoCycle G3. It's quite a saving at $4,699 so what’s the difference you might ask?

The two models are actually very similar. In fact the GoCycle GS still has all the characteristics and tech and innovation that made the GoCycle G3 such a big hit – same drive system, lightweight magnesium frame, striking design, dual suspension, same folding capabilities, pitstop wheels, larger 13.5Ah battery and, of course, the GoCycleConnect App.

There are some subtle differences though.

The main differences between the GoCycle G3 and GoCycle GS

Looks and Appearance

The GS has the same ultra lightweight platform (frame, wheels etc) however the GS is two-toned in its frame colouring and has external cable routing.

GoCycle GS lightweight folding electric bike


GoCycle G3

GoCycle GS




Frame colours


Electric Blue, So White, Matte Black

Dual colour – frame / cleandrive

Grey/Black, White/ Blue, White / Red are the colours available in Australia

Look for the “S” on the cleandrive, too

Cable routing


External (see below)





GoCycle GS electric folding bike frames

Drive system and dashboard / user interface

The GS uses the same zippy GoCycle drive system as the G3 and comes with a push button power boost instead of twist grip. The GS however will takes longer to recharge (from empty) than the G3.

It is the user interface of the GS which is one of the biggest differences. You operate your GS through the GoCycleConnect App which you download onto your smartphone and mount on the handlebars. You can do the same with the G3 model as well but the G3 also has an LED display built into the dashboard / handlebars so you can do without the App if you want.

GoCycle GS with smartphone GoCycleConnect App

The GoCycle G3 also has the integrated daytime running light whereas the GS doesn’t. You can still mount / use the same GoCycle accessories for the GS as for the G3 though, so it you are looking for some lighting then consider the GoCycle commuter pack which has integrated front and rear lights (as well as mudguards).


GoCycle G3

GoCycle GS

Drive system 

Programmable 250W* front drive system and torque sensor


Riding modes Multiple, programmable via GoCycleConnect App Same

Power boost

Rotary twist grip

Push button

Charge time


7 hrs

LED display



Handlebar dash

Built-in display


Handlebar daytime running light



GoCycle accessories




Gearing / shifting 

This is another key area of difference. Both models have 3-speed internal gears (fully enclosed in the cleandrive so no messy chains on clothes!) however the GS has mechanical shifting which uses cables and a twist grip shifter whereas the G3 has predictive electronic shifting.

This means that G3 riders can rely on their bike to change gears for them, whereas with the GS you are in charge of when you change gears. (You can still change manually on the Gocycle G3 should you wish by using the built-in electronic rotary shifter on the handlebars.)



GoCycle G3

GoCycle GS


Electronic, predictive

Mechanical twist

Gear display

LED on dash



Ergonomics and touchpoints

The handling on both bikes is quite similar as they both use the same platform. Where they differ is in some of the accessories used on the key touchpoints – the G3 has a premium comfort saddle, ergonomic grips, and sealed bearing platform pedals – and the flexibility to adjust the handlebars for height. The GS is adjustable for reach only whereas on the G3 you can adjust for height and reach.  

GoCycle folding electric bike @ Electric Bikes Brisbane 


GoCycle G3

GoCycle GS

Handlebar adjustment

Height and reach



GoCycle ergo comfort

GoCycle standard


Velo D2 comfort

Velo Sport


Sealed bearing, platform (also available in folding)

GoCycle standard folding


To summarise, the basic technical difference between the G3 and GS models are:

  1. Colours  - the GS will be a base of white or grey with a contrast cleandrive. Options for cleandrive colours n Australia will be Black, Red and Electric Blue
  2. No daytime running light
  3. Push button power boost instead of twist grip
  4. No dashboard LED’s
  5. Cable shifting gears instead of electronic shifting
  6. External cables due to the cable gears as this can’t go through the frame when folding
  7. More economical saddle, grips and pedals
  8. Can only adjust for reach, not height with the handlebars
  9. Charge time is longer with the GS

Which model is right for you? Only you can answer that question. The G3 definitely has more features – and they are very cool features – but the GS is a great package if you don’t want to spend the money for a G3.

The Gocycle is available exclusively from Electric Bikes Brisbane. Get in touch to reserve yours today.

GoCycle GS lightweight folding electric bike