Haibike voted best e-mountain bike brand; and Bosch is best motor

October 25, 2016

Haibike xduro best electric mountain bike @ Electric Bikes Brisbane

From June to August this year leading European E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine conducted their Readers Choice survey asking their readers to choose what electric mountain bike they would buy next. They also asked a myriad of questions about preferred motors, specs and accessory brands.

4,011 readers responded, from 56 nations. The results were reported in two data cuts – International (all readers) and just Germany/ Austria / Switzerland.

An overwhelming 50% of readers of E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine chose Haibike as the electric bike brand they are most likely to buy for their next electric mountain bike; and 60% chose Bosch as their preferred motor.

The results are very interesting!

Best e-mountain bike brand – Haibike

Here are the results showing the #1 brand to the #10 brand, as voted by readers. You can see that Haibike is streets ahead as the preferred brand receiving about 50% of the votes, with Specialized a way behind but still a clear second with 17%.

Best electric mountain bike brands 2016 - Haibike is best

These results provide two really interesting insights:

  1. The distribution. It is rare in any survey or vote to have such an overwhelming leader – ask the prime minister! Haibike secures half of all the votes, a testimony to their innovation, quality, performance and design.
  1. The brands that made the Top 10. In a category that has seen a lot of manufacturers recently enter the market, this gives those who are considering getting an electric mountain bike a good guide on where to start looking.
What is even more interesting though are the brands that didn’t make the Top 10!

    Best electric bike motor – Bosch

    Bosch also receives overwhelming support as theBest electric bike motor 2016 - Bosch mid drive system best motor with 60%. Yamaha comes in next with about 20% and then Brose.



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    Haibike xDuro AllMtn at Electric Bikes Brisbane

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