Orbea Gain: Road EBike Range Guide

Orbea Gain road EBike range 2021

Orbea pioneered road electric bikes with their ground-breaking 'Enough Energy' concept. They revolutionized thinking by blending the road bike and the electric bike categories and created incredibly lightweight road ebikes that look just like normal bikes. Welcome the Orbea Gain.

Orbea Gain completely redesigned the Gain in 2021 to improve the ride quality and integration with a new motor and new geometry. There also added some handy new user-friendly features that take advantage of having an electric drive system. Their most road-like 'E' yet. 

Key Upgrades

Orbea Gain 2021 Range Overview | Electric Bikes Brisbane

'Enough Energy' Gets a Boost: New Motor and Display.

  • A new motor, remapped and now with torque simulation, and
  • A new, larger display 

The 'Enough Energy' concept was released in 2018. Orbea changed the way ebikes were perceived with their lightweight, minimalist Gain ebikes that operate on a power-on-demand basis. In 2021 the Gain motor got a boost and all Gains feature a new motor, the EBikemotion X35 Plus. 

Orbea Gain 2021 Range Overview | Electric Bikes Brisbane

The new motor incorporates a Torque Simulation Algorithm which provides a more natural assistance response. The motor has also been re-mapped to bring the assistance modes closer to the natural roll feel expected on a manual bike.

Overall this provides a motor that still has the same oomph that has made it such a hit, delivered in a way that provides an even more natural feel. 

Orbea Gain EBike 2021 New Dislay | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Orbea have also introduced a new display which is bigger and more legible while riding. 

New Frame and Geometry: Handling and Integration

Orbea Gain: 2021 Road EBike Range Guide

A new frame incorporates the new motor and enhances the handling, comfort and integration of the Gain this year. The centre of gravity of the bike has been lowered to provide more stability, and cornering and handling is improved with a shorter chainstay. 

Orbea have also adapted the ICR+ integration techniques featured on their Orca road models to completely hide all the cables. 

Orbea Gain 2021 Integrated Cabling | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Already a great looking bike, the new Gain has the speed sensor and motor cables concealed inside the frame and the cockpit cables are integrated under the stem and through the headtube. Overall its a very clean look and a bonus is that it is still easy to maintain. 

New User-Friendly Features: Comfort, Safety and Convenience

Orbea Gain 2021 Integrated Lights | Electric Bikes Brisbane

While Orbea has sought to deliver an ebike that is more road-like than ever this year it has taken advantage of the 'E' through the provision of daylight running lights.

Each Gain this year will come with integrated front and tail lights that run off the battery. The front light is a 60 lumens daylight running light that has an optional high beam, and the tail light is seatpost mounted and is 11 lumens. 

Each Gain also comes with

  • a carbon fork which is more forgiving on rougher surfaces, and
  • is fitted with 700 x 30C (min) tubeless ready tires. These are slightly wider and offer more comfort, grip and efficiency. The single chainring versions have 700 x 40 gravel tires. 
Orbea Gain carbon road ebike with carbon seatost and rear taillight

The Gain 'M' (carbon) models also come with a carbon seatpost which provides even more comfort. 

Orbea Gain Range: Naming Conventions

Orbea Gain: 2021 Road EBike Range Guide | Electric Bikes Brisbane

As for last year the Gain road ebike models come in either a Carbon or an Alloy frame. There is more variety offered this year with the introduction of new gravel and carbon flat bar versions. 

If you're trying to decide which Gain to get it helps to understand their naming convention: 

  • "M" is a carbon frame; "D" is an alloy frame eg. Orbea Gain M20 or D20
  • "i" is Di2 gearing eg. Orbea Gain M20i
  • "1X" is their gravel series, offered in multiple versions this year eg. Orbea Gain M20 1X
  • "F" is flat bar eg. Orbea Gain M20 F

Orbea Gain Carbon EBikes: Summary

Orbea Gain M10i road ebike | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Orbea have expanded their carbon offering in Australia this year with more gravel and flat bar versions. What is quite special about this range of bikes though is the ability to customise via Orbea's MyO portal

With MyO you can choose your frame and fork colouring, add extra logos or detailing, and choose different components such as handlebars, cranksets, tires etc. 

Here is an overview of the models available. Note that all groupsets and brakesets are Shimano, all groupsets are 11-speed and all brakes are hydraulic disc.

Model Groupset Brakes Wheelset Price 
Gain M10i* Dura Ace Di2 R9170 OC2 Carbon $16,499
Gain M20i Ultegra Di2 R8070 OC2 Carbon $11,699
Gain M20 Ultegra R8070
Fulcrum E-Racing 900
Gain M20 1X GRX RX810 ST RX810 Fulcrum E-Racing 900 $9,699
Gain M20 F Ultegra XT M8100 Fulcrum E-Racing 900 $9,699
Gain M30 105 R7070 Fulcrum E-Racing 900 $8,499
Gain M30 1X GRX RX600 RX400 Fulcrum E-Racing 900 $8,499
Gain M30 F 105 SLX M7100 Fulcrum E-Racing 900 $8,299

 * Pictured

Orbea Gain Alloy EBikes: Summary 

Orbea Gain D30 1X gravel ebike | Electric Bikes Brisbane


Orbea have also expanded their Alloy ('D' models) range with a new gravel bike. The 'D' range offers excellent value for money and is consistently popular with those looking for dip their toes into the ebike world and still have a great quality road bike.

Here is a summary of what's on offer:

Model Groupset Brakes Wheelset Price 
Gain D20 Ultegra 11-sp R8070 Hydraulic Ready GR $7,999
Gain D30 105 11-sp R7070 Hydraulic Ready GR $6,399
Gain D30 1X* GRX RX600 11-sp RX400 Hydraulic Ready GR $6,299
Gain D40 Tiagra 10-sp Tiagra Hydraulic
Ready GR

 * Pictured

How Can I Get One?

Orbea Gain: 2021 Road EBike Range Guide

Electric Bikes Brisbane has a good selection of Orbea Gain models in stock and in transit. We are also very happy to help you to customise your Gain if you want to custom order.

Please contact us for assistance or if you wish to place an order.