Looking for Excellence? Our European-made brands

If you have in mind to get yourself a top-notch electric bike then you have come to the right place. Electric Bikes Brisbane has one of the largest selection of European-made e bikes available in Australia. Our European brands produce some of the best bikes in the world and are the brands that are constantly redefining the bicycle (and transport!).

European-Made EBikes: Excellence in Every Aspect

Expect unrivalled quality, the latest in technology, and innovation and designs that set trends that the rest of the industry tries to follow; something unique. With these brands you can look forward to bikes that are eye catching, a sheer luxury to ride, and are extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Riese & Muller Electric Bikes - Made in Germany

Riese & Muller Electric Bikes

Riese & Müller electric bikes are the world’s #1 luxury brand, with every R&M bike hand-made in their factory in Germany. Riese & Müller are renowned for their innovation, craftsmanship and for producing ebikes that are eye catching, a joy to ride and own, and are functional in ways that most brands haven’t yet considered.

For example, Riese & Muller is the only brand to offer ebikes with extra-long range (200km-300km per single charge), electronic Rohloff gearing paired with carbon belt drives, lights with high and low beam and dual suspension… Robust and comfortable enough for long distance adventure and excellent urban and leisure bikes.

They are truly multi-functional machines - from long-distance adventure riding to leisurely city riding - and will become your most prized and loved bike.  Select from our extensive range in stock or have your preferred model custom made to order.



GoCycle Folding EBikes - British Engineering

GoCycle Folding Electric Bike

Futuristic and the future. Gocycle’s mission is simple: to create the world’s best urban electric bikes.  The brainchild of former McLaren Cars design engineer Richard Thorpe, Gocycle is renowned the world over for its innovative products, no compromises approach, stylish designs and pioneering spirit. GoCycles are the lightest folding electric bikes available.

Foldable. Ultra-lightweight. Low maintenance. Drop dead gorgeous to look at. With incredible design and technology such as their magnesium frames, ultra-strong pit stop wheels, and options of internal and fully electronic gearing.

A fantastic choice for sailors, travellers and apartment-dwellers looking for some zing and style as well as a practical and easy to use means of transport.



Kalkhoff Electric Bikes - Made in Germany

Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

First established in 1919 by Heinrich Kalkhoff, Kalkhoff e-bikes are still made in its original home town of Cloppenburg.  Kalkhoff is the largest ebike manufacturer in Europe.

Kalkhoff offers a broad range of high-performance electric bike models that are ideal for urban transportation, touring and everyday recreation.  Every year they bring significant innovations to market, such as bespoke frames with full integration, 3D printing and belt drives. 



Focus EBikes - Made in Germany

Focus Electric Bike

Focus products are born of a passion motivated by the love of the sport of cycling. Focus produce a range of electric bikes for the sporty rider who values a great bicycle and leading tech.

They made their mark in the ebike world with their award-winning Jam2 and Sam2 e-mountain bikes. The Focus design team have concentrated on developing discreet looking ebikes that look amazing and offer excellent value and performance.



Orbea EBikes - Made in Spain

Orbea e bikes

Orbea bicycles started in a little town in northern Spain in the 1930’s. It now boasts some of the most desired high end road and mountain bicycles in the world, and sponsors some of the best professional road racers and teams.

Orbea leverage their great technology and engineering to deliver a strong and innovative range of urban and road electric bicycles, all manufactured in Spain. Their recently released Orbea Rise range is pioneering a new category of electric bike, the lightweight e-mountain bike, and their Orbea Gain range claims the title for the world's lightest electric road bike at 11.3kg for the carbon model.



Moustache Electric Bikes - Made in France

Moustache EBikes @ Electric Bikes Brisbane

Ten years ago, two cycling-mad friends in France set out to create modern, innovative and distinctive electric bikes that put the rider experience front and centre and intended to make your car redundant.

Made in their own factory in France, today Moustache is considered to be one of the best electric bike brands in the world thanks to their innovation and commitment to quality. With a Moustache ebike you can expect something unique in design and special in ride feel. They are designed especially for you, for maximum versatility and enjoyment and to put a smile on your face every day of the week. 

Recently awarded the top scoring ebikes in the 2021 Choice Magazine ebike review, click the link below to see the Moustache ebike range available in Australia



What's Available Right Now?

Electric Bikes Brisbane has an extensive selection of European-made models in stock right now. Stock levels can change quickly though so get in touch if there is something you particularly want.

If you are looking for something very special, brands such as Riese & Muller and Orbea also offer custom-made bikes where your special bike will be made to order. Talk to us about what you need and we'll be very happy to help you. 



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